#3 Things: Hair care!

Your final three things for this week are:


I badly need to colour my hair. Its all grey on top. I hate that I have so much grey showing through. I am still young, well ok, maybe not that young, but to me, 41 is young. I don’t want grey hair yet.
I am going to have mom colour my hair for me. We will buy a box colour. I’m not going to a hairdressers as its too expensive. Even if it is a more personal touch!
Once I am done my hair will be dark brown again. I’d love to put a pink or red colour in it but its too hard to manage, it only stays in for a couple of weeks before it washes out. Its fun to experiment though. If I was going somewhere special then I would think about putting a red or pink in but I am not going anywhere and I don’t have any special events coming up.

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