getting a new phone tomorrow

tomorrow I will get a new I phone. An I phone 7. I cant wait.

I tried to get my upgrade through the online service, but the gal I spoke to, she said she needed my bank details, and without them, she said she couldnt tell me what I was entitled to, she said she had to have them to even give me some info on phones that were available to me.

I said, no thank you, I will go to a store to get my phone!

So that is what I am doing! I rang the local store and they were able to tell me what I needed to bring in with me and how much it would be etc.

So tomorrow, a new phone will be in my hands! Yay!

I have decided to give my old phone to my 10 year old niece, if her parents will allow her to have it. If they dont, I will sell it or trade it in for money. I’d rather see my niece have it though.


going on a day trip

tomorrow my family and I are going on a day trip. To a local beach, my sisters also going, and her kids too. She is going to take her kids swimming, there is an indoor pool there, the weathers not supposed to be that great this weekend, so she said she’d take the kids swimming. I am not going in the pool though. I think its too much hassle. We’re bringing a picnic lunch, so hoping it stays dry long enough for us to eat it outside. If it stays dry I may go for a walk on the beach. I would like to go for a long walk, I think it’d do me good. Still even if the weathers bad I am going to enjoy myself. I love going on days out. My aunt and cousin are also going with us. I’d say we’ll be gone the entire day.
carol anne


Volunteering today

I’m at my volunteer job at moment.
I just rang a bunch of people for friendly call. It was nice to get to speak to so many nice people, they were all in good moods, and a lot of them were thanking me for phoning them and checking in with them.
I’m taking a coffee break now before starting on some other office type work. The office is very busy today, there are a bunch of us in and we’re all chattering on to one another.
The other girl who works here who has a disability here name is Aoife she is in a wheelchair is sitting across from me, she makes the hand made birthday and christmas cards for clients. We’re having a nice chat to each other.
This volunteering is so good. I love it. I love coming here each week.
My supervisor just told me about an art exhibition for the blind that is on in our local university, she offered to take me next week if I’d like to go. I said I’d love to go. So will probably do that next week or the week after. She told me to ask Norma if she wants to also go to it so I will do that tonight.
carol anne


Liebster award I’ve been nominated!

Private bad thoughts aka georgia park has nominated me for a liebster award! Thanks Georgia!
I love her blog go check it out at

The rules are to answer 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you, post on your blog, nominate seven more and make up 11 new questions for them to answer.

Now on to georgias questions to me?

  1. What is your life like? Complex and complicated.
  2. Can you still do the macarena? If so, please upload a video of your efforts. Lol that brings back memories, I forget how!
  3. What are your secret (and not so secret) skills? Hmm I dont think I have many secret skills. But well my not so secret ones? Writing, Knitting, baking, singing.
  4. What is/would be your novel about? Give us the plot. I think I’d like to write about my own life, I think I’d base any novel on events from y own life.
  5. Who is your least favorite person and why? That would have to be my former maths teacher, she was a royal bitch and didnt think twice about using emotional abuse on he r students.
  6. Whats the weirdest thing youve ever eaten? Now thats tricky. I dont think there are really any as I am not that adventurous. I did try eating snails once though and all I have to say is ewwww.
  7. Whats the stupidest thing youve ever done to impress someone? Ashamed to say this but when I was about 13 I bullied someone because the girls I was hanging around with at the time were doing it and I wanted to impress them and be in with the popular crowd. Luckily we got caught and got in a lot of trouble for it and rightly so!
  8. If you could change a story, which would it be and why? (I hated the ending of Alias Grace!) Not sure! I think I’d change the ending of charlottes web, so the spider didnt die!
  9. What stops you from killing yourself? My dog, Nitro mostly it is because of him that I never go through with it, a few times I have though which I am sad to say when the pain was just too severe.
  10. What would your acceptance speech be if you won an award (maybe even this one)? Thank you to the beautiful soul who has nominated me. I really appreciate it. If my writing touches even just one person then that is great. It is what I hoped would happen and I am very pleased if even one or two people like what I have to say. Thank you for this opportunity and thank you for continuing to read my blog.
  11. What is your favorite thing about famous poet Georgia Park? Her raw realness and honesty!

Now my nominees are

emilia of my inner mish mash
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My 11 questions for my nominees are:

1 who made you smile lately?
2 what types of videos do you like to watch on youtube?
3 Do you like quotes?
4 Spring or summer and why?
5 What were you hoping for when you started your blog?
6 Hot or cold drinks and why?
7 Bath or shower and why?
8 If you had a wish any wish what would it be?
9 Kids or animals? Who are your favourite?
10 What are the qualities you like in a friend?
11 What is the worst thing about your depression?

Have fun



Lindas SocS prompt for this week is “t, tea, tee”
And heres my take on it…

A cup of tea, its the bees knees. Always makes me feel good. I sware by it. I am always in a better mood if I make myself a cuppa. If I have a problem? I make a cup of tea. If someone else has a problem? I give them tea. If I am sad, I make tea. If I am thirsty, I drink tea. Yes, I drink a lot of the stuff. Probably too much. But I love it!
Do you drink tea? What type is your favourite?
Mine is english breakfast tea! And I do like apple cinamon and pumpkin spice and berry tea too though!


<3 yay so happy <3

i have good news! i got a full time position with the friendly call service! my supervisor came and asked me if i wanted to do it full time! well ok 3 days a week but its almost full time. i was thrilled! i jumped at the chance. so from now on i’ll be going in as normal on tuesday afternoons, and i’ll also be doing thursdays and fridays. i’ll have my own list of clients that i will call each day. my shifts on thursdays and fridays will be from 2 pm to 5 pm. im already vetted since last year when i started volunteering for the partnership so i dont have to wait for my vetting and background checks to come in! i am so delighted. this is a terrific opportunity. im part of the team now for real! yay! ❤ so happy! 😀
carol anne



So my sister came back from spain yesterday. It was great to see her and the kids again. They had a lovely time but she was glad to be home. And they didn’t get caught up in any of the strikes with their airline either which was great.
She brought us all back gifts. I got some lovely gifts from her.
She got me a handbag with owls on it. And a matching scarf.
She also got me a charm bracelet, and a fridge magnet.
It was a lovely surprise. I wasn’t expecting her to do that.
I started using the handbag already today. I needed to wash the one I’d been using so I am delighted with the new one.