I love My cute dog

so ive been having snuggle time with nitro. and I am loving it.

Isnt it cute how we talk to dogs? Like little kids? I’ve been talking to nitro, calling him all sorta cutesy names.

He loves it. He snuggles closer then.

All you hear out of me is “look at that cute puppy dog!” “oh look!”

If anyone heard me they’d probably think I am mad! But I dont care!

I love my dog and if I have anything to do with it the whole world is going to know!

Do you talk to your dog?

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50 things that make me happy

I saw this challenge over on another bloggers blog, and so I thought I’d take part in it.
So, here are the 50 things that make me happy.

1 reading
2 Nitro
3 my bed
4 sleeping
5 music
6 volunteering
7 family
8 friends
9 being with my niece and nephew
10 walking
11 swimming
12 wrapping up in a blanket
13 writing or blogging
14 doodling for fun
15 hot chocolate
16 baking
17 walking nitro
18 watching movies
19 going on day trips
20 going on holiday
21 someone paying me a compliment
22 feeling loved
23 feeling valued
24 making recordings of my therapist reading
25 dr. barry
26 when I have a good week
27 coffee
28 tea
29 my techy things
30 perfume
31 lighting candles
32 when I lose weight
33 having a barbecue with family
34 being with my sister
35 getting my nails done
36 being at the basement club
37 having a take away as a treat
38 sunshine
39 snow
40 when its Christmas
41 eating chocolate
42 buying new clothes
43 browsing on amazon
44 emailing my friends
45 long lazy weekends
46 sleeping in
47 My sisters pugs
48 being on my computer
49 having an I phone
50 the fact that I am healthy

A great weight loss result

So last night at my weigh in I had a great result.

I was down 1 pound. Woohoo.

Was so pleased. Did think I’d be down more but well I am happy with a pound. And at least I wasnt up this week.

So now that I am back on track again, I plan on having a really great week this coming week.

I’m now down a total of 2 stone and a half a pound, or 28.5 pounds for my US readers.

Just sooo happy with that amount of weight lost.

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Love myself, day 6

I’m having a little bit of trouble today finding something that I like about myself.
However after much thinking and effort on my part, I did find something that I thought was worthy of posting here.
So I wont keep you in suspense any longer, lol.
Today, the thing I am going to say I love about myself is my ability to sing.
I am so happy I can sing. I love it. It truly makes me very happy. It also brings me much joy.

Just hit 200 thousand views on the blog

Omg guys!
I am beyond excited! This morning I looked at my blog stats, and, I just hit 200 thousand views!
What an achievement!
The blog is going 2 years now. Thats a wonderful milestone to hit in that length of time!
Thanks to everyone who made it possible!
Your an amazing bunch and where would I be without you? 😛
Thanks for all the love and support over these past 2 years.
I appreciate it and I appreciate all of you even more!
Your all the best! 🙂
Thank you again everyone! Heres to another 200 thousand!

carol anne

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Family outing

we had a terrific day today. My bad mood lifted and I had so much fun!
I went to a lake with my mom, sister, my niece and nephew, my aunt, uncle, their kids and grandkids. It was such an amazing day.
We had a bbq, the sun was shining! It was about 27 C!
I did get a bit of a headache but it was nothing two headache tablets wouldnt sort out. Plus I also wore a hat to try to keep the sun off of my head.
We spent about six hours there at the lake. We all paddled in the water and some of the family actually went in swimming! The water was so beautiful!
Im so happy I went. I was having a crap day today this morning before we left.
Thank you to everyone on wp who supported me with either a like or a comment today it was very very appreciated. You’ve all been part of helping to turn my day around so thank you!
Now I am going to cool down with a nice diet coke, read blogs, do some email, and then read my book later tonight.
carol anne

Daily gratitude!

So much to be grateful for today. This is going to be a new series of mine! So without further ado here is what I am grateful for today!

Hot coffee
My dog Nitro
being able to take a Nap
Nice cool weather
Going for a walk
Friends who call to check up on me
Technology like my phone and laptop
Good neighbours