Car crash update. We may be getting a settlement next week!

so the solicitor just called me. she said she’s waiting on my medical report to come in, but my doctor has forwarded it on to her, and it will be with her on Monday. She told me she’s going to court on Monday morning, and the insurance guy who is dealing with the injuries board and our claim will be there, and he’s meeting with her to maybe give us an offer, she said he’ll recommend a settlement amount, and if she feels its appropriate for us, she said she’d be in touch with us early next week.
So we may have an offer by next week!
I hope we do! I’ll be delighted to have things wrapped up!
I am wondering if we do get an offer how much we’ll get. I think well I am guessing around 5000 or maybe anything up to 10 thousand.
I doubt it will be more than that though but thats a good sum if you ask me!
I can do a lot with that amount of money! So I will keep you all posted and if we get an offer that part of things to do with the accident will be done and dusted!
If you pray then please pray for us that the offer will be a good one!


Morning ramble

I’m having a very productive morning. My PA amanda is here. We went to get my money out of the ATM, and while we were at the local shopping mall, we went to the butchers, and I got a nice stir fry, with steak in it. I will have that today for dinner. I also bought garlic potatos. I love garlic potatos. Amanda cooked the stir fry for me, and all I need to do now is heat it up later on when I want to eat it. I never got to the gym. My motivation to exercise just isnt there. I am going to push myself though to do a 1 mile walk later today, I have a 1 mile walk on my phone, which takes 20 minutes to do. I will try really hard to do that walk every day this weekend. I have to try harder. I am being far too lax about exercising. And I know thats not good for me. I know I need to be trying. I am wasting my gym embership, but I will get back there too soon. I’ll start with the walk on my phone first, and build up to going back to the gym. I am not going to go volunteering today. I dont feel in the mood. I still feel very impacted by the recent death of one of my clients. I need to try to text Eileen later on today and see if we can do a phone check in. I know I spoke to dr. barry on Wednesday about it, but I just feel I need to also talk to Eileen. I know if she is able to she’ll give me a phone check in. She knows I wouldnt ask unless it was urgent. And I feel this is urgent. I cant stop thinking about the client. I keep replaying the conversation my supervisor had with me over in my head. It freaks me out to know that she lay on the floor all night, possibly alive for some of th e time. I just feel that I cant help anyone today. I dont feel in the right mind frame to help anyone right now. I feel I Just need a break from it today. My plan is to have an afternoon where I do self care things, and chill out. Just sit at home, watch tv, read, etc. Mom is coming over tomorrow, and I am planning on going to my friend Normas house on sunday if she’s free. So I do have a few things planned for this weekend. I hope your all having a nice start to your friday.


3 things challenge, jan 18th 2019

Todays prompts are: overpowered, civilization, invasion

An invasion of emotion
invading my mind
I am overpowered by it
All I want to do is run
Run from it
Run into another civilisation
One that is very different
So different from mine
That it changes me
Changes my mindset
Emotions can kill
They can really kill


#JusJoJan prompt jan. 17th inch!

The prompt word for JusJoJan for jan. 17th is inch!

And my take on it?

Right now I cant move an inch! I am too sluggish! I am too comfy. I am also too warm! I have my heat on, as the weathers been cooold! Rainy and cold tonight here in cork, ireland! that is why I am staying snug and warm indoors, with my puppy, nitro!

We slept a lot earlier today. So much so that we woke up at 1:30 AM and I decided to just get up since I was done resting, I still havent managed to get my sleep pattern on schedule though!

I am not moving an inch today either! Well oh shit, I just realised, I have to go out, damn! I have to go get my money out of the ATM, my weekly money! So I do have to go out, in the rain ewwww!

I might ttreat myself to a nice starbux when I am out! I havent had one in a while!

I hope we dont get snow this weekend! They were talking on the TV about ice, not snow, but man I hope not.


There comes a time…

There comes a time in your life, when you walk away from all the drama and people who create it. You surround yourself with people who make you laugh. Forget the bad and focus on the good. Love the people who treat you right, pray for the ones who do not. Life is too short to be anything but happy. Falling down is a part of life, getting back up is living.
Jose N. Harris


I had a maintain this week

So last night at slimming world, I had a maintain. That means, I didnt gain but I didnt lose anything either.
I’m happy with that. I am glad I wasnt up any weight. A maintain is not ideal, but its better than being up.
I am ok with it. I am just going to work really hard this coming week, to turn that around. And so when I go back next week I’ll hopefully be down som e weight.
I wasnt the only person who had a maintain either last night. So I felt good that I wasnt alone.
Heres to a better week next week!