5 facts about me

for my new readers, and my old readers too, here are 5 random facts about me.

I’ve been to disneyworld in florida twice. In 2008 and 2009. It was a lot of fun. something that if you can afford it I think everyone should go there.

I love the ocean. I love sitting listening to the waves crashing. I find it very peaceful.

I collect dvd’s. and cd’s. I enjoy movies and music very much.

I’ve had 3 guide dogs. Nitro is my 3rd dog. My other two were females. His personality is a lot different to the female dogs I had. He’s more cuddly and loving I think.

I like raising awareness about mental illness. I try to do it when I can. I’ve given talks and educated doctors on did and ptsd. Its something I’m passionate about.

What are some facts about you?

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Learning to crochet as a blind person

Yesterday I went to a knitting and crochet group at the basement club and I started to learn how to crochet. This was quite a task as I am blind. The girl who is teaching me had never taught a blind person before. She was quite good for someone who had no experience of teaching a blind person! Well, either she was good, or I am just a fast learner, maybe a little of both, lol.
Either way, I learned the basic double stitch. I had a special hook which allowed me to keep the stitches on easier. I cant remember what the name of that special type of hook is called though. I was trying to learn how to pick up the chain after doing each row, but this proved difficult and I havent mastered it yet.
The group is on at the basement club every tuesday afternoon. Its a small group and so far I like it. Once I get proficient at doing the stitches I am going to make a scarf. I am using cream colored wool and I think once its made it will look really nice.
I’m glad I decided to learn how to crochet as it is going to be another thing I can use when coping with difficult times. It will be a good disttraction technique. The girl who taught me told me that she is able to do it now without even looking at what she is doing. And its a good activity to do with your hands or while you are watching tv or reading a book.