Evening thoughts

So I went to visit my friend norma this afternoon. That was good. It was nice to see her. Nice to be able to catch up. We just chatted and hung out at her house. I enjoyed the visit. I’ve only just got back to mom and dads a few minutes ago. I was starving so I had a nice big bowl of homemade vegetable soup. It was delicious. I’m planning on going online for a while now. Reading some blogs, checking email, that sorta thing. I canceled my gym membership today too. I decided I wasnt using the gym enough to warrant paying 35 euro a month for membership. So what did I go and do? I bought myself a new treadmill for my house. That way I can exercise when I want to and in the comfort of my own home. It isnt being delivered until April 8th. I payed 350 euro for it. But I consider that very worthwhile. I think I got a good deal on the treadmill. I’m happy with it. Now maybe I can do more exercising and get rid of my stomach, I have some flab on my stomach area, I need to get rid of that. Heres hoping this will help in that area. My mood is better now too which I am so glad about. I dont feel as depressed. I am actually feeling positive after seeing norma and buying the treadmill. Feels good to feel so accomplished and as positive as I do. I’m happy, long may it last.

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A great morning!

so I had a fab workout! I did well! I went on the treadmill for 25 mins, and the bike for 10 mins! I did 1 KM on the treadmill and 2 KM on the bike! I feel great! It has really lifted my mood to exercise!
I’m all set now for the rest of the day! When I came out of the gym I went and bought a sandwich for my lunch, I chose chicken and stuffing, on brown bread! So a healthy option for lunch! I already ate it once I got home! I was starving as all I’d eaten was some fruit this morning.
A funny thing happened. When I got my taxi to go home, I told the driver I was going to my own house. The driver knew me, he usually picks me up. He thought I’d said I wanted to go to my parents house though! So he brought me there instead of bringing me home! Luckily I noticed when we got out of the car. He was kind and said it was his mistake and brought me home and didn’t charge me anything extra for the extra journey!
I’m just relaxing now for a few hours before I am going out again to go volunteering. My supervisor called me, she’s picking me up at 2 PM. I am tanked up on coffee now so my energy levels are good! 🙂

Good workout!

I had a great workout today! I really got in my exercise for the day! Mom and me walked down to the gym. My sister had offered us a ride, but we chose to walk. It only took us 10 minutes to walk there. It is all downhill. So we got there and I scanned my membership card and then we went into the gym. I went on the treadmill, I did 20 mins on it. I walked 1 kilometre. Then I went on the bike for 10 mins, I also did 1 kilometre on the bike. I felt so good afterwords! I was buzzed! I really enjoyed it!

After finishing up in the gym we went to the store to get my fruit for the week. I got lots of fruit. I got oranges, pears, bananas, kiwi’s, pineapple, strawberries and grapes. So I wont be short on fruit for the week lol!

Then we got the bus home after that. I was tired from all the exercise. I am not going to the gym now again until wednesday. But tomorrow morning I am going to go to the local park near moms to walk.

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the Biggest challenge in my future is?

so i decided to do a journal prompt. i have an ap for journal prompts on my phone. its called paper blanks prompts.
the prompt i am going to do is…the biggest challenge in my future is?

i think the biggest challenge in my future is going to be shifting the weight. i know im doing well. i’ve lost 17.5 pounds, in just over 3 months. so yeah im doing very well. but i have a lot of weight to lose. and no patience. and i think its going to take a long time. and i dont feel like waiting 😀
but well, what choice do I have?
its hard to stay on plan. stick to a diet. well a sorta diet. i can still actually eat everything, in moderation. so i guess its not a restrictive diet really. but slimming world is a plan, and still a sort of diet.
at least mom said i am shrinking, that was a boost to my confidence to hear it. she said you can really notice my stomach going down now, more than in the past.
im proud of how far i’ve come. im proud that i stuck it out. stuck to the plan. im proud that i was able to shift 17.5 pounds in such a short amount of time.
now i just need to get more motivated to exercise.
now that im not on the ils course any more, the gym is out. for now at least. money is preventing me from joining. its so expensive. i do have a treadmill at home. so im using that. i just need to get more disciplined about it. and i was going to buy an exercise bike too this summer. i still might.
How about you?
what is your biggest challenge in your immediate future?

Gym chronicles #3

we are just back from the gym. we went for about an hour.
It was good but very tiring! But then again, I suppose the gym is meant to be tiring. As the instructor who gave me the tour said, if your not out of breath and puffing and panting, then your not working hard enough.
Today was just a tour, to see if I liked it there, and if I wanted to join. We decided a few things. We decided that for me the best option to start off would be a few sessions of personal training.
Yes its strenuous, yes its tough, but it will also help me to tone up and get in shape much quicker than if I was trying to do exercise on my own, and also, there is an added bonus of having someone helping me so I’d have less restrictions on what I could do.
So once I save up enough money I will book in for six personal training sessions. It might take me a week or two to save up, as its 30 euro a session.
Today though I went on the bike for 15 minutes, and I did weights. Man those weights were hard! I went on five different weight machines, the chest weights were the worst, I was literally lifting 70 pound! I was exhausted!
But I had fun. And I felt great after the workout. And I’m happy I went today.

Gym chronicles #2

so I went to the gym this morning. I did a 30 minute workout.
I used the treadmill, the bike and the rowing machine.
I did 10 mins on each one. I loved it! felt sooo good afterwords!
I did half a mile on the treadmill, 1 mile on the rowing machine, and 2 miles on the bike.
must say I feel absolutely great now. I pushed myself to work hard and I am super happy with my achievement.


i am taking the plunge and joining a gym. well, i’m almost sure i’ll be joining. i found a gym near the centre where the ILS course is run. i emailed them and asked a few questions. and they were extremely helpful. they said they have another blind member, and they are ok with helping me and escorting me while I am in the gym and on the machines and collecting me when i am done. this makes things a lot easier for me. its 45 euro a month to join. i said i’d have a think about it. in the mean time the guy i emailed said i could do a free trial next week to see if i like it there. so i said i would do that. so i am now booked in for a free trial run next wednesday at 2 pm.
wish me luck!
carol anne