Not a good night

I didnt sleep very well last night. I’ve been up since about 4:30.

I just wasn’t able to stay asleep. I really wanted to but I just couldn’t.

My sleep is gone to hell lately!

I’m not impressed. Of course if my anxiety was less I might have some chance of getting good sleep. Fat chance of that, though.

My anxiety is really bad!

Thank god for clonidine and cups of tea!

Where would I be without them!

The meds made me sleepy!

Last night, I took 25 mg of fenergan, 2 mg of clonadine, and my regular night meds, before bed.
I wanted to watch operation transformation, which was on at 9:35. I started to watch it, but 10 mins in I fell into a deep sleep.
The meds made me so so sleepy!
I woke when it was over! And I went straight to bed then.
I slept all night! I woke up at 2:30 but I wasnt able to stay awake, so I went back to sleep again.
I woke again at 6:30, feeling so out of it!
I dont think I’m going to take the fenergan again, unless its absolutely necessary. I hate how it makes me feel.
Now, I’ve had a couple cups of coffee, so that grogginess has passed.
thank god!

Messed up sleep schedule

I really need to quit napping by day. I dont get a lot of sleep, so I’ve been sleeping when I can. I know this is bad though. I know I should only nap for an hour or two max, if I do nap. I should set an alarm or something to wake me up and then just get up and stay awake until a decent hour. I napped earlier this afternoon, and now its 2 AM and I am wide awake. I woke up at about 1 AM. I did go to bed early, at around 9:30. But I couldnt settle, even though I was super tired. Has anyone got any tips, on what you do? Do you have a decent sleep schedule? Or do you sleep at funny hours? I cant be the only one who does can I? I doubt I’m going to go back to sleep now. I will probably stay up and read. Its a vicious circle though as I am busy this morning with slimming world, then I work on friendly call in the afternoon, so by 5 PM I’ll be done in. All I will want to do then is rest. I’ll try to stay up until 10 pm or so though I think. I have to get my sleep schedule back on track. I just have to. I know it isnt good to be asleep during the day and awake at night. And they also say weight gain is atributed to getting little sleep. If I want to lose weight I need to look after my body. I’m just so tired of fighting this sleep thing. Its just getting me down a lot. Sometimes I’ll sleep for 12 hours, its rare, but it does happen, especially when I am at my parents house. I love when I can do that. I feel so refreshed the next day when I get a good number of hours of sleep the previous night.

Messed up sleep, its sooo buggered!

my sleep is fucked guys! Absolutely fucked!

I am neither here nor there with it! So what am I doing? Sleeping when and as I can!

Its not ideal but oh well! I gotta do what I gotta do!

Last night well actually it was 6 Pm yesterday evening, I crawled into bed with my book. Couldnt keep my eyes open though and fell into a deep sleep!

Slept until this morning only woke up and got up at 10 AM!

But thats rare for me! My normal is to sleep about 2 to 3 hours and then I am wide awake!

Is it just me? Anyone else sleep only a little?

I cant be the only one who spend most of every 24 hours awake can I?

I’ll be so worried if I am! 😀 not really Lol!

But somethings gotta give! I am finding that not eating after 8 pm is helping a little. I am less sluggish, also exercising more often helps me too, it tires me out!

I guess I’ll see how it goes over the christmas! I’m probably looking at not getting much sleep over the festive period though!

Ug sigh!

Is anyone around? I cant sleep. I’ve had too much coffee! I am wired! I doubt I’m going to sleep much at all tonight.

I am hoping for at least a few hours, since I have a busy day ahead tomorrow!

I guess time will tell whether that will be happening! If not I shall read my book!

working on us week 13, sleep issues!

tonight for beckys working on us prompt, I am going to write a narrative, not exactly following the rules, but oh well. It is what it is, I just felt like writing down my thoughts on sleep and the issues surrounding it.
I dont sleep well at all. I suffer from dreadful insomnia. I also suffer from racing thoughts and super bad anxiety at night. I get intrusive flashbacks, nightmares, and really worrying thoughts, my mind goes 100 miles a minute at night. As soon as it gets dark, it starts. If I get 2 or 3 hours of sleep at night, its a lot. I do get a good night every now and then, but I have to be extremely exhausted for that to happen. Usually after 3 or 4 days of little to no sleep, I will crash hard, and it catches up with me.
I’ve tried a lot of things to help me sleep. Usually when I am unable to sleep I will write, I listen to music or watch tv or I read. I also sometimes take a hot shower, showering helps me calm down, and whenI write or journal it is theraputic.
I do take medication also to help me sleep. It mostly doesnt work though. I take fenergan and prazosin although the prazosin is going to be a no go soon and so I will move on to another med instead.
My symptoms always seem worse at night. I wish this wasnt the case. I know sleep is important so I do try to get it when I can.


My insomnia is bad!

Okaaay! Its back! My insomnia!
I thought I’d be free of it since I got two good nights of sleep lately! But no! I am not!
To say I am unhappy is an understatement!
I am miffed! I hate this! I really, really hate not being able to sleep!
I am so tired! I didnt drink much coffee today either! Just had one cup this morning!
I am having racing thoughts, they are really bad!
I am just not able to slow my mind down! Its horrible! I did lie down for an hour, with the TV on, to try to sleep but nothing. I was hoping I’d fall asleep to the sound of the tv!
I have to have some background noise, I cant have just silence!
I think its going to be a long night!
Ug sigh!
I suppose onen good thing is if I am not asleep it means I wont have any nightmares! For that I am glad about!