A lotto win!

I just won 60 euro on the lottery!
Yay! I am delighted! I hardly ever win, even though I do it every week!
I am putting another 40 euro to the 60 I won, and buying 100 dollars with it!
Thats spending money for when I go to colorado next may!
I already have 200 dollars saved for my spending money! This is going to make it 300! Yay!
A few more wins like that, and I’ll have tons of spending money!
My plan is to bring about 2000 dollars with me!
I probably wont need that much but its nice to have it!

New apple tv upgrade

My tv provider just called. They had an upgrade for me!
I am getting a fourth gen apple tv!
My TV provider are putting their programmes on the apple tv platform now.
They’re upgrading all of their current customers. As it is my tv uses wifi to stream the channels.
This is a great offer, as to buy an apple tv outright is about 150 euro.
I am so pleased! I called my sister and she said she’d help me to set it up once it arrives.
I do already have an apple tv, but its just a 3rd gen one.
I’m really happy this is happening!
The nice thing is that the guy on the phone got my overall monthly bill down from 155 euro to 114.99. So I am saving a lot on my bills from now on!

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Got to Killarney safely!

We got here! We’re all checked in and we’ve eaten and done our grocery shopping. Well, I didnt go grocery shopping, I left that to my mom and my aunt, myself and my other aunt stayed here in the apartment and chilled out. We chatted and caught up as it had been a while since we did that.
Now I am just relaxing in my PJ’s. Mom and my aunts are having drinks and watching tv. I’m not drinking, I’m trying to stay on plan with my healthy eating as much as I can.
My sister and my cousin are going to come down here tomorrow evening and spend tomorrow night here with us. My sisters partners mom will babysit the kids.
Tomorrow we’re going to go for a walk by the killarney lakes, and then my aunt is going to cook a huge pot of curry for us all to have for dinner, I cant wait as I love her chicken curry.
I plan on lazing around in my PJ’s tomorrow morning and I also plan on staying in bed late.

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Killarney, here I come!

Am off to Killarney for the weekend! For those who may not know, Killarney is in co. Kerry and its my second home!
I’m going with mom and my two aunts!
We’re staying for 3 nights! We booked an apartment a 2 bedroom apartment!
We’ll have lots of fun! I just know it!
I’m super excited!
I’ll still be posting though over the weekend! I brought my laptop with me!
I also have my phone for on the go photos and videos!
So stay tuned for some cool posts from me!
This break is badly needed! I need this time to just chill out and relax!
So yay, killarney here I come!
We’ll leave at 11 AM in the morning!
Probably wont get home until late monday evening!

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Dance monkey!

it me darina
I got a song fir ya all ta lisen to!
I love this one!
it so fun!
I dancing to it now!
it stil bes early in morning here
I finkin it 9 AM but I not sure!
anyways, we got all ar college work done yay!
so that means playin and dancing and havin a fun day yay!
I so so hapy!
no silly college work ta do!
heres tha song, its called dance monkey!

frum darina ballerina, im six yars old!

I told my work colleagues my exciting news!

So I told my work colleagues yesterday that I was off to Colorado next summer!

they were really excited for me! And so jealous too!

My colleague trish was telling everyone about it! She made me laugh because her excitement was palpable, you’d sware it was her who was going!

When I told them I’d be traveling alone, they couldnt believe it!

Another volunteer said I am an inspiration! I told her no, I am not! I just like to be independent and not allow my disability to hold me back!

Trish said I should make a blog about my travels! I didnt tell them I already have a blog! They dont know about my struggles with MH issues.

It was lovely though to go in and be able to share my good news! And the more I shared with them the more excited I got! It was so cool and I just love the feeling of excitement that I get when I think of going next year!

I’m saving up money now for my spending money. I’ll be saving hard for the next few months! I want to have a lot so I can do things, enjoy myself, and not have to worry about how much I have or can spend!

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The weekly smile!

Trent has invited us to participate in his challenge, the weekly smile! So I thought I’d give it a go for this week!
See his link below for the rules on how to participate!

What made me smile this week? Well a lot, actually!

But the thing I am going to write about is work!

Yesterday at work some of my clients made me smile! They were so appreciative of my call! They thanked me for brightening their day! That in turn, brightened my day!

Also another thing that made me smile? My dog! When I got home from work, he greeted me with a waggle of his tail and a nudge of his nose! He was delighted to see me as I was to see him!

Its good to smile!

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