Home renovations

Well, I have decided. I need to get my living room painted. But first, I need to save some money up to pay my uncle who will do the painting for me.

He charges 150 euro per room. And my living room is very big.

Plus, I also need to buy paint. I think a drum of paint costs around 60 euros. But I want the fumeless paint, so it will probably be closer to 90 euro for that.

I told mom I’ll buy the paint in April. But I won’t actually get my living room painted until May.

The weather will have picked up by then.

It should only take half a day to paint the living room. My uncle is a good painter. It is what he does for his job.

So my painting will need to be done on the weekend.

That’s fine with me, as long as there is no lingering smell of paint I’m good.

I also need my front windows cleaned. My niece Lauren offered to do it for me. She’s young, and strong, and I’ll pay her to clean them.

The wind and rain makes them look filthy.

It’ll be nice to get these two jobs done. My house will look all the better after they are done.