Its coming out my ears!

Fruit, that is! I’ve been eating a ton of it!
I eat a lot of it most days. This week I got lots of different fruits to snack on!
I bought strawberries, as I love to put them in my weetabix in the morning!
I got grapes, peaches, nectarines, mandarines, apples, melon, you see? I got tons!
And I am enjoying it all!
Sometimes I put yogurt on my fruit, and I make a fruit salad!
Its delish!
Do you like fruit? Do you eat a lot of it?


Weigh in time!

Its time for my weekly weigh in! I am nervous! I hope I’ve done enough and I hope I’ve lost something! Any amout will do! I just want to start losing again! I’ve been trying so hard! So we shall see! Wish me luck guys!


Food log april 24th

Todays food log was good, I ate well, made healthy choices. Heres what my food log consisted of today.

A banana, and a yogurt, cup of coffee.

Mid morning:
A cup of coffee

a chicken sandwich, some fruit and a bottle of water.

Mid afternoon snack, more fruit, more water.

A baked potato, baked beans, a quarn burger.

Evening snack:
A bowl of wheetabix cerial.

I’ve had a couple more mugs of tea and coffee also today, and one more bottle of water. My water intake wasn’t the best today, I got 3 bottles in though, 3 500 ml bottles, 1.5 litres in total.

I had a gain this week

Well guys…it was a bad result tonight at slimming world.
I had a gain, quite a big one too. I gained 3 pounds. I was expecting it though. I knew I’d probably be up since I was eating very unhealthy when I was away in the UK last week.
I was very disappointed, but I am determined to turn it around. I set my target for next week to lose 3 pounds and if I can lose even more than that I will be ecstatic.
If I do all the right things this week, really pull back, watch everything I am eating, drink plenty of water, exercise, i can do it I think.
I can and I will! I am determined!
I’m still down 2 stone 1 pounds though since I started! Woohoo! Thats 29 pounds for my US readers!
More than half way to losing 50 pounds! I think thats really fab!


Worrying about my weight

I am a bit worried about going to slimming world this week. I weighed myself and it says I havent lost anything. I know all scales arent the same though. I know I probably shouldnt weigh myself at home. I should probably only do it at slimming world. I cant resist though. I just do it to make sure I am on the right track. I did have a couple of days this week of bad eating, or where I wasnt too mindful of what I was doing or putting in my mouth. I hate going and then not losing. It makes me feel so bad. I want to lose, even if I only lose 1 pound, or a half a pound. That will do. So if I go this week and I am down anything, I’ll be thrilled, I’m not expecting a big loss this week, if anything I will expect a tiny loss. I’ll be happy if I have any loss at all. I need to try to get more exercise in. I havent been too good about that either this week. I have until wednesday, as I dont go until wednesday evening. So tomorrow and wednesday I will be more mindful of what I am doing. I will eat healthier and drink lots of water. And hope for the best when I do go to slimming world on wednesday night


Healthy eatings gone out the window

im not kidding. its so hard. i ate way too much bread today. and i ate less fruit and drank less water. time to focus. focus focus carol anne!

I have to do better! I need to be down some weight this coming week, if I am not it will be a tragedy!

I havent exercised again this week not since thursday when I did my workout on my phone. I have to try to motivate myself! It just has to be done!

At least only 2 days of this week are over. So I have another 5 to go where I can try to do better! Make healthier choices!

Whose cheering me on?


Tuesdays goals

goals, goals goals.
my tuesday goals are just a couple of things.
the main ones are go volunteering, talk to my friend on the phone, call housing maintenance about my shower, take meds, shower, eat healthy meals, exercise if I am able to, read my book, make some cd’s for my mom, drop off some cd’s that i made for a woman my sister works with, look after nitro, give him his medicine for his ears.
I hope I achieve all of them!
carol anne