first night home from hospital

we had a good first night at home, well except, we were at our parents, not in our own house.

we didnt get out of the hospital until after 6 pm because the doctor on call decided that she wanted us to wait and see a member of our own team. it was 3:15 PM when she saw us, and a member of dr. barrys team did not come on the ward until after 5 PM, we didnt have to wait, but we decided we would not cause any waves and just go ahead and wait for a while. so we played on our laptop for the hour and a half.

dr. charles was the member of our team who saw us. i know i said i didnt warm to him the first time i saw him on tuesday, but yesterday, he was actually quite nice. he was all concerned that i might be feeling anxious about going home. i told him no, that i was feeling ok. then he asked why i’d wanted to go early. i told him i just felt there really was not a point to waiting for two more days. he agreed, and asked if I wanted the weekend service this weekend. I said yes, and he said he’d make the referal to them for me. he also said he’d make an appointment for me to see dr. Barry on the 10th of May.

i organised a taxi, picked up my prescription, and went to my parents. and what a welcome i got from nitro! he jumped all over me and licked me to death. it was so lovely. he was just so happy to see me, tail waggling, all excited.

i decided i’d treat us to some take away food, since we hadnt eaten much that day on the ward. so i ordered out from a local place called donatellos, they do pizza, but they also do burgers and fries and stuff. i got chilli cheese fries and a chilli cheese burger. it was delicious.

after that i just chilled out for the evening. took a long hot bubble bath, watched some tv, read for a while, and caught up on email.

i slept well, well i got 4 hours, but thats all i seemed to need, it was 4 hours of good solid sleep. i woke up feeling refreshed. and the sun is shining and i’m in a great mood. Long may it continue.