Tonight equals no sleep night

ok well i sent taylor off to bed about an hour ago. she didnt fall asleep. neither did I. I tossed and turned, and so did she. So I got up again. I made coffee because well I am not sleeping so, well yeah, coffee it is. Thats after I drank a diet coke, earlier. And some tea, no wonder I am not asleep? 😀
anyway. i am reading blog posts belonging to the many bloggers I follow. And I am enjoying them. I am also listening to the radio.
its almost 2 AM. I have therapy in 8 hours. Doubt I’ll sleep tonight. I dont really mind though. I dont have too much that I need to do tomorrow. So I can rest throughout the day if I need to.
What do you do when you cant sleep? Do you stay in bed, or like me, get up and do stuff?


good morning :-)

i didnt sleep well at all last night. i couldnt sleep properly. i tossed and turned a lot.
it was around 2 AM when i went to bed.
i even got up in the middle of the night to get an apple. i’ve started eating fruit at night when I am hungry.
i eventually got up at 8, when nitro started whimpering to go out. its almost 9 now. i’ve started getting myself ready to go on vacay tomorrow.
i am going to put a colour in my hair later on today. well i am not doing it, my mom will do it for me. its just a box colour that i bought in the store.
my sister will come over to our parents house later on today with her partner and kids and we’ll all have sunday dinner together.
other than that i’m just finishing up my packing for my holiday.
i hope you all have a wonderful sunday.
carol anne

Not asleep, again

well i’m wide awake. of course its my own fault. i slept earlier in the evening. i slept after dinner, woke around 8, was gonna get up, but then fell back to sleep again. didnt wake until 9:30 when mom called me. let nitro out, made a cup of tea, and then went back to bed, slept until 1:30.
so now i am up. im not a fan of being up when everyone else in the world seems like their asleep. but what can i do. it is what it is. i went online, read and responded to my blog comments and email, downloaded some tv shows on to my external hard drive, and now i’m going to read my book and try to finish it.
hope everyone has a good night or day wherever you are in the world!

carol anne

Cant sleep…

so its 11:30. And I cant sleep. sigh. I knew this was going to happen.
I didnt even nap today. I was up at 8 this morning actually.
Why is it I can only get one or two nights of good sleep. I so wish I didnt struggle so much with sleep. It makes life very difficult.
I think I’ll go read for a while. I have 2 hours left of my audio book a long way from home, by cathy glass. Its a good read if your interested I highly recommend her books.
carol anne

4 AM ramble

well its 4 AM. I’m not asleep as you can see.
I tried but couldn’t drop off. So got up again, no point to lying there thinking a million thoughts and unable to shut your brain up or off.
So I am up. I am just pottering around the house, and pottering around online.
I have the radio on low. And its very peaceful. Not a sound to be heard.
Just how I like it. Nitros fast asleep. He was dreaming in his sleep. He was whimpering, I think its so cute when he does that.
Is anyone else up?
Talk to me if you are?
❤ 🙂

well damn!

4 AM. And I am wide awake. I finally tried to go to sleep at around 2 AM, so barely got 2 hours of sleep. This is just not good! even when I was asleep, I tossed and turned, couldnt get comfy. What a sucky night this is turning out to be! I might as well stay up now…no point in laying there thinking, is there?

carol anne