A little Nitro update!

So Nitro is doing a bit better. I’m kinda worried though, as the area on his bum where the abscess is has gone hard, its now a lump and its hard, meaning he’s having trouble passing poohs. He keeps rubbing himself off the grass too, which gives me a clue that he’s hurting. He can still pass his pooh though, which is good. He’s on the antibiotics now until Thursday, and I take him back in to the vet on Friday morning. I am kinda thinking that she might have to put him under, and lance the abscess, she did tell me it may rupture on its own, but if it didnt, then that is what would need to happen, poor Nitro, he’s having a tough time of it. He’s being a little trooper though, he’s still wagging his tail, coming to me for cuddles, etc. I’m sure he’s in terrible pain from it. Its hard to get him to take the tablets, we have to hide them in some cheese. Please continue to pray he’ll be ok, if it worsens over the next few days, I’ll take him in sooner, but I doubt it will, since he’s on both pain meds and the antibiotics as well.

Started my antibiotic

My antibiotic ewaas delivered to me this afternoon, finally.
I took the first one at 4 PM and it knocked me out. I’m not sure if it was the tablet that caused me to feel drained, or if I was already feeling drained, but after taking it I went to bed for a few hours, and I fell into a deep sleep.
I woke about 6 and I said to myself I’d better get up. I’m due to take another tablet in a few minutes, I said I’d take it at 8 PM and then again at midnight.
I’m supposed to take the tablets four times a day for 5 days.
I hope they work. They probably will. I’m still in a lot of pain and I still feel like everything is burning and it hurts a lot to pee.
I’ve drank a lot of water today to try to flush out my kidneys.
It sucks to feel so bad.
All I want to do is rest, and read.
carol anne

Helpful breathing technique for those who are concerned with breathing, video from a UK doctor

My good friend Donnalee shared this and I am also sharing it on my blog. Go to her site to check out the video. Its really gtood and helpful.


I lost one of my clients today

I had some sad news today. I was working and making my calls, I had a new list of clients to call this week, so I got to one lady, we’ll call her R. I rang R’s number, and her son answered. He told me R passed away yesterday. She’d been very sick for a long time, and she’d been in hospital for about a year, but he said she came home last Tuesday from the hospital. She died peacefully at home. It was a huge shock. R was so lovely. She loved the chat and would always look forward to our call every day. I felt so sad upon hearing the news. I spoke a little to her son and told him what a character she was. I think he felt better talking to me. I told him I’d tell the supervisor and that she’d be in touch. Its going to be a big loss. I felt so sad all day after hearing this news. It really shook me up. Its part of my job, I mean its happened before that clients have passed away, and it never gets any easier to hear it. I hope R is at peace now. I’ve been thinking about her all afternoon, she’s been in my thoughts and I said a prayer for her family and especially her son who I spoke to today. Its just so so hard to lose one of my clients. It made Monday very hard for me.

Can you believe this? My mom was refused disability!

My mom got her letter this morning from the disability office. And, they refused her claim.

Can you believe it? My mom has stage 3 COPD. She only has 50 percent lung function. She cant walk hardly at all, only very short distances. She is in the gold category for obtaining disability, according to the website. And still they’ve refused her application.

She’s going to appeal it. I told her I’d help her over the weekend to write a letter of support.

Its absolutely awful that this has happened. I wouldn’t mind but a ton of supporting evidence went in with her application, from the hospital, from her GP, and from specialists and consultants.

I doubt however that any doctor looked at it. I think a person who works there came upon my moms application, looked over it and just said, well, I am going to not pass this one. That is what I think happened. She had a decision about it back within a month.

She’s appealing now, and she said if the appeal isn’t successful she’s going to go to a politician to see if they can do something. I hope her appeal is successful.

What are they waiting for anyway? For her to be too sick to even be on it?

I mean my moms never claimed welfare benefits in her whole life. This is her first attempt at claiming. She’s a very honest person. Even when I was a kid, she never claimed carers allowance for me. She worked for 12 years. Now they said in the letter that she was fit for work. That she isn’t medically sick enough to get disability.

The thing is though she cant work. How can she work when she cant walk that far? If she was to go to work she’d be out of work more than she’d be in work!

Its a bloody nightmare trying to get approved! I am left with my mouth gaping open at the fact they’ve refused her even though their website lists COPD as a gold standard category for qualifying.

Altitude sickness

I’ve been reading up on how to avoid getting altitude sickness while visiting Colorado. As you all know I’m going there in just over 3 months time.
I want to avoid it! I do not want to get it if I can help it!
Has any of my readers ever gotten altitude sickness? If so how do you avoid it? What tips do you have for me?
I’m all ears!
I seriously am hoping I wont get sick on my trip! I will just drink plenty of water!
Even if you’ve never been to Colorado, have you been somewhere where there is or was high altitude, and if you have, what did you do to avoid becoming ill?