One liner wednesday

My sister has made me dinner! What an incredible sis I have!

She has made, from scratch, a spaghetti bolognes!

I love her! Now I have dinner for two days! Thanks to my sweet and oh so amazing sis!

And its a healthy dinner too!

Win, win!

Its a winner!

Fruit! I’ve been eating tons of it!

Its definitely a winner! I bought lots this week, and have been enjoying healthy snacks!

I ate 8 pieces of fruit today already! Wow!
The peaches I bought are so tasty!
So are the oranges! And the nectarines!
In fact, all of the fruit I bought is tasty!
Winner, winner, chicken dinner! As they say here in cork!
Lol 😛

#Fowc: Diet

I am doing well with my diet. Slimming world isnt really a diet per say. Its all about food optimising.

No food is off limits on the plan. You can have any food. If you eat junk food, or unhealthy food, it is called syns. Syns are the bad foods or unhealthy ones.

On the plan you can have 5 to 15 syns a day depending on your weight and height. Men are able to have more, I think men can have up to 25 syns a day. 5 to 15 is a lot though. I never go over mine.

You can eat huge portions on the slimming world diet. I am never hungry. In fact I am eating more now than I have eaten when I wasnt dieting. Its great. I love this plan. It really works.

I love that the groups are so supportive. There is huge support at the weekly meetings. Everyone is so respectful, non judgemental, and very very supportive of one another.

Its definitely a diet that really works. I would highly recommend it. Although its not widely available outside of europe. I think its available in texas in the US, in dallas, but its not available anywhere else in the US.

Its huge in the UK and ireland though. I mean my group has over 50 people in it and thats just one group. My consultant runs about 5 groups in total.


Its coming out my ears!

Fruit, that is! I’ve been eating a ton of it!
I eat a lot of it most days. This week I got lots of different fruits to snack on!
I bought strawberries, as I love to put them in my weetabix in the morning!
I got grapes, peaches, nectarines, mandarines, apples, melon, you see? I got tons!
And I am enjoying it all!
Sometimes I put yogurt on my fruit, and I make a fruit salad!
Its delish!
Do you like fruit? Do you eat a lot of it?


Weigh in time!

Its time for my weekly weigh in! I am nervous! I hope I’ve done enough and I hope I’ve lost something! Any amout will do! I just want to start losing again! I’ve been trying so hard! So we shall see! Wish me luck guys!


Food log april 24th

Todays food log was good, I ate well, made healthy choices. Heres what my food log consisted of today.

A banana, and a yogurt, cup of coffee.

Mid morning:
A cup of coffee

a chicken sandwich, some fruit and a bottle of water.

Mid afternoon snack, more fruit, more water.

A baked potato, baked beans, a quarn burger.

Evening snack:
A bowl of wheetabix cerial.

I’ve had a couple more mugs of tea and coffee also today, and one more bottle of water. My water intake wasn’t the best today, I got 3 bottles in though, 3 500 ml bottles, 1.5 litres in total.

I had a gain this week

Well guys…it was a bad result tonight at slimming world.
I had a gain, quite a big one too. I gained 3 pounds. I was expecting it though. I knew I’d probably be up since I was eating very unhealthy when I was away in the UK last week.
I was very disappointed, but I am determined to turn it around. I set my target for next week to lose 3 pounds and if I can lose even more than that I will be ecstatic.
If I do all the right things this week, really pull back, watch everything I am eating, drink plenty of water, exercise, i can do it I think.
I can and I will! I am determined!
I’m still down 2 stone 1 pounds though since I started! Woohoo! Thats 29 pounds for my US readers!
More than half way to losing 50 pounds! I think thats really fab!