Book review: Did you hear me crying? By Cassie Moore

I just finished this book. I thought it was a very good book, very sad though, and very graphic in places, so if your triggered by talk of abuse or details about abuse and acts of violence, then this book might not be for you.
Cassie grew up in ireland. She survived physical, sexual and emotional abuse at the hands of her stepdad and her mother. At just 16 she was sold into marriage by them.
I wont spoil the rest of the book, but it was a page turner, thats for sure.
the book is available on kindle, on audible, and in paperback.
Book description is below.

Author: Cassie Moore
Title: Did you hear me crying?

In this shocking memoir, Cassie Moore gives a very open and honest description of how she suffered and survived a lifetime of abuse. She describes the sexual, physical and emotional abuse she suffered at the hands of her stepfather and mother, who then sold her into marriage at the age of 16; the heartbreak she suffered when she naively left her 22 month old baby behind when she fled to London with the man she fell in love with, only to be abused by him for a further 23 years; the self-loathing, depression and despair she felt during those lonely years; and the enormous sacrifices she had to make to save herself and start a new life.


Good time in Cobh, never slept so good!

as I did last night after coming home from cobh!
It was amazing!
I slept and slept and slept. I didnt wake until very late this morning, like noon!
I got home from Cobh around 7 PM. I was exhausted. The heat was getting to me! so off I went to bed!
It feels good to be feeling so refreshed again. I feel rejuvinated!
We had a blast in Cobh. We had our lunch that we brought in the park. Then we walked around the town, looking in some of the shops, there isnt much to see though, its only a small town. We walked to the museum and the titanic experience and had a look.
The heat was unbearable though! I mean it was super hot!
So off we went to a local bar, that overlooked the water, we sat in there, ate more food, and had drinks.
Well my mom had drinks, I had diet coke.
We both had chicken bbq panninis
they were soooo good! The BBQ sauce on them was amazing!
The price was good too only 7.50 for a pannini and fries and a salad!
So yep we had an awesome day! And I am so glad we went!
Tonight I’m going to visit moms brother with her and her sister. I was going to go home to my own house tonight but then I decided I could wait until tomorrow. Tomorrow in the morning I have therapy and then I’ll go home to my own house in the afternoon, mom said she’d come to my place with me for a while.
So yep a busy week ahead again this week. I’m thankful I have a busy week ahead as I know some people dont have things to do or places to go and feel lonely or alone and isolated. I’m so glad I dont feel like that.


going on a day trip with my mom tomorrow

mom and me are going out for the day tomorrow. we are going to cobh, which is a town outside the city.
Its about a 30 minute train journey to get there.
we’re going to take a picnic lunch with us. we will also take a walk around the town, and then in the afternoon I promised mom a treat of a drink in one of the local pubs.
The town of Cobh is a touristy place, lots of tourists go there all year round.
it should be a nice day out, will be nice to have it be just the two of us. i’m looking forward to spending some one to one time with my mom.
carol anne


Its going to be a hot day

man its hot outside today!
i woke up early. very very early. like 5 AM early.
i only went to bed at 1, was reading for a while, and didnt actually settle down to sleep until around 2;:30.
my new book is so good. its called did you hear me crying and is by cassie moore. its actually about a girl who lived in ireland growing up. i didnt know that when i bought it. its really good. she was abused all through her childhood by her step dad. so far i like what i’ve read of it.
i cant wait until later today to go outside and sit in the sun and read my book. if its hot now, and it is, i can imagine how hot it will be by noon. I’ll really be roasting!
What are your plans for saturday? Anything special? 😀
carol anne


winning the lottery

i wanna win it! i really would love a big win. it would make life so much easier!
the euromillions was won in ireland this week! a syndicate of 32 people won 17 million euros.
Fair play to them! I hope they’ll be very happy.
Now if only I could win big. I can dream though?


eurovision 2018

well i just watched the results of the eurovision song contest. ireland came in 16th position. i thought they’d do better than that. i think the set up is awful. some countries just vote for their neighbours. i dont think that should be allowed. then you have the telly voting which is so stupid. if there is gonna be telly voting then it just should be that and no jury votes. or else just votes from the jurys and no telly votes. one or the other. it was exciting to watch the results though. i also watched half of the overall show. i liked irelands song and was sad they didnt do better. it was a good entry in my opinion.

a fun day at kennedys pet farm

we goed to a pet farm taday
it was sooo much fun
we got to feed lambs
and goats too
we fed them wif a botle
and they guzzled it all down
they was hungery
we also petted guinea pigs and rabbits
and some donkeys and some sheep
and the sheep were real wooly
and the donkeys were fun they were sunbathing
they were napping a lot in the sun
the lambs nibbled our fingers
and we saw puppys too
one was asleep
ther were piggies to but we culdnt touch them
and lots of chickens walking around
all the aminals were alowed to roam around
cuz theyre all frendly and thay lik peple
we were havinga picnic lunch
and a deer came over
and he tried to eat ar food
he wanted it! he was sniffing out ar picnic hahahaa
we had to get up and go somewhere else out of his way
he almost knock over ar moms flask of tea
he funy very funy deer
i patted his head and he tried to nudge my arm
i loved all tha aminals
im glad we got to go there today
cuz its the last day of ar vacation today
we go home tomorow
im sad bout that
but we had a fun vacation
darina ballerina im six