Lockdown continued

We’re a week and a bit into our second lockdown.
Irelands numbers of covid cases are going down slowly. We had 772 cases yesterday, but that is down from over 1000 last week.
So we’re slowly getting the R number down. Its down to 2 now.
The chief medical officer said yesterday that people who’ve tested positive and who are in close contact with others, their close contacts have gone from six down to 2, so the spread is definitely slowly decreasing.
How am I finding lockdown? I am finding it tough. I’ve barely seen anyone, the only person I’ve seen this week if my PA Frances, We do have the idea of a bubble, where you can link up with one other household, that is, if your elderly or vulnerable.
Then, you can see the people who live in that other household and visit with them.
I’m trying to be as careful as possible, and not go anywhere unnecessarily.
We all still have to wear masks, they are compulsory now, you arent allowed in shops, or on public transport without them.
Our lockdown extends until 1st december, but then it may go on for longer, we just arent certain yet, no decisions have been made, the plan was to have a six week full level five lockdown and then hope the numbers will go down and the country can reopen again for christmas.
But it kinda defeats the purpose, because, dont you think if they will reopen again coming up to christmas, and bars and restaurants reopen, that cases will just soar again? And, can we continue living life in lockdown, or keep going into lockdowns? I think not!