busy day!

i had a pretty busy shift at work today! i went in at 2 Pm and I was there until around 4:30. I called around 40 clients. some of them werent answering though. thats always tough. we’re supposed to try them at least 3 times before we contact their next of kin. in the end i managed to get hold of almost everyone which was good or otherwise I’d have been in the office a lot longer. i ended up having to go back to moms afterwords to pick up some batteries for my weighing scales, i forgot to get them from her before i left, then i also had to get milk on my way home, my colleague trish dropped me home, which was nice of her to do that for me. anyway. i’m home now. i’m not even hungry. i had some very nice jalapeno and mature cheddar sausages for lunch today. not on my plan but oh well. they were so nice. i enjoyed them. i had 3 so now i am not hungry as they were very big. i’m glad i worked today. right now i feel good. therapy today was tough but i’ll write about that later tonight. i need to try to gather my thoughts about the session before I attempt to write. i’m working again tomorrow. My PA amanda is meant to be back with me tomorrow, after 4 weeks off, but I havent heard from her, so I am not sure if she’s definitely coming back. I tried calling her but the phone is switched off. I also tried ringing the office to get clarification on whether she’s coming back tomorrow. I hope she is. I dont know what I’ll do if she isnt. She probably is though. I’m going to take it that she will be here in the morning unless someone tells me otherwise. I hope I get a good sleep tonight. I’m not sure if I will but I’m hopeful. I dont feel like cooking anything since I am not hungry, so I think I’ll just have some fruit. Anyway thats the update from here.

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Good Monday morning…

Morning all…
I slept well again! These meds are really working! I am so so grateful! I hope they’ll continue to work! I think I have a routine going now. Take meds, go to bed at a decent hour, read for a while, then settle in and go to sleep!
I did wake up once, but I was able to get back to sleep again.
I have therapy this morning, I leave in an hour. I am looking forward to seeing Eileen.
Its our last session today before she goes to a conference next week. I think though she said she’d try to fit us in later in the week next week, so we don’t actually miss a session…
The weather is beautiful today. Always makes me feel good…
Anyway, off to get myself ready to go to therapy! Catch you all laters!

So mom took up for me!

Mom is finally home from her camping trip. Thank god!

I have missed her. Dad is hard to deal with. He’s so controlling. I am so glad mom is back home now again.

And it was never more apparent how glad I was, until my dad blamed me for frightening the dog, his dog. He said I had a squeaky voice, and his dog was scared of it. I call bullshit!

But mom took up for me! She told him to shut up and she said maybe it was his loud rough voice that scared the dog. She said I didnt have a squeaky voice and to take no notice of him.

Thanks mom! I love you!

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I slept well again, yay!

I slept well again last night! I think the meds are working! I take haldol now at night, along with prazosin, and epilim and keppra, and meds for diabetes, which I dont have but my doctor refuses to let me come off of them!
I think the prazosin and haldol are helping me sleep much better! After two nights of taking them I am feeling the difference already! I love it! It doesnt take me long to fall asleep once I take them! I read my book last night for an hour, then I settled in and was able to fall asleep quickly!
I slept from around midnight until 6:30 AM! Unheard of for me mostly!
So now I am well rested! And I am feeling good! My mood is a little brighter too!
Its raining here, raining hard. I was going to go to my friends house today in the afternoon but now I’m thinking I wont go. My mom is coming home from her camping trip today, this afternoon.
I think I will just spend another day relaxing, and enjoy the rest of my weekend, before another busy week ahead.

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Knew it wouldnt last

I knew dad and me wouldnt see eye to eye for the whole weekend!
I wanted to have a shower before bed, he said I couldnt. I know I should have just gone ahead and did what I wanted, but he yelled at me about it, and made me feel upset. He said why was I wanting to shower so late, it was only 9 PM though.
I didnt see what the problem was!
Then when I went to make myself some tea he said he didnt want me making any more tea. I think he’s such a control freak. He likes to have the control in every single situation! Its so annoying!
I rang mom and I complained to her, but I dont want to ruin her trip! She told me to just stay in my bedroom and wait until the morning to shower when he’s in a better mood.
So thats what I am going to have to do!
Ug sigh this sucks!

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Morning ramble

I am feeling good this morning. I feel good because I was able to go back to sleep, even though I woke up at 5 AM! I only stayed up for half an hour, then I went back to bed, and I slept until 9 AM! Yay! Sleeping in was good! It felt nice to be able to do that!
I had a nice breakfast and am now just messing around online, on twitter, reading blogs, I made coffee, it is delicious!
Life feels good! And I got trhough the summer solstice too so yay! I managed to get through it in one piece! For that, I am so grateful!
I talked to my mom this morning, she said it hasn’t rained yet at the campsite, I’d say we’ll have some rain later on today though, as its very cloudy outside and the sky looks dark too.
Mom is enjoying her trip. She said if it doesn’t rain she’s going to go walking this morning.
My friend Norma rang me, she is in a good mood. She just rang for a chat. Its nice to have friends who do that. I am so glad I do.
I have no plans today, just going to chill, relax, just do nothing, enjoy my free time. May have a bath later, for some self care, may read, I started a new book, just a child by Sammy woodhouse. Its good. I am on chapter 3 now.

Cat nap

Well I lay down at around 6 this evening. I thought I wont sleep, but I ended up napping, and only when my friend Denise texted me with our result did I wake up. She wanted me to call her, so I did. That woke me up but that was after a 3 hour nap. So now I am wide awake, and its late, I took my meds, my night meds, I am hoping I might go back to sleep soon.
I will try for sleep anyway. If I cant or don’t, it wont be the end of the world. I can lay around tomorrow, I don’t have to be anywhere tomorrow. All I will be doing is reading and relaxing.