Talking to the home support coordinator left me feeling irritated and annoyed

Last week when I was chasing up my application for more PA hours, I had to ring the home support service.

I spoke to the manager of the service. I have to say he was one of the most arrogant men I’d ever spoken to.

When I asked him about my application, and whether they’d received it, he acted as if I shouldn’t be asking.

He was patronizing, and asked me in a brusque manner why I felt anxious, and why was I asking if they’d received the application when I knew that my public health nurse had submitted it.

I talked to my therapist this morning about this as I was still feeling upset at the manner in which he spoke to me.

She couldn’t believe how arrogant he was.

I mean aren’t I entitled to know the status of my application?

He really irritated me. How dare he talk down to me just because I am disabled?

Just because he has a high powered job and is the manager of the service, doesn’t give him the right to speak to me in that way.

If I have to speak to him in the future, and he treats me like this again, I will take it further.

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