Dr. Barry had a family emergency today so I never got to see her

i never got to see dr barry today. so disappointing. i waited all day. eventually at about 4 PM she came to my bed side and told me she was sorry but one of her kids had an emergency and she had to go home and so couldnt see me today. but she said she’d see me tomorrow so i guess it wasnt too disappointing. she’s teaching tomorrow morning but once she’s done teaching she said she’d come get me. of course my first reaction to her was is your little boy ok? she said he was ok, but that he just needed his mom to be with him. you know how kids are. of course he did. she really did a very generous thing as tuesdays and thursdays are the days she sees patients normally and on fridays she normally doesnt see anyone. so i feel special that she’s making that exception for me tomorrow. i am looking forward to discussing a lot with her. our system is going through a lot of struggles and i need to talk to her about that. i also need to discuss the recent episode we had and get feedback from her on that too. we need to talk about putting more support in place when i go home. we need to talk about possibly adding another med for anxiety. we need to discuss the ptsd and flashbacks. so yeah, lots to talk over.