Gratitude list!

Well now that Monday is over, I thought I’d do a little list of things I am thankful for. There really is a lot today! So here goes!

Nitro! I am so proud of him today too!

The fact I don’t have to retire nitro yet! That is such a relief to me!

My therapist! Her support means the world to us.

A hot mug of tea! πŸ˜€

A good book! I started a new one, one child by Torey hayden! So far I love it!

Sleep! I went to bed early tonight, and slept for 3 hours, I’ll take that while I get it!

That both of my appointments today were a success!

For good food! And being able to actually cook it myself!

That I am alive! And mostly healthy!

That my dad had a good apt today with the eye specialist!

For my phone! Without it I’d be so lost!

And that my friends sums it up for today!
What are you grateful for today?

Aftercare with Nitro!

Nitro’s trainer just left. We just had our aftercare visit. It went really well. She was very pleased with him. She said he looks good, she said he looks really healthy, and that I have been looking after him well. His ears are a problem, he has had a lot of ear issues. She told me to change his food, I am to change him from hills dog food to royal cannon. She said there is a special one for skin allergies, she told me to put him on that one to see if it makes any difference. She said hopefully his ear issues will subside a little if his food is changed. We didnt go on a walk today, I told her that I hadnt been working him a lot lately, due to his age, and him being easily stressed out. She said its normal for him to be stressed, he’s 8 now, so an older dog. His age is starting to show. The good news is he doesnt have to retire yet. She said I could continue to work him, minimally for now. She said they’d see me in a year and we’d talk about retiring him then. The age of retirement has gone up from 9 to 10 now. So I am happy that I dont have to retire him yet. I told her I wasnt bringing him to college, I told her my parents look after him on the days when I have to go. She said thats probably for the best. She said that if I want another dog, I’d have to learn some routes, as I dont have a lot of work for a dog to do right now, and when they interview people to see if they are eligible for a dog, you have to prove you have work for the dog to do, you have to know some routes, she said minimum work load for a dog is 3 times a week for a half hour a day, so over the next few months I will get in touch with a mobility instructor in the national council for the blind, and learn some routes using my cane, so that when the time comes which wont be for another few years yet, but when it does come I will be able to get another dog. I told her I was keeping Nitro, and when he retires I’d keep him and wouldnt get another dog until he passes. She seemed happy enough with my decision. So I am very happy with how things went with her today. I feel relieved to know Nitro doesnt have to retire yet. Thats a huge relief to me.


I am so nervous right now. I woke up feeling very anxious. I have therapy this morning in a few hours. I am anxious about it. I feel really edgy and agitated. Like something bad is going to happen during our session. It probably wont, but I just feel like it will. This happens to us sometimes before therapy. Its not unusual.

Then later today I have Nitro’s aftercare. I am also nervous about that. I feel like maybe his trainer will judge me. That maybe his work is no longer that good, since we havent done much in the past while. I hope she wont be too hard on me. She’s a nice person, so my gut feeling is she wont. She may want to talk about retiring nitro. I am ready but sad about it.

I hope we can have a few more months before he retires. I will of course keep him after he retires, so that isnt an issue for me. I have to tell her though that I dont want another dog, not right now anyway. I hope that my decision will be respected.

So a busy day ahead for us. At least we slept for a few hours. I am glad about that. I wouldnt want to be tired going into today.

Nitro, ewww!

So nitro just caught a mouse! At least I think it was a mouse! It was dead. He was outside doing his business, and he came in with it in his mouth! Ewwww nitro! How gross! I quickly got my dad, who disposed of it. Now I am really freaked out and grossed out too by it. I cant believe he did that! He’s never done anything like that before!
Now I need to just sit here and drink my tea and calm down if I can!


#JusJoJan 24th January 2019

Todays JusJoJan prompt word is…zoomie!

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wagging tail

thump, thump

zoom zoom

zoomie, as he runs!

around and around

I cant keep up!

With my lab, my labrador pup!

He’s such a lovable monster

But a nice fluff ball of one

I love him so much

Now we’re off to have some fun!


Nitro and aftercare

so next week we have aftercare with nitro, remember we were meant to have it before christmas? well the guide dog school just called me, and a trainer will be coming out to my house next Monday afternoon at 2 PM to review nitro, see how he is doing, and possibly chat about retirement, as he’s 8 now. I am so nervous. I am glad though that its actually nitros trainer who will be coming out, I know her, and she’s really nice. I know she will be kind, and I am delighted that it is her, and not someone I dont know doing it.
So this time next week I will know more, wish me luck guys!


3 things challenge 21st January 2019

Todays prompt is: superhero, washing machine, pizza

A little ramble this morning, because I have no good writing inspiration…
Our littles want pizza! They’ve been wanting some for weeks, but not the frozen kind, oh no. They want pizza delivered to our house! I said no! I dont want to chance it! I am still dieting, and that would really mess up our weight loss for sure!
I did get them a treat last night, it wasnt pizza, but it was fried food. We had fries with garlic mayo and chees on them. Darina was in heaven! She loves food! She’s six, and just loves having treats.
So they’re happy now. In other news, I have been washing clothes all weekend, my washing machine is constantly going because I was washing my bed sheets as well as some of my clothes, I must have used up a ton of electricity doing that! But now I have all clean sheets and clothes too so thats great!
And now its time to go feed my superhero Nitro! He’s whining at me, wanting his breakfast, he’s standing looking mournfully at me, as if I never fed him!