I’ve decided…

I’ve decided That I am not going to be weighed today. I weighed myself here at home, and it looks like I am up not down. So I dont want to go and be disappointed. I didnt eat a lot of bad foods this past week, so I dont know how I am not down any weight. Now it could be that my own scales is off, and I probably shouldnt go by it, but I am not going to put myself through the stress of it. The thing is, if you dont go for a week, you still have to pay the 9 euro the following week. But I really dont care. I’ll pay it. And anyway, there’s light snow falling outside right now, and it could get worse this morning. So I think the best thing is to just skip it for today.

I did fall back to sleep after writing the last post. Boy I must have been tired! Its just gone four AM now and I woke up so got up.

Feels good now that I’ve made the decision not to go get weighed. Its freeing. Like a weight has been lifted off of me.

Trip to Dublin next weekend

So next weekend I’m going to Dublin. From Friday until Sunday. I’m going to visit my friend Pat. He’s blind, and I havent seen him in ages, so I thihnk its time we had a catch up.

I’m excited to go. Nitro will also be going. We’ll take the train to get there. It will be awesome to just hang out with him and chat. We’ve known each other for 18 years now.

He’s a diabetic, type one, and he got a kidney transplant some years back, he’s been doing well since then, but now he has hip problems, and so he’s not able to travel much. He called me tonight saying he feels isolated and lonely and he asked me if I’d come visit him. Of course I jumped at the chance to do that.

I’ll take my laptop with me when I go so I will still be able to be in touch with everyone, of course I’ll also have my phone with me. He has a guide dog too, sweeney, so Nitro will have a buddy for the weekend.

Its going to be a fun trip I think!

I met with my new job coach today

so this afternoon, i went and met my new job coach, whose name is chris. and what a lovely guy he is! he’s so nice, and so easy to talk to!

we are starting off with an initial get to know each other period, so today we just filled out paperwork, and chatted about me, and about the type of work I’d like to do, about my background etc.

I told him about my mental illnesses, and we talked about disclosure to an employer, he said I probably should disclose that I am suffering with a mental illness to them, but that I didnt have to disclose the exact illnesses, he said 1 in 3 people who are in a job now has a mental illness of some kind! Mindblowing!

Anyway, he said they work with some employers, like, they have a list of employers that they work with, and something might come out of that, because sometimes the employers ask if there is anyone on the job coaching agencys books who can fill a role they are hiring for.

But he encouraged me to look for jobs, and he said I can email him or phone him if I need anything, so if I find a job I feel is suitable, I can email him on the details and he’ll look at it for me. He gave me a few websites to go looking up jobs, so I’ll be doing that soon!

We talked about pay, and he told me minimum wage here is 10.10 an hour, so thats the least I can earn, but I could earn more. But I gotta be careful about my benefits, not work too many hours. But I’m going to try for part time at first, about 25 hours per week.

It was a very encouraging meeting, he seems like a very competent guy, like someone who can really help me to succeed and get a job! At least I hope so! He said he’s going to email me on some stuff over the next while, and he’ll also tidy up my CV!

So I left feeling very hopeful!

Last call!

Your prompt for #JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: last call. Talk about the enterprise (sales or service) conducted by the last phone call you received from a business youre not associated with (i.e. your workplace), or talk about that phone conversation itself. Have fun!

The last call I recieved was from my phone service provider!

The first call they made to me, I missed it! I tried calling the number back, but I got an automated voice, saying, someone from Eir was trying to get hold of you!

Well damn! I suppose now I have to wait for you to try again!

Which they did eventually!

Why were they calling me?

To tell me I owed money on my bill, and I needed to pay it or I’d be cut off! Well damn again!

What normally happens is, your bill comes out, but they only give you two weeks to pay it off, this bill comes once a month, and mine is usually about 150 euro!

I know that seems expensive, but I have phone, broadband and tv with them!

Anyway, did I pay it off? No, not yet! Lol!

So I suppose they’ll call me again soon to tell me pay it or else!

They only ever call me when they want my money! Either for the bill, or else they might call to ask me to add a service, or upgrade my plan!

Why dont they ever call and tell me hey, we’re giving you something, a free month maybe?

Fat chance of that!


Going on disability is a bloody nightmare

My mom is trying to make a claim and get on disability. She went to her GP last week, and at first she tried to just claim illness benefit but things have changed, and because she hasnt worked for the last 2 years, she cant claim illness benefit.

So the GP gave her a form, and told her to fill it out. Its a form to apply for disability. Her COPD qualifies her, its one of the top disabilities on the list. But still she has to fill out all of this paperwork which is so complicated.

She’s very stressed right now trying to fill it all out. It has to be filled in by Thursday when she goes back to see her doctor. Then, once its filled in, and sent off, she’ll have to wait about six months before her claim comes through, which I think is just ridiculous.

In the meantime she is getting a payment, but still, six months seems such a long time.

The government makes it so hard for people. I told her to go to her local welfare officer to get help filling out the form, but she refused, saying they just want to delve into all of your personal business, wich is true I guess.

So right now, she’s at home trying her best to fill it out. Hope she is able to do it and get everything correct on the form. She told me she’ll ring the disability section of our government tomorrow if she cant fill it in or she isnt sure about something on it.

All this just to get a little more money, it just doesnt seem worth it.

Storming and bad weather!

Hows the weather for your part of the world today?
Ours has been awful. Rain and wind all day. I looked up how many inches of rain we get in ireland each year and seari told me we get 46 inches of rain per year here. Thats some amount of wet weather!
We’ve got a storm warning here and we’ve had it all day since early this morning. It is supposed to be finished at 7 PM but so far its still storming hard!
I got soaked just going in and out of the car being dropped to and from work!
Hopefully some of you have better temps where you are!