I just want my meds!

I’m really annoyed. My meds were delivered today and when I went to take them tonight my sleep med that dr. barry prescribed to me wasnt in my night meds at all.

I rang the pharmacy about this on Friday, they said they never recieved the fax from Dr. Barry, so I rang karen, her secretary and she said she’d fax the prescription in to the pharmacy again.

Now when I call them tomorrow they’ll probably say they never got it.

In the meantime I am not able to sleep, and I was hoping to take one of the sleeping tablets to try to knock me out.

I ended up taking 10 mg of haldol to see if that’ll do anything, but I’m pretty sure it wont!

I shouldnt even be taking haldol. Dr. Barry told me to stop taking it!

But they included it with my prescription which means they havent seen the updated one!

Its so irritating! I just want my correct meds, and I want to get some rest!