getting used to the I phone

I’ve had a time of it trying to get used to the I Phone 10.
I had trouble setting it up. In the end my sis had to set up the phone for me. I was able to turn the speech on but I couldnt get past the language part of the set up process.
Then I had awful trouble getting used to the phone having no home button. You have to swipe from the bottom of the screen upwards, to get to the home screen. I had trouble with that, so I went in and in the voice over commands I was able to change the gesture used to get to the home screen. Thank god as now I can use it and am able to do it much quicker.
Other than that though I love the new phone. I wasnt able to get back into my phones backup that I made on itunes, but luckily all of my info was on the cloud, so I didnt lose any of it.
Its been a trying afternoon but I am glad I have the phone set up now.
I reset my old phone back to factory settings and gave it to my niece.
She is thrilled!