Nitro update

Nitro is going back to the vet this morning. I think his abscess is still there. I havent been able to get anyone to loook, since I didnt see anyone until yesterday, and when I asked my PA frances, she wasnt really able to see properly.
He finished his first round of antibiotics, and pain relief, and he seems to be doing ok, but I dont know if he’s still in some pain, although he seems to be happy which is positive.
The vet will have another look this morning, if the abscess is still there she might try to drain it, if she cant, he might have to go under anaestetic, but if she can then he’ll just need another round of antibiotics.
Please pray he doesnt need to go under, I dont want to have to put him under again so soon, after he’s just been under anaestetic 2 weeks ago.
I’m going to walk him down to the vets office, but I’ll have to probably wait outside, while the vet checks him over.
I hope he’ll be ok. Can use all the positive vibes and prayers guys. Will keep you all posted on how it goes.

FOWC with fandango-compensate

feel cold
so I compensate
By turning on my heating
The house warms up
Very quickly
and soon
Nitro is panting
I am roasting
So again
I compensate
By turning the heat off
Drinking a cold drink
Happy in the knowledge
That my home is full of warmth now

Long weekend is over!Heading home!

So I am heading home today from my paretnts house!
I will go home after we’ve eaten dinner!
We are having ham, cabbage, peas and potatos yum yum!
I am a bit worried about having to give Nitro his meds for the rest of the week, he’s so cute that sometimes he’ll spit them out and I dont know he’s doing it!
Mom has given me squares of soft cheese to put the tablets into.
Hopefully that’ll do the trick, I will hide them and when I open his mouth to put in the tablet I will hold his chin up so he has to swallow it!
Its been a nice weekend, quiet, relaxing, just how I like it.

A quiet sunday

Its been a quiet day here. I stayed in bed late. I had my breakfast and then decided to go back to bed. No need to stay up, when I could be in bed snuggled under the covers reading. So thats what I did.
I got up at noon. Made a cup of tea and then went on my laptop reading blogs. I have so many blog posts from the blogs I follow to catch up on, I am not sure I’ll ever get there.
We had lunch around 1:30. My aunt was meant to call to mom and we were going to sit outside in the garden, and social distance, but it started raining, so we didnt end up doing that.
Now I am just on my laptop again, and not doing much of anything.
I am going to have a nice relaxing bubble bath later on this evening. It is going to be part of my self care routine for today. I am looking forward to it.
I will probably phone my friend norma too later on this afternoon. The one who has the PA working for her that was my PA before, the one who is stalking me. Turns out she asked my friend yesterday if she’d given me her message, about me calling her. My friend pretended that she did, and nuala, the PA said, well, she never called me. And well, she’s not going to either lol!
I have better things to do with my time and I dont owe her anything!
She makes me so irritated and angry!
Why does she feel its her right to stalk me through Norma?
Not cool at all!
Anyway I am not going to think any more about her!
Nitro just had his dinner, I managed to give him his pain meds in with his food, and he took them, because they are brown like his food, so he didnt notice it in there.
Ok time for some coffee! I hope your all having a great sunday!

somehow I feel worse thanI did at 5 AM

I still feel exhausted. I got 2 more hours of sleep. I feel worse though, not better.
My phone kept pinging, and waking me. In the end I muted it.
I got up around 9 and ate breakfast, gave nitro his meds, and then just came back in the bedroom and played around on my laptop.
Its running quite slow, and I’ve been trying to speed it up a little. I havent been able to do much with it though. I got tired of trying to figure out which software is best for speeding it up.
If anyone knows how to speed up a win 10 pc let me know.
I dont have plans today, the sun is shining, the dogs are out in the garden, so I may join them. I might sit outside and read for a while and enjoy the fresh air.