Chicken wings marinated in sweet chili and honey, plus garlic potatos

This was my dinner today! I havent actually eaten it yet though, but thought I’d post how I made it!

Garlic potatos
What you will need…
A bag of baby potatos
some garlic butter

What you have to do…
Wash the potatos. You can peel them but I left the skins on them.
Boil the potatos, and once they are done let them cool.
Add the garlic butter when they are semi-cool, dont let them go completely cold.
Then, when you want to eat them, heat them in the microwave.
They are lovely and taste amazing!

Chicken wings
what you will need
Chicken wings, boneless or if you want the bone on them then buy them that way.
A bottle of sweet chili sauce
A bottle of honey

What you need to do…
Wash the chicken.
Then place it in a bowl.
Pour over the sweet chili sauce.
Pour over honey.
Mix everything in the bowl and leave to marinate for 3 to 4 hours.
Cook the chicken for an hour, making sure to turn it as its cooking.
Then voila enjoy! They taste spectacular!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my recipes!