I’m feeling miserable

So I am feeling so miserable right now. I have an awful headache. I suppose drinking coffee isnt helping it. Its more like tention in my head than an actual headache, but it hurts a lot.
Did I mention I hate headaches of any kind? Well I do.
Its at the front of my head, kinda at the sides too. Its a dull achy kinda pain, absolutely horrible.
I hope it isnt gonna last all night. I’m not up for that. And I dont wanna feel so sick, or vomit with it, so I am hoping I won’t.
Send positive vibes to me, I need them…

Bad migraine so didnt go to work!

I had a bad migraine this morning so I didnt do my shift today on friendly call, I told my supervisor I felt too ill to do it and she was fine with it.
She sent me an email a few minutes ago asking if I would be able to work all 5 days next week. I said I would, so she sent me on my list of clients to call. All of the staff from the office are self isolating now so we’re all working from home.
Thank god my migraine is gone now. I feel much better! I slept for a couple hours which was needed. I ate dinner and took a nice long hot bath.
I think this weekend will be full of reading and relaxing and not much else. I dont want to risk going out unless I absolutely have to.

Well hell

got a bad migraine this afternoon so I never went to Normas house. Instead I went to bed, and I slept. I slept for about 2.5 hours. Now my migraines gone, thank goodness. I hate migraines.
I needed the sleep anyway because I was exhausted after therapy, the being drained is probably why I got the headache in the first place. I usually try to sleep a little after my therapy session, so its probably for the best that we did that today.
I finally got up at around 7 PM! Now I’m just chilling out watching tv, and on my laptop enjoying my relaxing evening.

Have a migraine so, No work for me

Well I have a bad migraine this morning. I woke up with it. I hate migraines! I hope this one wont last the entire day!

I’m not going in to work. I told my supervisor and she was fine with it. I know if I go in the headache will just get worse. What I need to do now is just lie down in a dark room and sleep it off.

I hope its gone by this evening, so I can still go to slimming world for my weekly weigh in.

I had to miss therapy today what a bummer!

I didnt get to go to therapy today! I am sick! I had a dreadful headache and stomach ache. I couldnt face trying to go in and talk. So I texted Eileen at 7:45 and I told her. She was lovely about it. She even offered me another time this week to see her. I wasnt expecting her to do that. I will see her on Wednesday morning at 9:30. I was delighted when she offered me an alternative day to come in. I thanked her and sent her lots of imogies lol. Then I went back to bed and slept for another few hours. I’d gotten up at 3:30 AM and stayed up for 3 hours. So I needed some more sleep. I didnt wake up again until after noon. I’m not going into work today either. I’ll go in tomorrow instead.

Worlds worst headache!

Last night I had the worst headache! Omg guys it was a killer!
All I could do was go to bed!
I took two paracetamol and off I went into bed!
I had planned on spending the evening with my mom and my two aunts, but I wasn’t even able to do that!
I just felt so crappy! My head throbbed and it hurt so much!
I was blaming the heat, as the house was very warm!
I really am not sure what caused it!
I woke up this morning feeling much much better though!
I am so glad as I hate headaches!
Do any of you get headaches? Do you get them often?

Woke up feeling crappy today

I woke up with a terrible headache this morning. My head felt like someone was hammering a hammer off of it.

I didnt go in to college. I couldnt face it. I knew I couldnt concentrate on anything with such a bad headache. I took two paracetamol and went back to bed.

I didnt get up until mom came over at 1 o’clock. Mom only came over for an hour. She wanted to cut my grass while the weather was good. I got up and had a cup of tea, my headache was gone by then.

I am feeling much better now. My PA Nuala who normally does wednesday evenings texted me to say she’s ill so she wont be coming tonight. Its too late to get cover. But thats ok, I didnt have much for her to do anyway.

I’m going to just chill for the afternoon. I might watch some tv, read and listen to some music while I catch up on my email.

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