Great news about college!

Hey everyone
Guess what? I have good news!
I got a place on the mental health in the community college course. I am beyond thrilled! I just found out, so you all are the first to know!
It starts next week, next Wednesday. I am so excited! I cannot believe I aced the interview and got a place! I thought it went well but I did not want to get my hopes up too much!
Thanks everyone for all of the good vibes, encouragement, and prayers that I’d be successful!

Your all amazing and I am so grateful for all your kind comments and thoughts!
This is gonna be fabulous! I am really going to throw myself into it! I cant wait to start!

This is a great end to an already fab day!


My interview!

It went well. I am hopeful.
It was very informal. Just a chat really. They asked four questions.
Why do you want to do the course?
What training have you had?
What do you think you’ll get out of doing the course?
And tell us a little about yourself?
I did good answering them all!
I am very proud! Nitro was really well behaved too!
I should know something within the next two weeks. I hope I got a place!
If I did we start on december 5th. We do wrap as our first module. For those who dont know what wrap is it stands for wellness recovery action plan.
We will just have one class before christmas. Then the course starts proper in january.
I really hope I did enough to get on it!
Fingers crossed! Time will tell!



when all else fails
have hope
when nothing is going right
have hope
hope is what keeps us going
the fuel the heart lives on
that’s right
hope, hope is what we all need
to survive
to thrive
hope is what we need to breathe
so breathe hope into your soul
and watch it grow
and flourish
watch how you start to change
life looks up
looks good
when hope is found
surround yourself with hope
hope that things will get better
and remember
there are people out there
people who care
people who love you
People who will give you the moon
and so…
always, have hope!

Its weigh in night tonight

So its that time of the week again, weigh in time.
Another week, another try at being down a few pounds, even a pound will do me or half a pound. Any little bit helps. I’d be happy at this point to go in and come out with just some sort of weight loss.
I’ve had a pretty good week all things considered. So I am very hopeful.
We’ll see though. Only time will tell. Wish me luck as I step on the scales tonight!


Off to be weighed in!

Off to slimming world now to be weighed in.

Am so so hoping I’ve lost this week. I do not wanna see a gain on the scales!

I really thought the week went pretty well, so I am hopeful for a good result!

Keep your fingers crossed for me!
carol anne



Tammy over at tammys reading writing challenge has given us some writing challenges to try. I’m trying this one. Free write using the word hope.

Here goes.

I love this quote. Hope is what keeps us going, it is the fuel the heart lives on. I made that one up myself. I use it a lot.

Cause, if we don’t have hope, then what do we have? Nothing.

And we need to have hope. We need to know things can and will get better. I know I need to feel that there is hope no matter how bad things are.

Do you?

Hope is what keeps us alive. It is the thing that allows us to go on, struggle on when we feel we cant.

I’m glad I have hope. I’m glad I mostly always see a light at the end of the dark tunnel.

No one wants to stay in that dark place of no hope. I know I don’t.

Tammys writing challenges can be found here.

A special anniversary date

Today August 24th is my grandads birthday. If he was alive he would have been 85. He died 3 years ago though.

I still miss him every day. Today I will think of him. And I will send a quick prayer up to him up in heaven, to let him know I miss him and love him.

RIP grandad bill, you were one in a million.
carol anne