its a bla sorta night

so i’m not sleeping tonight. thats nothing new. i seem to be going through a stage lately, either i am not sleeping at all or i am sleeping half the day away. i think its all down to my mood. sometimes my mood is so low that i dont want to talk to anyone and i just want to sleep the day away. then sometimes, like tonight, i can jabber away for hours. i talked to my friend A tonight and we had a really nice catch up. i also talked to my partner Jess, she’s in a psych residential facility since last year, we talk often enough on the phone but tonight we had a particularly good conversation. i felt anxious earlier but talking to both jess and A helped that. i am feeling kinda bla right now. just had a shower and that made me wake up even more. of course if i wasnt drinking so much tea and coffee i might fall asleep. i see my nutritionist at 9 AM this morning. hoping to be down a pound or two. i had a pretty good week so i think i’ll be down. it would sure be nice if i was.