Weekly song challenge round27

Laura of lauraventurini has tagged me to participate again this week in her weekly song challenge, which I love!
Thank you Laura! 😄
Now first, the rules!
Copy rules and add to your own post, pinging back to this post.
Post music videos for your answers to the musical questions.
Tag two people to participate!

Ok lets go!
1. Post a video of a song that’s perfect when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

2. Post a video of a song you’d find humorous if it came on while making whoopie.

3. Post a video of a protest song.

I select
Tao talk
It’s Showtime! (mature audiences only)
tanya of salted caramel

Have fun!
😀 ❤

Update on weight related matters

So I went to my new slimming world group tonight! It was great! As I said in a previous post, my consultant is away, so we had a fill in one tonight. She was lovely!

When I got there the taxi driver brought me in, and he went in to ask someone to come out and assist me, which they did. They werent opened yet, but as soon as they found out I was there, they brought me in to the room where the weigh in and meetins would be held.

I decided that I’d restart my membership, so basically, I am starting over, as if I have never been before. I wanted to do that, since its a new group, start fresh, you know? So they said that would be fine, and I got weighed in.

I now weigh 14 stone 12 pounds! For my US readers, I weigh 208 pounds! I know I am starting over, but when I first joined slimming world over a year ago, I weighed 231 pounds, or 16 stone 7 pounds. So anyway, now I am starting at a weight of 14 stone 12, 208 pounds. And I will go from there.

I am very happy with that weight. I am right on plan now. I set my target at 9 stone, thats 126 pounds, so thats the weight I’d like to be at when I get to target. I know its going to take a while to get there, but I have time! I dont mind waiting! I will go slow so that I will get there!

So this is my very first week now! I came home, ate dinner, and then I went on the treadmill for 30 minutes. So I got my exercise in for the day! I feel great!

So thats the update! Thanks for all of the supportive comments and good wishes. I will keep you all posted as to how I do as the weeks go on!
I got this! I can do it!

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Elephants make me smile, from Emily

hi. its emily. for people who dont know me im 12. and Im an alter in our system. im going to write a little.  i hope all of you are having a good night.
i wanted to write about elephants. the prompt word for the word of the day today is elephant.
elephants are so amazing. they are so big. i wish i could ride on one. now that’d be neat. can you even do that? does anyone know if you can ride on an elephant? i like to visit the zoo and see the elephants at the zoo. thats a whole lot of fun.
i think they eat peanuts, i’d like to feed them peanuts, it’d be fun to see them suck them up with their trunks. Does anyone else know what elephants eat?
i like to watch programmes about elephants too. nature programmes. i like nature documentaries. i bet none of you knew that about me. you probably just knowed i liked butterflies. i like a lot of animals actually. i love nature and think its fascinating.
does anyone else like nature shows?
Elephants got big ears too. Maybe they hear real good cuz they got such big ears. I think they use their ears for something maybe its to cool them down? Im not sure. But I know their ears are huge.
I like the sound they make, too. The trumpety trump sound.
And I like the song nelly the elephant, does anyone know it? Its a kids song. I used to know all the words to it. But I forgot some of them now. We had a cd when we were little, of animal songs, and that song was on it.
So do you like elephants?
butterfly hugs ❤
Loves you,
emily age 12

20 things that make me happy

I thought I’d write a list, a list of 20 things that bring me happiness. I think this is a good thing to do, and everyone should try it! So here is my list of what makes me happy!


my dog! He always brings a smile to my face!

Music! I listen to it a lot and love it!

Reading! Reading is awesome! Everyone needs to read I think!

A hot shower! Its so refreshing! I love allowing the water to run on my body!

Hearing the rain. When I am indoors and its raining hard, I love to listen to it!

A cup of tea! Tea makes everything better, that’s what our alter Emily says! And she’s right!

Journaling. I love my blog and my blogging buddies! Your all amazing!

My niece and nephew. They always bring me joy!

Sun! When the weather is sunny and warm!

My friends! I love all of my friends!

Getting my nails done! Its a treat and I like to treat myself!

walking in nature! I enjoy thatand do it when I can!

A hot fudge sundae! from macdonalds! Yum!

Icecream! Especially ben and jerrys any flavour!

doing art with my therapist!

Having my therapist read to us!

spending time with my mom!

volunteering. It brings me so much joy to help others.

wrapping up in a soft towel after my shower! so awesome!

A mug of hot chocolate! Mmmm!


What makes you happy?


We are getting a treat!

hi everyone
it is darina! guess wat? we’re geting a treat!
carol anne said we can get take away food!
yummy! im excited
we have not had any in a while!
we going to get food from a place called donatellos
it is a pizza place but they do burgers, wings and fries too
they do speciality fries
like chili cheese fries
and taco fries
and garlic mayo fries
and curry fries
and they do yummy burgers
and pita pockets
we are going to get a burger
a chili cheese burger
and chili cheese fries
and onion rings
that will be our dinner today!
the place isnt opened for a little while though
so we gotta wait until 4:30 then they’ll deliver the food to us!
carol anne said we can have a treat since we been real good lately
and she said we deserve something nice
thank you carol anne!
darina, im six

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#writing prompt 30 I am happiest when?

I am happiest when….

I am happiest when I am with family, or friends, or my dog!
Each of them makes me happy in a different way, but each of them makes me happy equally!
My dog is loyal, and so, so loving, we have such a close bond, it amazes me every day!
My family are my strength, I literally wouldnt be who I am today without them. They’ve always tried their hardest to be behind me in everything I do. We’ve had our ups and downs, it hasnt all been plain sailing, but then who doesnt have their ups and downs in families?
My friends are my world. I love them all. That includes bmy logger friends too! I love each and every one of you because you’ve brought something special to my life.
I love you all and want nothing but the best for all of you!
This is what makes me happy!

What makes you happy?



I’ve had a really productive afternoon! I got all of my groceries, mom went with me to get them. So now I am all set for the week! And I dont have to go out with my PA on Tuesday. I spent the bones of 60 euro, mostly on fruit, chicken, and cleaning stuff for the house. I did treat myself to some pringles, as when I have a sandwich I like to have a few with it. I got sweet chili kind, and prawn cocktail flavoured ones. I bought some corned beef to put in my sandwiches, yum. The good stuff, what we call the real corned beef, not the stuff out of a packet. I also bought myself some salted peanuts, as I do like to nibble on them sometimes. Other than that though I didnt get any other junk foods. I did get rice crackers, which are my new addiction, I bought cheese kind, and salt and vinegar flavoured ones. My aunt drove us to the store, as she had to get a few things there too. I’m thrilled to have gotten the shopping done. I really prefer doing my shopping with my mom, as she knows what I like. I dont have to explain to her about what brands I want etc. I also got myself some sweet potato fries, and some quarn chicken nuggets, the quarn ones are really healthy. I love them. So now that the groceries are taken care of, I’ll be able to focus on housework with my PA on Tuesday. And I do have a few things that I need her to do for me. So we can spend the morning cleaning, and then my house will look fantastic. The lady who rang up our groceries for us was very rude, I was tempted to ask her what her problem was. But then I didnt actually do it. She was really ignorant, she didnt smile at us, she didnt make conversation, she seemed to hate her job. I dont know why people go into that sort of job where they are dealing with the public if they dont want to be in it. We wont go to her again if we can help it.

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