She’s home!

Eileen just emailed me. She’s home. She’s home and she’s ok and safe!
What a huge relief that is!
She forgot her phone though! She left it behind her left it in england, so she said she was waiting for it to arrive in the post!
I was like OMG! If I forgot my phone I’d die!
My phone is literally tied to me hahaha! I cant leave it out of my hand!
She’s home though! And she said she’s so proud of us for being able to manage our huge feelings. And we will see her on Monday, yay!
Strange how I emailed instead of texting, normally I’d have texted her. And then she wouldnt have got it as her phone is in england still! Strange how I thought to email instead! A coincidence or someone watching over me making sure I got in touch with her somehow!
Who knows, but I sure am glad I decided to email her!


Ptsd poetry

trapped in my head
feeling that feeling of dread
bang, boom
as i hear the collision
i see it
in my minds eye
the two cars as they collide
the impact i can feel
hear, see
boom, bang
these sounds make me anxious
so nervous and tense
ptsd symptoms errupt
as my mind races
it goes at lightning speed
This is me


Article. 5 ways to heal the traumatised brain!

Heres a neat article I found on someone else’s blog. I really think its good! And so I am going to post here on my blog.

5 Ways to Heal the Traumatized Brain (Part 4)


Final batch of pretty Florida flowers thanks to the lovely Bethany!

Florida flowers adventures with the husband… little bit of red


A final batch of pretty florida flowers! If you want tons more fantastic pictures and videos go over to bethanys blog and follow her!