Well sheesh

Just spent the best part of an hour on the phone with my ISP. For some reason my internet speed is very low. We arent sure why. I was thinking it was because of so many people being online, but the guy said that that shouldnt matter, I have Efibre, so my speed should be mega fast. And it isnt. He fixed a few errors on my modem, and reset it. Then it wouldnt reconnect, so he ended up having to change my wifi networks password, now I just hope I can remember it in the future. So far its working now but the speed of downloads is still quite low and sometimes a download stalls or is interrupted and doesnt complete. Its so frustrating.

Also my sky Q box isnt working right, I want to access my recordings, I have to use an app on my phone to do it since the Q box is inaccessible, and when I launch the app it tells me I have no Q box, but I do have one. I was in touch with the accessibility team at sky and they are looking into it for me. The guy I spoke to was incredibly nice. He said they’d sort it for me as soon as they could.

Its just not my day today. I also didnt get to go on my slimming world online group tonight, so I am a bit pissed off about that. I really wanted to go on, I felt I needed the support. Oh well, there is always next week, I just hope tomorrow will turn out better than today has for me.

I dont believe this but…

Ok, this is crazy but my broadband provider are asking me to pay 5.99 a month for the use of an email address. Imagine that! I am refusing to pay it! I refuse to pay for an email address. I mean there is Gmail, which I am now using. Gmail is free! It is more than adequate for my needs! Why would I pay 5.99 a month? Another subscription? No way! So I am canceling my email with Eir..who are my provider. If any of you had my email addy, please update it. My new one is
Any of you my blogger buddies can feel free to email me any time!
I am always up for a chat!
I am so annoyed at Eir though! I pay a lot for my eir services, which include TV, phone, broadband etc. This is just a money grabbing thing, if you ask me.

Evil online?

I watch investigation discovery a lot. I was just watching evil online. God its so creepy. This one was about this guy who stalked a teacher, and he told her a bunch of lies, and they met on a beach in florida, and at first they were dating like for 8 months, and then he wrote a ton of post it notes and put them all over her house to say this is too hard and I cant do this and , dont look for me etc etc. but then after 2 years he contacted her again, and he would not give up, kept watching her, showing up where she was etc. anyway he had told her his mom and dad died when he was 12, and that he was adopted, that they’d died in a car crash. turns out he wasnt using his real name at all, and that he’d actually murdered his parents and his 10 year old brother when he was 14. the girl he was stalking went to the police with this info, but all she was able to get was a restraining order, and the police had no power to arrest him, not unless he hurt her in some way, even though she was scared for her life, they could do nothing. anyway, he kept sending horrific emails, evil ones, that threatened this girl, and in the end the police did trace him, and luckily for her they caught him just in time, as he was in georgia when they caught him, in a motel, but he was on his way to her school where she taught second grade, with a gun. god knows what would have happened if she didnt find out about his past, and if the police didnt trace him. she probably wouldnt have been around to live to tell the tale.

I find shows like this so interesting, but my god, it also scares me half to death!

Internet trouble

i’ve had a night of internet trouble. i had to ring my ISP twice. My internet speed was so slow! The first time I rang a lady told me to disconnect all my devices from 5 G and use 2.4 g and she said it would be resolved then. I tried it, it wasnt resolved. I was getting awfully slow download speeds. So I rang them back and got through to this lovely guy, who checked my line, and said that someone had set the speed to high, and that my phone line wasnt able to take the speed that they’d set it at so he lowered it and he said I should see improvements immediately. And I did!

I hate having internet trouble. I am so addicted hahaha its not even funny! I need my internet and I hate when its down or gives me any problems!

I hope it stays working now!

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