Therapy time!

Time to go to therapy! Oh I am excited!
Two whole weeks since we’ve seen Eileen! I need a big bear hug from her!
I am so looking forward to our session!
Im sure it’ll be amazing! And productive too!
Better get moving now or I’ll be late!


#SoCs Roll, roll!

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is roll/role. Use one, use both, its entirely up to you. Enjoy!
So yeah. This one I had to do when I saw it. Because, well, this week on friday I had a gorgeous bread roll, filled with turkey, cheese, and a lot of chili sauce too!
I was soooo baaaad!
I’m on a diet you see. I’m in slimming world. And I shouldnt be eating this sorta food at all! But my thing is, every once in a while for a treat, its fine!
You cant avoid the bad foods all of the time. Indulging is ok every now and then! Once its not every single day!
I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed my bread roll too! It was humungus. Its like my friday thing now to get one. The last two fridays I did that. I enjoy a treat on a friday after my gym sesh!
Do you go to the gym, or do you enjoy a treat on a particular day of the week?
You only live once after all! Live and laugh and love and all that, right? Of course!


Christmas shopping

I had a lovely day out shopping with mom yesterday. We were christmas shopping mostly. Mom got me some new clothes. That is what she decided my christmas gift would be, well, its what I wanted as well. Since losing weight none of my old clothes are fitting me properly any longer. She’s also paying for my ticket to a special christmas night out we’re having. Yesterday I tried on a ton of new clothes, I had fun trying all the different outfits on, I ended up getting some new leggings, a christmas sweather that says ho ho ho on it, and a sweater. Then we went shopping for my niece and nephew. I didnt end up getting my niece’s present but I know now what I’ll give her, I am probably giving her a voucher for a clothing store, and some little nick nacks too. I got my nephew a road blocks set, he’s really into mine craft and road blocks now. Mom got him mine craft stuff. We had lunch out too, subway, I usually get the italian bread with chicken, bacon, peporoni and south west sauce with spicy cheese. Yesterday though I got a low fat sub, with turkey breast, ham, spicy cheese and south west sauce, not sure what bread it was but it was really good, and you really would never have noticed it was low fat! We got chips with our sandwiches, and drinks also I had a diet pepsi. I sware I think I wont be down any weight this coming week as I had that yesterday, and on friday morning I had another high fat meal too. We’ll see though. After shopping and lunch we went for a coffee in gloria jeans, I got a caramel latte, which was lovely and very delicious. We got a taxi home then. I was exhausted so went to bed and slept for hours. I ended up not getting online at all last night. I woke up early today though. Like, woke up at 6 AM. But am feeling great. And happy to have more of my christmas presents bought. And am totally happy with my gift from mom too.


A christmas night out

so my mom just called me. she was talking to my sister. they were looking into booking a night out for us all. myself, mom, my sister, and some other family members. for christmas. so we saw that a local bar is doing a rod stuart tribute band night. with a 2 course meal and a dj after the tribute band. so we booked it. I love having christmas party nights out. They are always so much fun. This one should be no exception. Its not until january, jan 5th, but we had to book the tickets now as they already went on sale and they’ll be sold out quickly. Last year we went to a michael buble tribute band which was amazing. Im sure this band will be too. I’m excited to go to it. They do good food too in the bar. So I know we’ll be well fed as well. Roll on the festive season, so we can party!

3 things…

Name three things –

You can dunk in tea or coffee?
Digestive biscuits, chocolate, a spoon
You can enjoy at a carnival?
candy floss, the rides, performers
You can’t enjoy when it’s windy?
fireworks, barbecuing, walking
Your body can’t do?
see, gymnastics, touch my nose with my tongue?
You don’t learn at school?
how to whine, how to drive, not sure what else?
You can put onto a pizza?
sausage, peporoni, bacon
You can eat with?
hands, dogs, your phone nearby
You don’t suggest you do at home blindfolded?
cook, light a fire, bathe
That are important to you?
friends, my dog, my blog
That you love to do at the beach?
collect shells, walk on the sand, dip my toes in the water
That you do in the morning?
check email, shower, drink coffee
That you do every time you log in to your blog
check comments, and likes, check stats, read others posts

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Friday’s Fun 3

A perfect saturday

im having a good day. i woke up at the butt crack of dawn. I was so hungry. I went to the kitchen and got a pear, then I promptly fell back to sleep after I ate it.Then of course Nitro woke me up. He wanted out. So I let him out and then got up. Showered and ate breakfast. Mom and me decided to go out. I was going to the gym to do a workout. I did the bike, 2 KM on it. I did the treadmill for 20 minutes too. I didnt lift weights today though. It was a great workout. I thoroughly enjoyed it and felt so good afterwords. Exercise really does lift my mood. My mood was a little bit low today. Not sure why, I just felt off. But after my workout I felt good again. My mood picked up. We decided to walk to the gym, even though it was drizzling rain. We were going to get a bus, but we decided we’d have to wait too long for one so we just walked. It only takes 10 or 12 minutes to get to the gym from moms house. AFter my gym workout we went across the street to a local shopping mall. I wanted to do a little bit of christmas shopping. I ended up getting my friend norma some tommy girl perfume. I also got my uncle a gift set. Just a little gift set with body wash and other stuff in it. I got my nephew a birthday present, he’s six on friday. I got him a road blocks set, you know, he’s really into road blocks. Then I wanted to look for some jeans to wear. Its been years since I was able to fit in a pair of jeans. I found some that I loved. I tried two pairs. And one fit really well. So I bought that, and I also got a nice dress top to wear. It was lovely. I thought both the jeans and top would come to 35 euro, but when I went up to pay they only came to 32 euro. So I saved a little on them. I ended up also going in and buying some fruit for the week, some milk, and the ingredients for a chili. We were going to cook this afternoon but mom said she is feeling tired so she asked if it is ok if she waits until tomorrow morning to cook. We got a taxi home. Tonight I have to go to church, there is this mass on for all the people in the parish who have died in the past year. My aunt died last year and so she is included in the mass. So all of the family are going to it. I plan on wearing my new outfit to church. Im kinda apprehensive about going. I dont normally go to church as its triggering to us. I go if I have to, like for funerals, confirmations, etc. But I do need to go tonight to show my respect. So I will do it. I hope it will be ok though. I’m a little worried about it. Other than all that though it has been a great saturday so far.