Mental wellness challenge, day four

Day Four.

What are your top three intentions for each day and how can you meet them?

Intention 1:

Eat healthy and exercise on most days!

Intention 2:

Do some self care every day!

Intention 3:

Journal! Writing is sootheing to me!

What are yours?

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1% goal for the week, mindful eating!

So you remember last week I mentioned I was going to do the 1% goal and each week do something different with it? I chose mindful eating for the week and I managed to actually do it! And I can honestly say the food tastes way different when you mindfully eat! When you chew slow, take your time, eat slow, it makes a huge difference. I really noticed it. I can honestly say it did me good to do this! I am feeling great after it!
I mindfully ate dinner three nights this week. I cooked my food, sat down, got out my fork, slowly put food on it, slowly put it in my mouth and I savoured every bite! I chewed it slowly, I tasted every mouthful, I am so proud of me! It wasnt easy, as I was used to eating really fast! Eating without noticing much of anything.
It worked out well and I am delighted!
Now for next weeks 1% goal, I am going to take 20 minutes each day to read! I read a lot, but I dont purposefully take time out each day to just sit with my book, sometimes I am rushing around, and I forget, so this next week, I am going to do everything I can to actually read and finish my book and maybe even read another one!