Getting fit and joining a gym

I just got off the phone to the very nice people at the local gym which is near my college. I am going to join and go 3 or more times a week. I feel it is the only way I’ll actually stick to doing exercise, if I actually have to physically go there to do it. Doing exercise at home just isnt working out for me. Most times I either forget to do it or get distracted and or too tired to do any. The gym I picked is very disability friendly. They even have a place where I can leave my guide dog nitro. I’m very pleased with what I found out from them, and tomorrow I’ll go for the first time. They have an instructor on the floor for everyone, but the very nice receptionist told me he’d help me set up the machines and check up on me as I work out. For now I’ll pay as I go, and if I grow to like it I may even become a full member. Who knows, once I get fit I may even join some classes too!
Carol anne