Tomorrow is my interview for college!

tomorrow I have my interview for college. Its at 12:20 in the afternoon. Its a little nerve wracking to have to do this. I am kinda anxious about it. But, all I can do is be me. Be myself. I’m sure it wont be that bad.
I dont know whose interviewing me. I would have asked someone to go with me for morral support but nobody was available. So I guess I’ll just go and see what happens.
I hope it will go well. I’m praying I’ll get a place on the course. Not sure if we’ll be told tomorrow or not. Probably not though.
If you pray please send positive vibes or good thoughts my way.


radio interview

so this afternoon i took part in a radio interview with clodagh the head tutor on the ILS course.
the interview was about abode, doorway to life, which is the name of the organisation that runs the ILS course, and that also provides my respite service to me.
we were discussing the overall organisation structure and all of the services that they offer.
the interview took place on phoenix fm, which is a dublin radio station and the show was called access all areas, which is a weekly show for the disabled, if you want to check the interview out just google phoenix fm access all areas and you should be able to find the podcast link, its march 15th’s show your looking for.
The interview lasted about 20 minutes. It was really good.
I enjoyed taking part in it.
carol anne

on the up

so things with this headcold are looking up finally.
I am feeling a lot better. I have a little bit of a cough. but nothing major. I think its just the mucus breaking up in my lungs.
My nose is still a little bit blocked. But overall I am feeling a lot better. I think it helped that I was able to rest for the afternoon yesterday, and then last night when I got home from slimming world I went straight to bed and straight to sleep. Its 4 AM now. Just woke about half an hour ago.
At least I can breathe again now! That really makes a huge difference.
Today I’m being interviewed for a radio programme. The main tutor on the ILS course is being interviewed also. She asked me if I’d do the interview with her. The show we are being interviewed for is a show for people with disabilities.
am kinda nervous but also very excited about it.

My interview

It went great. It was the most informal interview I’ve ever been to! And guess what? There were 8 people interviewing us all, and out of that 8, I got my supervisor, that is supervising my volunteering on tuesdays at the cork city partnership! She interviewed me! So I felt so comfortable. At least I knew her! The other woman that interviewed me was nice too. They asked me to tell them about myself. So I told them about my hobbies, and stuff. And it turns out the other lady was into making jewelery also! They asked me about my involvement in community work and in volunteering. I have an extensive volunteering history so I had a lot to say about that. They asked me about my involvement in drugs and alcohol, was I involved in anything to do with addictions now, i said I volunteer in shine with people who have dual diagnosis both mental health and addiction. They talked to me about the course, asking me if I felt I’d struggle with the assignments, if I had any questions for them. I said no I didnt have any, that I didnt think I’d struggle as I have done many assignment in the past.
They said they’d let me know in a couple of days, I told them to email me with my results. But I am feeling positive about it.


tomorrow is my interview day! My interview for college. To get a place on the substance use and misuse in youth and community work course.

I am soooo nervous!

I’ve prepared as best as I can. I think I’m ready. My mom is going with me for morral support. Also she is going because the interviews are taking place in a building that I dont have a clue how to navigate.

I hope I can sell myself and get a place on this course. I really, really want it. At least I know everyone gets the same set of questions, so everyone gets a fair chance.

Wish me luck guys! 🙂 I need it!

Start of the weekend, yay

i’ve had a good friday. this morning i went out for a coffee with my old pa Deirdre. she stopped being my pa about a year and a half ago, but we remained friends on facebook and through texting. she had texted me last weekend asking me if I’d like to meet up. she had a day off work today so we were able to do it today. it was really nice to see her again. we went to a local shopping centre and had breakfast, and then we went for a stroll around some of the stores. i was going to get some leggings but the store i usually get them in didnt have my size. i ended up just getting my niece and nephew some sweets and i got some water for myself and some doughnuts for mom and dad and my sister, i was good, i didnt have any. deirdre dropped me back to mom and dads house when we were finished. i am staying here for the weekend. i went to visit norma this afternoon. she had rang asking me if she could come over to my house but I told her I was in mom and dads, and that I’d call over to her. I stayed with her for about 2 hours. I didnt even have to spend money on taxi’s because my sister dropped me over there and she also collected me and dropped me back to our parents. i’ve been doing really good now with my healthy eating. i’m going to write about my weight loss or lack of it in a separate post. but today my dad made a chicken curry and we had rice with it. then tonight i had a fruit salad with plain yogurt on it. i’ve been drinking lots of water as well. hec i wont write about my weight loss in a separate post. i’ll just write about it here in this one. so i went to karen o yesterday and i knew i was going to be up but i couldnt believe it when she said i was up by 8 pounds. i almost burst into tears! it was sooo disappointing! i know it had been four weeks since i’d seen her and i was on holiday and not working hard on healthy eating or exercise, but oh man! i did not expect a jump of 8 pounds! it was crushing! so now i’m determined i’ll work hard this week and in the future and get down that weight again. i decided to cut down on tea and coffee and i only drank 2 cups of tea today and no coffee. i’ve decided i’ll allow myself 2 cups of tea a day and if i really crave it one cup of coffee. i’m going to try to stay away from the coffee though. i dont take sugar in my tea but i do take it in coffee. yesterday karen measured my waist too and it had gone up by two centimeters. up instead of down? not good. thats why i decided to cut out the tea and coffee. i’m also back to using the lesithan granuals. my other friend rose texted me an hour ago asking me to call to her tomorrow if i felt up to it. so i said iw ould. its going to be raining here bad tomorrow. they said by 3 pm it would be a 90 percent chance of rain. i’ll have nothing else that i need to do and i do want to catch up with rose because she’s just come out of hospital. i also got an email from the co-ordinator of the college course the substance use and misuse in youth and community work and i have to go to an open evening on the 12th of september, and then an interview on the 19th. I’m excited to do all that. I’m hoping i’ll get in. I think I have a lot of experience so it is looking good for me right now. well that about sums up my ffriday.
catch you guys soon
have you ever battled with your weight? or had a really important interview?