Second day on the ward

I’ve had a very rough day. My PTSD symptoms have been really bad. I’ve had flashbacks all day today. I had them last night too. I barely slept and when I did it was broken sleep. I’ve cried a lot today. I’ve just been all over the place emotionally.
I did take a shower this morning. One of the student nurses helped me. I showered myself but she came in with me and talked to me while I showered. It was good to have her there for support.
I ended up telling the student nurse about my diagnosis. She was really understanding. She said she’d read about it before but she likes to relate what she reads to a real life senario and she was glad to have met me because now she could relate did to a real person. She asked me if I knew anyone with did in Ireland. Of course I said no I didnt. She was going to come into my dr. Barry session with me but then when it came time to go in she was on lunch.
I saw dr. Barry this afternoon. She had a couple of members of her team in our session with her. There was a female junior doctor and a male nurse and Karen the team co-ordinator. It was a good session. We talked about a lot including family, more to the point my mom and her not being there for me emotionally. Dr. Barry said I should try to just accept that she will never be the mom I want her to be. I almost cried then. It was so painful to hear that. We talked about my symptoms and she encouraged me to attend groups. I met the nurse therapist who co-ordinates the groups this afternoon too. Her name is Jasmine and she told me about some of the groups. I told Dr. Barry I was anxious and nervous and wasnt sure if I’d go to any of them. She said its important that I do because staying by my bed space will only exaserbate my symptoms. I know she is right so I will try over the next couple of days to go to one group a day at least.
Karen kept saying how I dont give myself enough credit that I am doing a lot in running a home, looking after Nitro, while managing my mental health at the same time.
Allie came out for a little bit to talk to Dr. Barry. She was shy though with all the team there. Dr. Barry understood and asked her gently if she would get me.
There was an incident on the ward today. This girl, who is dr. Barrys patient too, was admitted last night. She has BPD, I only know this because I heard her tell one of the nurses. Anyway she got really angry and wanted to leave the hospital, and the nurses were trying to persuade her to stay and see Dr. Barry. Then a couple of minutes later she came storming in to our room and said that Karen had been laughing at her. I dont believe that for a second. But she was really angry and a nurse came in and tried to reason with her but she wouldnt listen and she signed the paper the nurse handed her and left. It stirred us up and stressed us out and we ended up crying and having to talk to a nurse about it.
Overall though I am ok. I am trying my best to cope as well as I can.