good and productive day at the independent living skills course

busy day today at the ILS course!

in the morning we did a module called personal care and presentation. to be honest i found it a bit simplistic, i could have taught it myself. it was about hygiene, health care, dental care, how to present yourself etc. i should fly through the work and complete it in no time.

After break we cooked. There were only 3 of us in today so the kitchen was fairly empty. We made vegetable soup, or I should say, I made vegetable soup, because the other two did not do much of anything except watch me.

I didnt mind though, I enjoyed cooking, and I liked that I could do almost everything, I liked that I had the confidence to do all the chopping of vegetables, sauteing the vegetables, and stirring the soup and blending it once it was done cooking.

We put carrot, onion, leak, cellery, parsnip, and lentils into our soup. We also put spices in there, cumin and curry powder, salt and pepper.

It was so yummy. And there’s left overs for tomorrow too, yay.

After lunch I walked the 10 mins to the bus stop with Nitro. I did not want to at first, but my tutor pushed me, saying we wouldnt have time to go tomorrow and it would be good if I did go today so I went and I am so glad I did!

When I came back we had our weekly reviews, that is where you write up a sheet about what went well and what did not go so well this week. You also say a little about each class and you can add suggestions for new modules or things you’d like to see added to the programme. There is a space to for tutor comments.

My review went great. The comments I got were awesome. Enthuastic, willingness to learn, good contributor in class, energetic etc. I was really pleased.

There was one negative. My tutor kinda lectured me because she said I used the emergency buzzer in my room inappropriately. You see everyone has an emergency buzzer in their room. last week I pulled mine to ask someone to bring milk to me. The thing is staff thought I’d fallen, or something. And a bunch of them came running thinking I was in trouble.

So I was reppromanded for that today, which was fair enough I suppose.

After class ended I came upstairs, fed nitro, and sat down on the couch, thinking to myself, i’ll sit here for five mins before I go make some tea. Five mins turned into me falling asleep for an hour and a half! lol what can I say I must have needed it!

I’ve been just chilling out for the evening. I’ve started showering by night instead of in the mornings so that I can have a little extra time in bed in the mornings, plus, its getting colder outside now, and I dont want to go outside with wet hair.

so yeah good day overall.
carol anne


Learning how to do a new route with Nitro, day 1

so today was our first day learning a new route with nitro. technically we did it twice with his trainer last thursday but today was the first time of us doing it with a staff member.

the part of the route we are doing at the moment is from the centre to the local bus stop. Its about a 10 minute walk.

today went well. nitro really did great. we were very nervous. but he worked well, although he did not find the bus stop, but then I didnt expect him to do it on the first go.

he passed it on, I’m going to have to bring some food as an incentive for him to find the bus stop and bring me to a seat.

but I am pleased with how it went. for most of the 10 minutes he concentrated and was very willing to work.

go, Nitro!
carol anne

baking a christmas cake

this week on the ILS course I’ll be baking a xmas cake.
i cant wait. i love xmas cake. hasany of my readers had it, i know my UK readers know what xmas cake is but do my US readers know?
basically its a fruit cake which has icing on top. there are spices in there too. you can also put alcohol in there, it makes the cake last longer. however i’m leaving the alcohol out of it.
i’ve only ever made one other xmas cake in my life. that was years ago with the help of a friend. so i am excited to do this.
I’ll have help from a staff member to do it.
I’ll post pics once i bake it and ice it. It takes about 5 hours to bake it, and then you have to leave it for 2 days before icing it.

Friday update

so its been a busy friday for us. we are at our parents for the weekend. been here since yesterday afternoon. this morning i woke early having slept for about six hours. went to bed at like 2 AM last night. thought i did not have much to do today so that is why I decided to stay up later than usual. anyway once my head hit the pillow I fell asleep. I woke on and off during the night but was able to go back to sleep each time it happened. so yeah chilled out for the morning, ate a yummy omlete for breakfast with bacon eggs and cheese in it. then washed my hair. was messing about online when mom came to me asking me if I’d like to go to a local mall to do a little xmas shopping. I jumped at the chance. I dont have a lot of time off over the coming couple of weeks. So I need to do what I can when I can. So we walked to the mall, big mistake lol. My legs are super sore because I walked 3 out of 5 days this week. But anyway we did it, I managed to walk the 20 mins to the mall. I ended up buying a good few presents for family members. I also bought my friend normas present, I got her perfume, britney spears midnight fantasy. The rest of the presents I got were different gift sets one for my god mother, one for my sisters partner, and one for my aunt. I also got mom some make up that she’s been wanting. We tried on a bunch of perfumes while I was looking for normas one, so now I’ve got about 5 different perfumes on me lol. taylor swifts scent is lovely, I tried that as I had not seen it before. after we finished buying presents we went for a hot drink, I had hot chocolate with marshmallows, and mom had a cappachino. We sat outside drinking our drinks and chatting and it was really nice. It was just nice to spend that one on one time together. Then we took a taxi to my gp’s as I had to get a note from him. The note was to say that I am medically fit to participate in going to the gym on Fridays as part of the healthy lifestyle and nutrition module of my independent living skills curse. We thought we’d be waiting a long time at the gp’s office, but it wasnt busy and we got seen relatively quickly. Now we are back home and I’m happy and content. Have had dinner and now just going to chillax for the remainder of my friday evening. I’m all wrong with my days since the clocks went back last weekend. Today didnt seem like a friday at all…I kept thinking it was saturday. Just going to go online for a while, then watch some tv for the rest of the night.
Hope everyones having a good friday.

mid afternoon musings

so my saturdays going well. my niece and nephew are gone home so peace at last lol. mom and i had a small argument earlier where she yelled at me because she said I annoyed her and was being unappreciative of what she’s doing for me. i stormed off feeling hurt and stormed in to my room and was determined that I’d stay in here all weekend. lol the logic of it now it seems so childlike. or teenagery. a few mins later mom walked in with a caramel latte for me, a peace offering. her way of apologising without actually saying sorry. i was grateful though that it was over. i did say to her after a while that I’d appreciate it if she didnt shout at me, that I am an adult and she cant treat me as if I’m not. she seemed receptive to what I said so thats good at least. other than that saturday is going well. i’m chilling out. i didnt even get dressed today, i refused to get dressed haha. my friend Maeve just rang me asking if I want to go see a band tomorrow night as its the jazz weekend here in cork but I said no. I dont fancy being out in a pub in crowds of people unable to hear anyone because the music is so loud. I would prefer to stay home and watch x factor. which is what i am going to do tonight also. mom is going to see her brothers wife the lady i mentioned some time back whose dying of bone cancer. i havent gone but i did speak to her on the phone this past week. she’s still hanging in there with us 2 weeks after recieving the news that she’s terminal and only had a week to a month left to live. Tomorrow mom said she’d take me grocery shopping. I need to get a few bits to tide me over this week while I’m on midterm. I made a list and I wont be straying from it. Mondays a bank holiday so I plan on having another chill out day.

birthday boy!

today is nitro’s birthday. he’s 7 today.
we spoiled him, because he deserves it.
he has done so much for us, given us so much. he is our world.
happy birthday baby boy. I love you to the moon and back a million gazillion times over.
i am so happy that he is a part of my life. i’d be lost without him. i feel blessed to have him.

Weekend coffee share

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you we had a pretty chilled out weekend, very relaxed, which was really nice.
The only thing we did do was pack for starting our new ILS course tomorrow. Our bag is now fully packed and we are ready to go.
I would tell you that I started a new book. So far I am loving it. It is one of Maggie Hartleys books, Maggie hartley is a UK foster parent who writes about her experiences of fostering.
I would tell you that I did a lot of self care things this weekend. I had two very nice bubble baths, I put on nice lotion, I ate healthily, I was mindful, did meditation, drank tea, probably too much tea lol.
I would tell you that I was supposed to go to a birthday party for a friend but the weather was so bad that I didnt go. Storm brian was here, it effected us with rain and lots of high winds. I didnt want to risk going out in it.
I hope everyone has had a nice weekend. See you soon!