Today Friday I had to go home early from the ILS course. I had a migraine.

It came on quite suddenly. I think half the problem was I was really tired. I always get headaches when I feel exhausted.

I asked if I coule go home at noon, instead of at 2:30. My tutor said that was ok, but she needed to write up an incident report, because that was the rules, in case the centre was inspected for health and safety standards etc.

A whole lot of bullshit if ya ask me but who am I to say?

I just said ok and got ready to go home.

I went to mom and dads. Had dinner there, then went and lay on the couch for a while and slept. When I woke the headache was gone.

The rest of my Friday was good. I wrapped some xmas gifts, and wrote some xmas cards. I watched some tv, and went online, and slept some more.