It is a

3 degrees c here. It got down to minus 4 last night. Minus 4 in april, whoever heard of that. But yeah, it was freezing. I had my heating on for half the night, so I stayed nice and warm and cosy.
Cold, wet, raining, its a dreary day here in Ireland.
I’m glad I don’t have to go anywhere in this weather. I’ll enjoy staying indoors and relaxing instead.



I just found out the pubs here in ireland are all open today. Normally on good friday pubs would be closed, for the past 91 years here in ireland they werent allowed to open, but now a new law has been passed, to say that they can.
A historical day here in ireland for sure!


So I was in charge of giving a family a tour of the centre where my ILS course is on this morning. There was the mom and dad, and their 3 kids. I talked to them about what we do in the ILS course, about the modules we take, and about living in the residential setting from Monday friday of each week. ThenI showed them my apartment. They seemed to like it and thought we had a good set up here. I wasnt even nervous doing it. It helped that the main tutor of the ILS course was also there. She kept singing my praises and saying how active I am what with holding down a volunteer position, a work experience position, and also doing a college course one evening a week. Like that was somehow unheard of or something. I just played it down and told them I like to keep busy. Of course they only saw my blindness, they knew nothing of my mental health issues. No one does here really. i keep it well hidden. Anyway, I’m not sure which one of their kids might be coming on the ILS course. It was interesting though and it felt good to be asked to do this.

What do you wanna know about Ireland?

so…I thought this may be fun…
what would you like to know about Ireland? is there anything? about foods? heritage? traditions? slang words?
anything at all…come on, ask me!
I’m all ears!
I don’t claim to know it all, but maybe I can shed some light on some things for you?
So do ask me whatevers on your mind!
this should be interesting!

The best st. patricks day ever

My days been so relaxed. I even had an afternoon nap for about 3 hours.
It was bliss. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
I did achieve a few goals too though like eating healthily, doing some self care activities, and reading.
I watched a little tv too with mom and dad, we watched this sorta weird wildlife show, and Irelands got talent.
Now its time again to catch up on blogs and email before I watch some more tv.
I just love relaxing days, don’t you?

Friendly fill ins

I decided to participate in the friendly fill in blog challenge this week so here goes.

1. When I am nervous, I…. shake uncontrollably, twirl my hair, get hot and flushed, and breathe rapidly.
2. When I am angry, I sometimes yell, or rage, or slam doors. Snap at people, am bitchy, take my moods out on others around me.
3. Today, I know for sure… that we wont be going to any parade, because moms not feeling well and neither am I.
4. For St. Patrick’s Day, I… Am feeling happy. Am listening to irish tv shows and playing irish music. Will drink a green mint shamrock shake, and enjoy watching the parade on tv.