Who will you be?

Stop holding on to what hurts and start making room for what feels good. You are not what happened to you in the past. You are now, you are
this moment. What will you do with it? Who will you choose to become?

Robert Tew

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emmys email to our therapist

its me emmy im 8
im aprils best frend
you know today you said you love us and care about us? and when you hear we been hurt and how much it makes you care more?
well i need to ask you if you only love us cuz of our abuse? or if you’d love us even if we hadnt been abused?
it makes me mad when people only love us cuz we been hurt?
i want you to love me for me and us for us and not just cuz we got hurt
will you? does that makes sense?
will you love us just cuz like does there have to be a reason or you can just love us cuz you think we’re cool?
like i dont only love you cuz your our therapist, i love you cuz your funny, and nice to emily, and nice to april and nice to everyone of us that you meet?
and your smart and we learn stuff from you and i like that and love you for teaching us?
so please please just love us for other stuff and not cuz of the abuse?

tears are falling

the tears have finally come. I’m a sobbing mess of snot and tears.
I need a hug, and probably a good talking to as well.
I’m full of stress and worry and anxiety.
Crying is actually hurting, not only am I emotional, but it hurts the ache in my chest and body it damn well hurts.

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In her eyes…

the pain overflows
in her mind
in her heart
in her eyes
so much pain
drives her insane
she’s afraid to open up
to anyone
afraid to speak of it
afraid to put words on it
so instead
she shoves it down
and far far away
shoves it into a corner
and applys her mask
faces the world
and smiles sweetly
yes, this is me
faking it
I can make it