Well sheesh

Just spent the best part of an hour on the phone with my ISP. For some reason my internet speed is very low. We arent sure why. I was thinking it was because of so many people being online, but the guy said that that shouldnt matter, I have Efibre, so my speed should be mega fast. And it isnt. He fixed a few errors on my modem, and reset it. Then it wouldnt reconnect, so he ended up having to change my wifi networks password, now I just hope I can remember it in the future. So far its working now but the speed of downloads is still quite low and sometimes a download stalls or is interrupted and doesnt complete. Its so frustrating.

Also my sky Q box isnt working right, I want to access my recordings, I have to use an app on my phone to do it since the Q box is inaccessible, and when I launch the app it tells me I have no Q box, but I do have one. I was in touch with the accessibility team at sky and they are looking into it for me. The guy I spoke to was incredibly nice. He said they’d sort it for me as soon as they could.

Its just not my day today. I also didnt get to go on my slimming world online group tonight, so I am a bit pissed off about that. I really wanted to go on, I felt I needed the support. Oh well, there is always next week, I just hope tomorrow will turn out better than today has for me.