My sister and coronavirus

My sister works as a health care assistant. She goes into peoples homes and cares for them. Last week she started working with a new client, and, today her job called her to tell her that the client in question was in contact with someone who had coronavirus.
Needless to say my sister is very scared now. She was so stressed out when she came over to my house. The girl who called her from her job, wanted to know if she was happy to continue going in to the lady, as she’s showing no symptoms, of course, my sister said that no, she wasnt comfortable doing that. and she wouldnt continue to go to her house and work with her.
They told my sister that the lady will be in the clear once march 31st rolls around, if she still hasnt shown any symptoms. I really really hope my sister is going to be ok! I hope she doesnt have it, because she’s been in contact with me, with our parents, and with her own family and her other clients from her job.
I am very anxious now, and so worried!
I do not want to catch this virus! And I dont want any of my family members to have it either especially my mom!
Please pray none of us have it!


She’s down some hours

My sister works as a health care assistant. She works about 20 hours a week. She’s been doing this job for about 2 years now.

Recently one of her long term clients died. The lady had MS. My sister worked for her and her husband, her husband died a year ago from a brain tumour.

So now that this lady died, my sister is down about 6 hours a week, plus also, another one of her clients she goes to on Friday mornings is on holidays for the past two weeks, so she’s down those hours also.

Its coming up to Christmas, she needs money, so she’s hoping to get given a few extra hours but that can only happen if the right shifts come in. She can only work certain hours due to her kids going to school etc etc.

I really feel for her. After her client died last week, she went to the funeral to show her respect. My sister has a really kind heart and this shines through in her work every day.