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Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “preposition” Start your post with any preposition. Bonus points if you end with one too. Enjoy!

The weather this weekend was really good. I was delighted, as for the last few weekends it has been awful. The forecast this past weekend was for hot weather in parts of Ireland. We had dry weather in Killarney, not hot, it wasn’t sunny, but it was dry and it didn’t rain. I’ll take that. Any time it doesn’t rain when I am out walking is a good thing. We were able to go to Killarney national park on Sunday and walk around and even go on a boat trip. I didn’t even have to take a jacket with me this weekend. I don’t wear jackets a lot anyway, but usually I would take one with me when I go away from home. I decided not to though this weekend. I am glad I didn’t. It would have been extra luggage and an extra thing to carry. Today Monday, the weather is beautiful and sunny. It means more bees and more wasps though. That’s the downside to it. Of course I am terrified of them. Yesterday while driving a bee came into the car. I almost lost my shit. I freaked out. Luckily my sister got him out again. Thank god!

#writing prompt 32

I am participating in Sarah elizabeths writing prompt again this week! Sarah writes:

A day late and a dollar short, but

the best way to cool off is


For me the best way to cool off is by drinking a cool bottle of water. I love water, especially when its icy cold.

I drink a lot of it. I try to drink 3 or 4 bottles a day.

On hot days, I drink more. I also like to have a cool shower if I am hot, and need to be cooled off.

What lets you cool off? What do you find is the best way to do it?


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My sisters having a fun holiday

I got an update from my sister today. She’s really enjoying her holiday, its really hot in the canaries, around 35 degrees c every day.
they took the kids to a zoo and a water park, go carting, and to the beach, there is a peer on the beach, the kids have been jumping off of it into the water and loving it.
Tomorrow she’ll be gone a week already. It went by so fast!
I’m glad she’s enjoying herself. Her partners sister came out there on thursday with her kids, and his other sister will be coming out on monday with her kids, and his mom and dad are there already they went at the same time as my sister and her partner.
We’d have gone too, if my mom was able to travel, but with her COPD she isnt able to fly long distances.

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#whatif prompt for 7-8-2018

Today’s prompt: over at what if we all cared is…

strawberry lemonade

Temps in ireland soared again today. And I wished I had a tall glass of strawberry lemonade to sip on. Man that woulda been so nice. I love fruity drinks. And I love lemonade, and it would have cooled me down, so win win all around!

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No sleep

i’m about to tear my hair out! no bloody sleep here tonight, again!
ug, ug ug!
the heat is too much, I cant stand it. I’m tired but doubt I will fall asleep.
Anyway, have to be up in less than 2 hours, so is it even worth trying?
I will just go read my book I think and try to finish it!
carol anne

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#whatif prompt 7.4.18 watching the weather

The prompt over at what if we all cared for today is, watching the weather.


Our weather has been super hot. I am watching the weather for today to see what the high will be. Alexa told me it would be 22 degrees c! Thats lower temps than it has been in the last 2 weeks. We need a little reprieve though from the hot hot sun!
I’m also watching to see if there is going to be any rain!
We’re in a drought now, its over 17 days since we’ve had rain! Thats almost unheard of for ireland!
I wonder if today will be the day we get a few rain showers! Who knows, but if we do I wont mind!


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took a nap and my friend is visiting

c the heat was getting to me. so i took a nap. it turned in to a 2 hour nap.
i got up at 3 pm and ate my dinner. i had left some curry out of the freezer so I had that. I feel full up now.
The curry was good. I like making batches of food and freezing it, saves a lot of time and all I have to do is thaw it out when I need it.
My friend Norma is coming over in a little while. She wants a new book. She goes through books at an alarming rate. Faster than I do even.
She’ll probably stay for a few hours. I still have my fan going. Weathers super hot still.
my supervisor from my volunteer job emailed me. She said she was sorry I couldnt come in today and that they missed me. That was sweet of her. She said I could do a training session this weekend with norma so that will be good.
carol anne

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