I’m not coping

I’m not coping well at all today. I feel so down. I am so sad.

The house is too quiet. I miss my boy. I miss the pitter patter of his paws on the floor.

I miss him coming into the bedroom and resting his head on my lap.

I miss snuggling into his soft fur.

I miss his bell ringing.

God there is so much that I miss about him!

My heart aches when I think of him!

I know he was old but why did he have to die?

I wasn’t ready to say goodbye! It was so sudden!

He didn’t even act sick, but he was very sick.

And he wagged his tail right up until the very end. When the vet sedated him, before the sedative took effect, he was standing next to me wagging his tail.

Oh how I wish I could hug him one more time…