Weekend break!

In a few weeks I’m heading away for a weekend break. We’re going to killarney, one of our fave spots. We’ll be going on the 25th, until the 28th of october. I cant wait!

I love weekends away! I’m going with my mom and my two aunts. We’ll probably go to some shows, there is a lot of entertainment in the hotel we’re going to, we’re going to a hotel, but there are apartments there too and we’re actually staying in one of those.

It cant come quick enough! I’m super excited about it!

Plus, its coming at a good time! Halloween is only a few days after that, and halloween is a tough time of year for us. So going away for a few days coming up to it will do us good I think!

Even dr. barry agreed when I told her we were going!

Plus we’ll have no therapy on that monday the 28th, not sure if Eileen is going to do a session that week, she may or may not, it will depend if she is available to do it.

So the fact we’re away on the Monday when we’d usually have therapy will be great! No time to get upset or worry or fret!

So yeah! Come quick October 25th!

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Storm warning

A storm is coming to ireland tomorrow and friday. Hurricane lorrenzo!

We arent actually getting a hurricane, we’re getting the tale end of it, of what was hurricane lorrenzo which battered the atlantic.

We’ll have heavy rain and high winds. A status yellow weather warning is in effect from tomorrow evening at 6 PM until 3 AM on Friday morning.

Before 6 Pm it is going to rain heavily too I think. I wont be out in it as I am not going outside my front door tomorrow. I am staying put.

I hope our power doesnt go out. Thats what I am most nervous about. I hate when the electricity goes off.

Please keep me in your thoughts that I’ll get through it ok. I’m sure I will, but some prayers and good vibes would be nice. I’d appreciate them.

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We took a boat trip today

While we were in Kalarney national Park today we took a boat trip. We went to see the meeting of the lakes. It was really cool. Below are a few videos and pictures of our adventure, enjoy them πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’πŸ’“πŸ₯°πŸ˜œπŸ’•πŸ’•


In the zone

Happiness spreads
All through my veins
I am
On a high
I am traveling
To Killarney
this weekend
Getting in the zone
Thinking about what I will do there
Feeling blissfully happy
Loving this feeling
Long may it last

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Killarney this weekend!

This weekend mom and me and my sister are heading to killarney in county kerry. Its like our second home, we go there a lot. I booked this weekend for us a few months ago, I booked it for both of their birthdays as their present from me to them. I am excited to be going. We’ll be staying in the glen eagle hotel, we couldnt get an apartment because they were all booked up, so I booked two nights in the hotel instead. We’re going to see some tribute bands on each of the nights which should be very cool. We’ll have a ball I’m sure. My other aunt, moms sister is coming on saturday, and spending the night on saturday night, and we’ll all travel back together on sunday evening. So I wont be around much this weekend, but I will be around a little. I will post a lot of photos so stay tuned to see what fun we’re having. I’m sure there will be lots of cool pics. And if your on my facebook feed I’ll also be posting on there. Killarney here I come!

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#Writing prompt 31, hot, hot hot!

#writing prompt 31The hottest day ever was…
Last year, in june, ireland experienced a heatwave. The temps rose, to an all time high. We had temps of 32 c, on the hottest day of the year!
It was an absolutely gorgeous summer last year. Ireland normally gets temps of between 15 and 21 c on an average summers day. So to have these type of temps was unheard of for us.
We relished them though. We took to the beaches, parks, and had BBQ’s, swam, went on day trips etc.
I remember going on a day trip to the beach with my mom, on one of the hottest days of last summer, we couldnt even sit on the beach, in case we would burn.
The weather is certainly doing weird things, lately.

Training on my mac and work stuff

so this morning i went to NCBI national council for the blind here near where I live. I went to do some training in how to use my macbook. It was good…the session was useful. I learned some new stuff about the mac that I didnt already know.
I am going to do some one to one work with the head tech guy there, he said he’d call to my home and we can do some work together on how to use my mac.
That will be good, as its good to know how to use it, and I do want to get more familiar with it.
I also spoke to my resource worker again. She told me that the NCBI are organising a seminar in september, a technology and learning seminar, which I was interested in attending, so she said she’d send me out some info when they have a date confirmed and a venue for it and stuff.
I told her I was interested in gaining payed employment on a part time basis, and she was very encouraging, and said she would help me to try to gain employment. So I am meeting her this coming friday, to do a skills audit, to see where exactly my skills lie, and which areas I should most focus on when looking for work.
Then I will sign up for some job websites, and go from there. I wanted to get a job coach, but the place I looked at has a 4 month waiting list to get in with someone.
So we shall see what happens, I dont see why I cant get work, there are jobs out there, and I should be able to get one.

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