Its finally november, yay!

And octobers finally over! Halloween is behind us! I am just so thrilled that its finally november!
I had therapy this morning. I am incredibly tired now. It was a painful session. We processed the accident. We couldnt decide on what to work on at first, but we went with processing the accident since we’re still having so many ptsd symptoms from it.
I will write more on it later. Right now I need to rest for a while. I think I’ll go read. Halloween is over for another year, and I’ve never been happier about that.


Am up at 2 AM

woke up a few mins ago. cant go back to sleep. gonna stay up. feeling a little bit scared but trying not to be. i hate the dark though. got up and made some tea. that feels good. going to sit here and read emails and respond to them. thanks for all of the support that all of you gave em earlier. i really appreciate it. so glad she’s reaching out. she finds it so hard to reach out. so its so nice of you all to comment to her and help support her. its now officially halloween here. although the hard part for us doesnt begin until later tonight. im just glad we’re seeing dr. barry this morning. i put on the radio to drown out my thoughts. maybe music will help me. mostly it always does. ok going to go make some more tea.
carol anne


Slow afternoon

we have had a quiet afternoon. its been kinda slow.

i didnt get up to much. texted with a few friends and talked to my mom on the phone.

ate dinner, had a lovely spag bol today. it was delicious. had some garlic bread as a treat. i dont usually eat it too often now that I am dieting.

Am now watching tv. Mood wise things are kinda stable right now. I am working on keeping it that way if I can.

I am hopeful. It is going to be hard tonight. Nits are always the worst for us. We go downhill mood wise at night.

I dont have too many plans for the evening. Will probably read and just watch some tv.

Mom was kind enough to ask me if I’d like to come stay with her tomorrow as its halloween. Without knowing why I get so scared of it, she has offered me a safe place to go. I am so grateful. I will go to dr. barry in the morning and then go back to mom and dads house afterwords.

I have slimming world tomorrow night. Other than that tomorrow I hope will pass uneventfully.


Homemade halloween costumes!

Another of Karens #whatif prompts, this one is from a couple weeks ago but I am going to still participate in it.

Today’s prompt:

homemade halloween costumes
Feel free to respond in your favorite way whether it be a poem, short story, photo, video . . however you best relate to the prompt. Simply post your ideas, create a ping-back and use the hashtag #whatif.

As a child all of my Halloween costumes were homemade. We never had a bought costume, not that I can remember. I pretty much always dressed up as a witch, years ago well I was born in the 80’s, but in the early 80’s all of the kids I knew either dressed up as a witch or a ghost, there wasn’t a lot of imagination put into costumes back then. We still had fun though. We were kinda poor, so mostly we wore black bags as dresses, you know like bags you’d use for rubbish? No one bought costumes, we did buy a mask though, but those were cheap, it wasn’t like today, where everyone wears make up and paints their faces. We had a witches hat, a black refuse sack, and maybe a mask, and we went trick or treating like that. Even when we would go trick or treating, we’d only get fruit, or monkey nuts, no sweets, or money or crisps like the kids get nowadays. I remember getting tons of apples, grapes, oranges, etc. And of course nuts, nowadays they don’t really give out fruit, or nuts. Due to allergies, nuts are pretty much a big fat no no nowadays. I also heard that the sweets they give out nowadays have to be wrapped, in case of poisoning, or some other mishap. Its gone pretty much over the top nowadays! But back to costumes. I prefer homemade ones. Do you? Was your Halloween costumes as a child homemade? Or did you have store bought ones?

#whatif prompt 23rd september

Today’s prompt:

How to carve a pumpkin!

Feel free to respond in your favorite way whether it be a poem, short story, photo, video . . however you best relate to the prompt. Simply post your ideas, create a ping-back and use the hashtag #whatif.
its me allie. im 9 and im one of the littles here in our system just in case you don’t know me or for new readers.
Guess what? It is fall now. That means pumpkins. But guess what?
In Ireland we don’t really eat pumpkins, or carve them either. They have started selling them in the last couple of years but lots of people don’t know how to carve one or what to do with one.
I like pumpkin food, like pumpkin pie and pumpkin drinks like pumpkin spice lattes.
The pumpkin lattes are soooo good!
I don’t like carving pumpkins though. Its too trigger for me. I don’t like Halloween and I’m not into it.
Another thing? We don’t have pumpkin pie here either! I had it when I visited America though. And I loved it!

allie 9

Trick or treaters, be gone!

so we had no trick or treaters last night. thank god! so i kept my house in darkness and had no plans to open my door anyway, but there were no sounds of kids outside. and i know there are a lot of kids in my neighbourhood. my dad said maybe their parents told their kids not to come by my house, or the houses in my row, since the row I live in is for disabled people, there are five houses in my row, and all of us who live in them have some sort of disability. anyway, it was nice to have an uninterrupted night and it meant i was able to take my meds and snuggle up under my duvet and try to sleep! there were no fireworks either which i was happy about because i was afraid for nitro, he’s a really sensitive dog and i knew he’d be petrified of fireworks. so yeah now its over for another year. halloween, be gone!