Parents friend

My parents are going to visit their long time friend this morning. He’s dying. He hasn’t got long to live.

He’s been asking to see them. He’s got a tumour on his lung. Poor guy. I feel for him.

I don’t envy them having to visit him, I think it will be hard, visiting someone whose dying isn’t going to be easy.

What do you say? How do you handle it? I don’t think I could do it.

I do think though that its good they will go, before he passes on. It will be good for them to be able to say a goodbye. This may be the last time they see him.

Little update

I slept well last night. I woke up feeling a little better today. The pain is still there but it has lessened. I took my morning antibiotic, and will take my afternoon one around 4 PM. I am not doing much today, mom and my sis went to a local nature park, I decided that I needed to stay home, to get well. I’ve been reading, and enjoying that. My tummy still hurts a little. The pain was quite bad, and its taking a while for it to go away completely. I don’t have a fever though which is good. I never had one which I am very glad about. I’m still taking pain relief but my urine has stopped burning, and overall I feel a lot better. I think the worst is over now.

The trip to se the doctor

It was eventful. The first thing that I found out was, I could have gone there early today, I didnt need to wait until this evening to go. But oh well. I went, and was introduced to an elderly doctor, who was a little bit dozey lol. He didnt realise I was blind, although how you couldnt have known that I will never know. Anyone who looks at me would know I am blind just by looking at me. He kept talking to my mom instead of talking to me. He kept acting as if I wasnt even in the room, asking mom questions about me and my symptoms. He told me to get up on the couch so he could examine me. He examined me and he said my stomach area felt very tender. He asked me to do a urine sample, and he tested it. There was white cells in it, and he said they were quite high, and that was a sure sign of an infection. He gave me an antibiotic which I am to take 3 times a day for 7 days. He also gave me some painkillers for relief from the pain. When we came out we had a long walk to get to the pharmacy. I was feeling very weak, so I am not sure how I managed to walk there. I did it though and we got my meds. Then we got a taxi back to moms. I’ve already taken my first dose of the antibiotic and two pain killers. I hope they work quickly. Hopefully by tomorrow they will have kicked in and I’ll be feeling a little better. I’m planning on just relaxing and taking things easy tomorrow. I’m glad I caught this early on. Kidney infections are so nasty. Its a horrible thing to go through. Hopefully I’ll be on the mend now once the antibiotic gets into my system.

Going to the doctor

I decided I will go to the doctor later on today. I’m not getting any better. In fact I am getting worse.
I feel awful. I will go to the emergency out of hours doctor.
I have mislaid my medical card, but I hope they’ll still see me anyway. I will just have to explain to them on the phone that I mislaid the card. I think I am on their system anyway from the last time I went there.
I hope the doctor will give me an antibiotic or something. I think I need one.
I think its the only way I am going to get rid of this infection. Thats if it is a kidney infection. We’ll see I guess what he says when I see him.
Prayers and good thoughts would be very appreciated.

I didnt go

I didnt end up going to my work function. The pain in my stomach never went away.

I ended up staying in bed for most of the day. I only got up to eat dinner.

I feel somewhat better now. the pain has gone, but my stomach is still very tender.

I don’t know exactly why I was in pain, but I don’t want to experience that again any time in the near future.

It felt awful. I’ll probably be up all night now since I slept most of the day.

I don’t care though. Don’t have to be anywhere tomorrow and don’t have anything to do so if I am awake late, it doesn’t really matter.

I am in pain

I woke up in a lot of pain. My stomach is cramped up. Its so uncomfortable. I dont really know what is causing it.

Its not a stomach bug, I think its just bloating. It is sore though. Really sore.

I managed to shower and eat breakfast. Hoping the pain lessens soon. I Have a function for friendly call to go to this morning. I need to try to be ok for that.

Heres hoping I can be. fingers crossed.


I’m so grateful! A writing prompt

Let me tell you how lucky I REALLY am

I am so lucky to be alive! A few years ago, in 2012 to be exact, I had a very big scare!
I got cysts on my ovaries, and the doctors didnt know if they were cancerous or not!
I had major surgery to remove my ovaries! The surgery took place in January 2013. I was in hospital for a week.
When I had the surgery, I was in complete denial about how serious this was! I never really thought, I might die here!
When I got the results and the doctor told me the cysts werent cancerous, I was overjoyed! It only then sunk in for me that this could have been far, far worse.
I thank my lucky stars every day that I got a chance to live! So many dont!
So many young people are taken way too soon. When this happened to me I was only 32. I could have had ovarian cancer, and not survived it.
I’m so, so grateful every single day for my good health.