What a great weekend I’ve had

so the weekends been great. i thoroughly enjoyed it.
yesterday I helped out at the food harvest festival. Its a local festival in cork city. The basement club opened its community garden for a couple of hours.
I was on the information stand, talking about shine, their work, and the work of the basement club. We had a good crowd of people coming and going over the 3 hours.
Another member was with me, and there were a few other members talking about vegetable growing, plants, etc.
The day was a great success. We had food and tea and coffee. I ate way to many chocolate eclairs lol. Afterwords denise the coordinator took us for food and a coffee. I didnt eat where we went though, instead I went to mcdonalds with one of the members, I wanted to treat the littles to a mcdonalds for being patient while I volunteered.
So I got them a double cheese burger and some chicken nuggets. That was the highlight of their day.
Then we came back to my parents house and watched x factor.
I went to bed early last night, and I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. I was so exhausted.
Todays been less busy. I went home to my own house this afternoon after we’d eaten dinner. My sister dropped me off. My sister made buttered chicken for me which I am going to have for dinner tomorrow. I love buttered chicken. In fact I love all indian food.
I’ve been face timing with my friend sarah this afternoon. Reading, and watching x factor again.
Tomorrow is therapy day. Then I’ll go to the basement club after that.
I also had to do some college work this evening too. I had to do up my journal of learning. I had it all done and then my computer froze so I lost everything and had to redo it all again.
Much to my frustration and annoyance.


Feeling Proud!

I feel so proud of myself. I pushed myself to exercise. Part of me wanted to veg out on the couch and not do it. But I pushed myself, I did it. And now I feel great. The endorphins are rushing through me right now hahaha. It feels so good.

saturday-visiting my friend, reading and a treat

so saturday was good. i felt better emotionally and implemented some of the things me and sarah talked about on friday. mainly i went to visit my friend norma, and i also read for a while. those were two of the things on the plan for getting through the weekend safely.

i spent 4 hours in normas house. it was nice. we hung out and chatted. when i got there her pa was there. her pa makes me laugh. she gets really animated about things. she was asking me about starbux coffee, and i was telling her its about 5 euro for a cup of coffee. she almost died of shock! she said she was going to barr her daughter from buying starbux, lol. her daughter is 21. she left at 4 so not long after i arrived. i did enjoy my visit with norma and it was good to catch up with her.

i rang a taxi when i was ready to go home. the driver who collected me did not have a clue where he was going. first he rang me asking me what colour house i was in. i was like, um i dont know dude, i am blind? finally he found me and once i got in the car i tried to give him directions to my moms house. he got lost. he spent half an hour driving around trying to find where they lived. in the end he didnt charge me because he said it was his fault he got lost. so that was nice.

when i arrived back at mom and dads i ate pizza and then i let the kids have an icecream. that was our treat for the week. it was chicken fajita pizza too which is yummy. the ice cream was honey comb kind. we sat munching and watching the x factor. i love the x factor its one of the highlights of my weekend to watch it. it was on for two hours last night.

after that i read my maggie hartley book for a while. i’m almost done with this book. its really good. i have about an hour and a half left to go and then i’ll be done. i only read for an hour last night because i got tired and sleepy. and when i finally turned off the book and lay down i fell asleep quickly. and i slept good. just woke up now at 7 AM.

no plans for today really. my sisters not coming over to our parents for dinner today. that means i’ll have to get my own taxi home. thats ok though i dont mind. i feel quite good emotionally this morning. i think the very chilled out weekend we’ve had helped. we are coping. that feels good.

15 minutes

thats how much exercise i managed today. not a lot in the grand scheme of things, but i am still proud of myself. i was feeling like i didnt want to exercise at all, but i pushed myself and i went on the treadmill. i put on my apple watch, set my workout ap to an indoor run and i did an intense 15 minute jog on the treadmill. my speed was about 5 and my distance was 1.4 KM not sure what that is in miles. when i finished i felt really good! hot, sweaty but so so good. i’m going to do the same thing again tomorrow morning. sometimes its hard to get motivated but once i did it was a great success.

Friday chitter chatter

so in case you wondered about who wrote the post earlier where we wanted to cut? it was liz. some of you who know us well might have know it was her. she forgot to sign her name at the end though. but she did write in all caps which is her style of writing so people may have guessed who wrote it.
we all tried to help her well ok not all but some of us did some of the teen insiders did. me, amy, alexa, Tristan, asher, cora, wendy, willow, ro, jade, etc.
she listened to music and read a book. we also made some tea and watched a little tv with surprise of surprises our dad. he was in a chatty mood which was nice. we watched the six o’clock news, that was kind of depressing but we do like to know what is going on in the world.
this weekend is going to be very low key. I intend on finishing a Maggie Hartley book that I’ve been reading called who will love me now. I also intend on catching up on some shows I like on tv, doing something creative, maybe going to visit my friend if I feel up to it.
Anyone got a good idea for a creative craft?
Do any of my readers do art? If you do what kind do you like to do?
What tv shows do you like to watch on tv?
The shows I am watching are shows that I will need to watch during the day because they relate to crime and so I cant watch them by night.
What is the weather like this weekend in your part of the world?
Its actually sunny here today rare for September. Its about 16 degrees c not sure what that is in degrees f.

My uncles 40th birthday party

so my uncles 40th birthday party was great. most of our family went. mom me and my sister went, my 2 aunts, 1 uncle, and a few cousins. only one aunt was missing, she is a weirdo lol she never goes to any family gatherings, she was asked if she’d like to come, she said she’d think about it, but that is her standard answer to us any time we ask her to any event.
we had a lot of fun. my aunt made a huge pot of chicken curry. we ate it with rice and nan bread. it was delicious! my mom made sandwiches, she likes to make salad sandwiches and she’s good at making them. we’d also brought pringles, peanuts, doritos and a dip.
we had the party at my uncles house, which isnt that big, but we managed. my sister brought her blue tooth speaker and so we blared music for the entire night. everybody took turns requesting songs to play. of course there was alcohol also. i said i wouldnt drink, but then my sister brought me pink champagne, two small bottles of it, like there was a glass in each bottle. so i drank one of them.
we did karaoke and all sang our hearts out. then we put on rock the boat and we all got on the floor and did rock the boat it was hilarious! my cousin was videoing for snapchat! I told her I’d kill her for videoing us. anybody looking at us would think we’re half mad and we probably are lol!
it was a great night though. got home around 3 AM.
wrecked now so off to bed, not sure what time I’ll rise and shine at tomorrow. my sister and cousins stayed at my uncles house for the night.
night all!

A cute puppy moment, and win for me yay!

Nitro has me gushing. He’s sooo cute!

He has taken to grabbing my shoes in his mouth, and running off with them, you never know where you’ll find them hahaha!

He’s such a cutie! I love him sooo much! I wish I could get a pic of him with one of my shoes in his mouth!

He’s like look what I’ve got! I’m so clever!

LMAO, silly puppy!

And my win for the day? Despite my back being sore, I exercised for 15 mins on the treadmill. And boy was it painful. I went at a slower pace, but I did it I did 15 mins and I did not give up even when I felt like it. I pushed on through it!

So yay for a win ❤ xoxox