Poem-Such a little girl

tied with satin ribbons and hair in golden curls
she sat alone, without a smile
her mind in such turmoil
why am i so bad?
her thoughts are in a whirl
her clothes are gone and she’s alone
such a little girl
its not a pretty story
its not a fairytale
its not an actress in a movie, pretending to be real
child pornography, paedophiles and rape
something we dont think about, because it makes us shake
people shake their heads and stammer
and pretend it isnt real
but what about the children that you could help to heal
each drop of rain that falls from the sky
helps to make a river rise
each child that suffers
is one that makes me cry
you think its tough to listen to, you think it hurts to much
think about us the children who had to go through this horrific stuff
lets help to spread awareness of lives that you can change
lets help to save all the children who are in so much unbearable pain.