Friday Faithful’s – Weather in Ireland!

Respond to this Friday Faithfuls challenge by writing anything about the weather, or you can go with whatever else that you think fits.


Our weather has been glorious for about 10 days now. It is really nice to see it.

It has been nice and sunny, with temps in the low 20’s!

But yesterday it got a lot cooler.

We had torrential rain during the night last night.

I woke up out of a deep sleep to the rain pounding on the windows.

We needed it though.

We’re supposed to have more showers today but then tomorrow it is supposed to get hot again.

And all of next week is warm and dry with temps in the late teens early 20’S!

That means I will be able to go out walking! I am thrilled about that.

I like nothing better than to go for a morning walk when it is nice and cool!

Before the heat comes!

We had a mild spring, and so far our summer has been good, so I’m hopeful it continues that way!

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