Oh, Nitro!

Well, Nitro is being a bit of a rebel tonight!

He’s refusing to go out to do his business!

I’ve tried coaxing him, but no! He’s not budging!

He is just too comfortable it seems! He’s totally ignoring me!

I opened the back door, called to him, but nope! He’s like, you think I’m going out in the rain? Not a chance!

Ha! Well if he wont go out in an hour or so, I’ll probably end up getting up during the night to let him out!

The things I do because I love that dog!

Lol. He’s just too cute!

The launch

The launch went very well. I thought I wasnt being picked up until 9:15 but then the guy who was picking me up arrived at 8:30 instead. Good thing I was ready to go!

I took Nitro with me. I wasnt going to take him but then I did. But to be honest I am kinda sorry I took him. He doesnt do that well with crowds. And the place was very crowded.

I didnt get to hear any of the speeches, because Nitro was panicking, so I had to take him outside. I took him out a few times during the presentations and brought him back in again but he was jumping on me and really panicking so we just went outside until it was over.

I did meet the minister, he was the minster for ageing and mental health. He was really nice. He spoke to me about volunteering, and that was nice.

After it was over we got photos taken, then I came back to the office. Now I am just waiting for Brenda to get back so she can give me my list of calls.

Overall the whole thing was really nice and it went very well so that was great.

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And, they’ve started!

Fireworks! They are booming! And poor nitro is scared!

He’s shaking and panting a lot!

I brought him in to the bedroom with me and shut the door. I have the tv on to drown out the noise.

I am hoping they dont last for too long! He will need to go out later on! I cant let him go out now though. Just in case one goes off while he’s out doing his business!

Poor boy! He’s a big scardy cat!

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Happy birthday, Nitro!

Today, my baby turns 9! Nitro is 9 wow!
I cannot believe he’s 9!
I feel so bad because I forgot his treats when I went to the store yesterday!
But I love him, and thats the most important thing!
7 years ago, this bundle of joy bounced into my life, he has made life so so much better for me!
He’s such a joy and a treasure!
I think he still thinks he’s a puppy! He loves to play, run and jump around!
Happy birthday sweet nitro!
You’ve been an incredible friend, guide dog, and emotional support dog even though officially your not that at all!
I hope we have many many more years of fun, laughter and companionship together!
Love you to the moon and back!

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Aftercare visit with Nitro!

I just got a phone call from the guide dogs school, someone is coming out next Tuesday morning, to do an aftercare visit with me and Nitro!
It is time for Nitro to retire! I’m not exactly sure if it will happen next week, but it will definitely be happening soon!
He’s 9 this coming Friday!
He’s at that age where they retire!
The trainer whose coming out, I dont know him. I sorta wish it was Nitros trainer Nathalie who was coming out to visit me, but you dont get a choice in who does the aftercare with you.
I am really nervous about this visit! I just hope things go well.
Please keep us in your thoughts, its happening next Tuesday at 11 AM!

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Awakened by thunder and rain

Its 5 AM! I got awakened by heavy rain, and now its also thundering, the kids are very triggered, I am trying to comfort them, nitro is also a little unsettled by the noise, so its a bit of a disaster here, and I am crabby because I am still tired.

I need a coffee and maybe then I’ll perk up! I did let nitro out in between the showers, but I hated having to stand by the back door in the dark. It bothered me.

I turned on the radio for a while to drown out the noise. Normally I like the sound of rain but not tonight, tonight there is too much going on, and I cant listen to it.

I might read for a while when things settle down, if they do settle down.

Now though off to make a nice cup of coffee and maybe catch up on some blog reading!