Aftercare visit with Nitro!

I just got a phone call from the guide dogs school, someone is coming out next Tuesday morning, to do an aftercare visit with me and Nitro!
It is time for Nitro to retire! I’m not exactly sure if it will happen next week, but it will definitely be happening soon!
He’s 9 this coming Friday!
He’s at that age where they retire!
The trainer whose coming out, I dont know him. I sorta wish it was Nitros trainer Nathalie who was coming out to visit me, but you dont get a choice in who does the aftercare with you.
I am really nervous about this visit! I just hope things go well.
Please keep us in your thoughts, its happening next Tuesday at 11 AM!


I’m so outspoken!

Well, I’ve walked myself into it now! I got a call this afternoon from a girl at irish guide dogs. She asked me if they can use photos of me and nitro, for a campaign they are doing, targeting taxi drivers, the campaign is for the transport authority, to let taxi drivers know that they cant refuse guide dogs, that its actually against the law for them to refuse a blind person and their dog!

I gave her permission to use my photo, but then I decided to tell her about my negative experiences with a taxi firm I use, how some drivers refuse to pick me up, and their excuse is that they dont want to deal with dog hair!

Hello? I brush my dog every day! But he still sheds! Its what dogs do for fuck sake.

Anyway, on hearing my story, she said to me, well, we’re actually looking for a negative experience from a service user, can I use yours?

So I guess my story is now being broadcast to hundreds of taxi drivers across the country! Talk about being a voice for change! If this doesnt change something, then I dont know what will!

I’m happy to help, though.


Nitro and aftercare

so next week we have aftercare with nitro, remember we were meant to have it before christmas? well the guide dog school just called me, and a trainer will be coming out to my house next Monday afternoon at 2 PM to review nitro, see how he is doing, and possibly chat about retirement, as he’s 8 now. I am so nervous. I am glad though that its actually nitros trainer who will be coming out, I know her, and she’s really nice. I know she will be kind, and I am delighted that it is her, and not someone I dont know doing it.
So this time next week I will know more, wish me luck guys!


maybe meeting the president today

today we are going to the irish guide dogs event thats taking place for the 40th anniversary of their organisation being established in ireland. i am going with our PA. the president of ireland will be there. i am hoping to get some photos taken with him, although i’m not sure if he’ll stand around for photos or not. i am excited to go to this event. lots of people i know will be there, and we are all bringing our dogs. there will be food and stuff too. it should be a great afternoon. if i get a photo with the president i will post it this evening once i get home.