An awful headache

I’ve a terrible headache, a result of too much wine, I’d say!
Plus, I got very broken sleep when I eventually did go to bed. The fireworks were going off all night, they were still going off at 4 AM!
Nitro was really scared, he was a nervous wreck. He slept in my mom and dads room for some of the night, but around 5 AM I went to the bathroom, and he came in and lay at my feet. So then I took him back into my room, he was whimpering for a while, I tried to bring him on the bed, but he wouldnt stay on it.
Eventually he did settle and we both fell asleep. I only woke at 9 AM. Just took 2 painkillers, hope they work soon.
I was meant to go for a walk with my dad and Nitro but that wont be happening, I cant face it.
carol anne