Mom’s oxygen Delivery!

Mom got her portable oxygen today. It was delivered this morning.
They delivered six tanks but the ones they gave her were too heavy for her to carry. She said when she saw them she knew she wouldnt be able to walk and carry the tank at the same time.
So the guy who was delivering it had some smaller ones, he gave her two and said she’d need to ring the oxygen home supply company and tell them that she needs to change her prescription and get the smaller tanks delivered.
The smaller tanks only last for an hour and a half, where as the larger ones would have lasted her for 3 hours at a time.
He showed her how to use them and went through some safety measures with her.
After the guy left mom rang the oxygen home supply company back. There was no problem in changing the tanks, and the rest of her tanks are being delivered tomorrow morning.
She’s very nervous about using the oxygen, but at least if there are any issues she has phone numbers to call. She said its just going to take her some time to get used to it.