Mobility assessment

Well, just got off the phone, had a mobility assessment, I need to brush up on my cane skills, and I had an assessment to see where I’m at, and how the NCBI which is the organisation here for people with sight loss could best meet my needs.

Turns out I have a new resource worker, I had one for years, but now she’s working with ageing adults, and this new girl is working with 18 to 65’s. So I will have to get acquainted with her. She seems nice, which is good. She’s young too which I like.

Anyway, she asked me a bazillion questions, all about my life, my mobility skills, my dog, my independence, my emotional wellbeing etc. She’s going to email the mobility officer now and tell her I need some training, she said there is a waiting list, but hopefully I wont be waiting for too long.

I have to do this, as Nitro is retiring at the end of the year. I’m not getting another dog, mainly because I want to keep Nitro until he passes away, and I dont have room for two dogs. I wouldnt manage two of them. Also I do want to brush up on my cane skills, learn some new routes, etc. So I hope that can happen soon. I was hoping that it would happen over the summer.

It was a good phone call though that we had. I think it was positive. Looks like it will work out for me which I’m very glad about.