Eileen has the shingles!

Remember I told you earlier in the week that I wasnt having therapy this week because Eileen was ill? Well, she texted me this morning. I had texted her to ask her how she was doing, and to tell her that I hoped she was feeling better! She texted me back and said unfortunately she’d be out sick again next week! I started to panic! I said to her, are you sure your ok? I’m worried? And then she said that she has shingles, and that they are very painful. Poor eileen! I’ve never had the shingles but my dad has and he was very sick with them! We texted back and forth for a couple more minutes, and then she told me to text her tomorrow evening at 6:45 and we could have a phone check in then. I am so grateful to her for doing a check in call. Since I didnt have therapy this week, and I won’t have it next week, its going to be 3 weeks since I’ve seen her. I can manage, but I miss her. I hope she starts to feel better soon from the shingles, I know sometimes there is lasting damage from them. At least my dad had lasting nerve damage. At least Eileen is a trained nurse, so she knows how to take good care of herself and I know she will, she always takes very good care of her physical health.

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