Positive news

As I said earlier I barely slept last night due to all the worry about my dad. So I crashed about 3 Pm this afternoon, and I slept until about 7:30.
I just woke up, made some tea and called my mom.
Mom didnt really have any updates, other than she managed to get to call a doctor and get my dad on an antibiotic for his chest, so at least there’s that.
He’s not sleeping as much today, which is also a positive.
I think I can breathe easy again. At least I hope I can.
If nothing else, I’m well rested now, but probably wont sleep again tonight.
Oh yeah another bit of positive news is that Eileen texted us, she said she has a cancelation for tomorrow, and if we wanted a session she could fit us in, so we’ll have a session with her at 3 PM tomorrow.
We could really use it so I am so glad she was able to fit us in.