Weather alert!

We’ve got a bad weather alert here where I live!
There are going to be high tides all day tomorrow and on wednesday as well. We’ll get a lot of spot flooding!
There will also be high winds and a lot of rain!
I have to work tomorrow, and I will also have my slimming world group tomorrow evening. So I do need to go out in it.
They said on the radio that the winds will start up tonight! And the rain too!
We’ve been having so much rain lately!
At least we havent had ice or snow yet!
I can handle rain! I will just stay indoors with my heat on!

A good read!

Hi guys! I have been watching the irish book awards tonight. I love books so this was right up my street!
One of the books that won an award was the book overcoming by vicky phelan.
Vicky phelan is a woman who got cervical cancer, and she blew the whistle on the cervical check scandal, over 200 women in ireland got wrong smear test results and were wrongly diagnosed, and they all ended up with cervical cancer because of it.
Overcoming tells her story. Its a fantastic read and I highly recommend it. Its in print and on audible as well.
If your looking for your next good read, pick this book up!
After she won the award tonight she gave an interview and she’s like a breath of fresh air! This woman campaigned and took the medical profession to court, won her case, but she’s terminally ill and we should not forget that!
She’s now on a trial medication and so far it is working for her. But she’s slowly dying.
If you read any book this year, please read vickys book.

The wolf tones

The concert we went to last night, was really good. It was an irish folk group called the wolf tones. They sing rebel songs, songs about ireland and about how ireland fought for freedom. All of their songs are good. But the one thing I will say is it brought a very young and rowdy crowd. It was packed in the theatre. There were over 2000 people in there. We got seats near the door, thankfully. I am so glad we did. During the concert I was sitting minding my own business when a guy fell backwards and he fell up against me. He actually fell on his back on the ground. He was really drunk. He didnt have a clue where he was or what was going on. I got over that, but then a little while later I was up dancing and a fight broke out between two guys. My mom was dancing with me and my two aunts were a little ways off. She pushed me towards them until things calmed and security took the guys out. I’m glad I went, it was definitely an experience, but I dont think I’d like to see them play again. Its too much for me with me being blind and unable to see what is going on. I was very scared when the crowd were going nuts and screaming and shouting. If I can later on I’ll post videos to show you how it was. Like I said, I am glad I got to see them in concert. But it really isnt my thing. It is just not my scene. After the guy fell up against me I got nervous. At the end of the show I was hurrying my mom along, telling her she needed to move quickly and get out before the crowds. We were going to go to the residents bar in the hotel after the show, but then I didnt want to, so we went back to our apartment instead. And I am so glad we did. I was still on edge from what happened, and I just wasnt up for going into another crowded bar. It was a pretty good night though all the same. I had fun and I’m wrecked this morning. We’re packing up to leave soon. We have to be out of the apartment by 10 AM and we’ll get the 1:40 train back to cork.


Killarney, here I come!

Am off to Killarney for the weekend! For those who may not know, Killarney is in co. Kerry and its my second home!
I’m going with mom and my two aunts!
We’re staying for 3 nights! We booked an apartment a 2 bedroom apartment!
We’ll have lots of fun! I just know it!
I’m super excited!
I’ll still be posting though over the weekend! I brought my laptop with me!
I also have my phone for on the go photos and videos!
So stay tuned for some cool posts from me!
This break is badly needed! I need this time to just chill out and relax!
So yay, killarney here I come!
We’ll leave at 11 AM in the morning!
Probably wont get home until late monday evening!


Weekend break!

In a few weeks I’m heading away for a weekend break. We’re going to killarney, one of our fave spots. We’ll be going on the 25th, until the 28th of october. I cant wait!

I love weekends away! I’m going with my mom and my two aunts. We’ll probably go to some shows, there is a lot of entertainment in the hotel we’re going to, we’re going to a hotel, but there are apartments there too and we’re actually staying in one of those.

It cant come quick enough! I’m super excited about it!

Plus, its coming at a good time! Halloween is only a few days after that, and halloween is a tough time of year for us. So going away for a few days coming up to it will do us good I think!

Even dr. barry agreed when I told her we were going!

Plus we’ll have no therapy on that monday the 28th, not sure if Eileen is going to do a session that week, she may or may not, it will depend if she is available to do it.

So the fact we’re away on the Monday when we’d usually have therapy will be great! No time to get upset or worry or fret!

So yeah! Come quick October 25th!


Storm warning

A storm is coming to ireland tomorrow and friday. Hurricane lorrenzo!

We arent actually getting a hurricane, we’re getting the tale end of it, of what was hurricane lorrenzo which battered the atlantic.

We’ll have heavy rain and high winds. A status yellow weather warning is in effect from tomorrow evening at 6 PM until 3 AM on Friday morning.

Before 6 Pm it is going to rain heavily too I think. I wont be out in it as I am not going outside my front door tomorrow. I am staying put.

I hope our power doesnt go out. Thats what I am most nervous about. I hate when the electricity goes off.

Please keep me in your thoughts that I’ll get through it ok. I’m sure I will, but some prayers and good vibes would be nice. I’d appreciate them.


We took a boat trip today

While we were in Kalarney national Park today we took a boat trip. We went to see the meeting of the lakes. It was really cool. Below are a few videos and pictures of our adventure, enjoy them πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’πŸ’“πŸ₯°πŸ˜œπŸ’•πŸ’•