Mom and the hospital

We had a little bit of a scare today. Our mom had to go to the hospital, because she couldnt breathe properly.

First of all she went to the doctor this morning, her GP…and, he sent her to A and E with a letter.

She’s been having these spells over the past few months. Spells where she cant breathe, for example, if she walks up a hill, she gets short of breath and has to stop and catch her breath.

If she hangs out the washing, or cuts the grass, she gets short of breath and has to sit for a while after doing these activities. Basically, any strenuous activity, she has to sit down after doing it.

So at the hospital today, they did blood work, and x rayed her lungs. And it turns out she might have COPD, or emphacema…they arent sure yet which one though.

She has to go back tomorrow for a stress test and a lung function test just to make sure her heart is ok. They did do a tracing of her heart today and that came back ok. They told her its probably due to smoking that she has these complaints, she gave up cigarettes 5 months ago and is now smoking e cigarettes instead.

So I spent the majority of the afternoon in the hospital with her and our lil sis waiting for results. I was sooo worried because I thought she might have something worse than what she does have but luckily not so I am glad about that. At least lung disease is manageable, with inhalers, and a nebulizer.
Carol anne