Starting my day

the house is so warm
feel like I am melting
go outside
play fetch with nitro
cool down
before coming in again
drink some water
feeling refreshed
time to take meds
and start my day
waiting for my PA
one hour to go
before she arrives
then its all systems go
as we tackle the housework
before my fun weekend starts


Woofs and a good morning to everyone!

Woof woof! Good morning! Its me, Nitro!
I had a great night. Mom let me sleep on her bed, she always lets me cuddle and snuggle with her, I love it. I love hogging the bed! Sometimes I like to sleep on the end of it, like with my head towards the bottom, but usually when I do that, mom calls me and makes me come up to the top and put my head on her pillow! Then she pats me and rubs my nose! Its so nice!
I woke up at 5 AM and I was hungry and needed to go out, so I nudged and licked mom until she woke up! She didnt mind though. She said I could wait a little longer, so I had to be good and settle down until 6 AM when she finally got up and let me out and gave me food! And of course she made a coffee! I dont know how she can drink that stuff! I prefer a nice bowl of cool water!
Has anyone got any plans today? I dont! I think I’m going to nana and grandads house, yay! I love it there. And right now there are three other dogs there! There are two pugs there and a bullstaff! The bull staff is old though he’s 13! He doesnt really plan with me well occasionally he will play, he and I get along though, we’re buddies.
The pugs are little rats! hahaha! They’re so annoying!
They belong to moms sister! She’s on holiday right now though so nana and grandad are looking after them!
One of them is a barker! I think she’s pretty loud! I rarely bark and its just how mom likes it! She says I forget that I can bark!
Anyway I’d better go cuz mom wants to go get another coffee! I hope all of my friends on here have a fantastic day!
Tail waggles and woofs to you!
Nitro glycerine!


Turkey treat for Nitro

its allie. in case anyone wants to know im 9. i just tellin you that in case anyone forgot.
i just gave nitro a treat. i was eating turkey and i didnt want it all so i gave him some of it cuz sharin is caring.
he’s my best buddy too so i wanted ta share!
he loves turkey! it was turkey breast meat. he’s gone back to bed now all happy!
and im drinking a can of diet coke!
its too hot to sleep!
allie 9


Snuggle time!

I’m snuggling with my puppy! I love him so.

He’s so cute! I wish he wasnt getting older. He’ll turn 9 in october.

I want to keep him with me forever! He’s such a loyal and faithful dog.

I never want him to get sick or die! I love when he clambers on my bed and nuzzles his nose into me. His soft breath on my hands and face feels so reassuring.

Snuggling with him is the absolute best feeling ever!


3 things!

Welcome to the Three Things Challenge. Every day at 10PM (PST) I will post three seemingly unconnected things that will, hopefully, ignite your muse. You don’t have to use all three things if you don’t want to. There are no restrictions on length, style, genre, or anything. Simply read the prompt, see where your muse takes you, and bring us along for the ride. Use 3TC as a tag if you’d like and link back to this prompt, or post your link in the comments below so others can find you.

Happy Writing!

Today’s prompt: cobbler, nitrogen, Lego


Ouch! She screamed as she stepped on another piece of her nephews lego!

Her dog, Nitro came bounding over. He was very protective of her.

Hey mr. nitrogen!

His nickname was nitro glycerine but she always called him nitrogen!

However he was not an explosive dog, far from it.

He was the cutest, most laid back dog she’d ever seen!

Good boy, nitro, she said as she ruffled his fur, thanks for always protecting me.


appointment this morning with my resource worker at NCBI

So this morning, I went to meet my new resource worker at the national council for the blind. It used to be that I had a social worker there, but recently they changed their role and job description and its now called a community resource worker, I had one woman for years, but recently a new lady started and today was my first time meeting her. Her name is Katrina.
She was really nice. I had spoken to her on the phone a few weeks ago. The reason we met today is because I wanted to get mobility training, since Nitro is retiring at the end of this year. So I need to learn new routes using a long cane, as I am going to keep him and not get another dog just yet.
There is a process, an assessment process before you can get long cane training. So she needed to interview me to find out about me and find out my history and stuff. Plus also, she just wanted to meet me since she didnt actually know me at all.
The meeting went really well. We talked about a lot. I even discussed my mental health difficulties with her. I had told her most things over the phone but I hadnt divulged that I struggled with PTSD and did and so I told her that today. She was very understanding and I felt like she got it and I am glad I told her that I have mental health problems. It felt like I was being authentic and honest, real and vulnerable.
She said she was going to push my case up the list, and make it a high priority. There is a long waiting list for long cane training, but she said I should hopefully hear something within the next few weeks. So thats all positive. I am looking forward to getting started with the long cane training. Learning new routes, and building up my cane skills and confidence.
I’m glad we’ve met now. At least now I know her. And if I need her in the future I can call or email her.