Let the celebrations begin!

So today we are celebrating moms birthday! Her birthday is actually tomorrow, but since its a beautiful day we planned to celebrate it today.
Mom, my sister, my sisters 2 kids and me are going to blarney castle and gardens for a day out.
I am planning on taking lots of pictures!
I doubt I’ll actually go inside the castle, the stairs in there are extremely narrow, and you’d need to be very fit to climb them as they are also very windy.
I doubt you can kiss the blarney stone now, what with the pandemic and all.
But we’ll still have a lovely time!
I will try to also get some video!
We’re going for a late lunch afterwords, in the nearby blarney woolinmills restaurant.
We’ll probably be gone until late this evening!
I’m super excited, and am happy we’ll all be together.
Mom is also very excited!
Its gonna be a lot of fun!