Feeling overwhelmed

Eyes fill
Tears spill
Onto my blanket
Feel Nitro there
Call him near
Pat him, as I feel the fear
Fear builds
My insides feel like lead
I have a pain in my head
Wrap up warm
I can survive this storm
Tomorrow, things will be normal again

Just wrote this as I am feeling incredibly sad and alone and my body is tense, I feel full of fear and trepidation, I’m starting to have flashbacks again, so I’m snuggling nitro and drinking a coffee and trying to watch a little tv.

Pet therapy

the hot liquid
burns as it goes down my throat
All I feel is
burning, and I imagine
My feelings
Disapating and disappearing
Into the hot liquid
Feelings of fear, sadness, loneliness
All evaporating
Then all of a sudden
My big cute lab
Puts his wet nose
In my hand
Jolts me back to reality
He wants out
And he cant hold on
Puppies cant hold it
When he has to go he has to go
So slowly I rise
From my bed
Where I’ve been sitting
time to go out
He obediently follows me
I let him outside
Smell the fresh air
Then again, all of a sudden
I realise
I’m no longer thinking
About fear, sadness or loneliness
Its funny what some pet therapy can do for you
Nitro, nitro
come on boy
He bounces in again
I Pat him on the head
As he goes back and lies on his bed

I’m so outspoken!

Well, I’ve walked myself into it now! I got a call this afternoon from a girl at irish guide dogs. She asked me if they can use photos of me and nitro, for a campaign they are doing, targeting taxi drivers, the campaign is for the transport authority, to let taxi drivers know that they cant refuse guide dogs, that its actually against the law for them to refuse a blind person and their dog!

I gave her permission to use my photo, but then I decided to tell her about my negative experiences with a taxi firm I use, how some drivers refuse to pick me up, and their excuse is that they dont want to deal with dog hair!

Hello? I brush my dog every day! But he still sheds! Its what dogs do for fuck sake.

Anyway, on hearing my story, she said to me, well, we’re actually looking for a negative experience from a service user, can I use yours?

So I guess my story is now being broadcast to hundreds of taxi drivers across the country! Talk about being a voice for change! If this doesnt change something, then I dont know what will!

I’m happy to help, though.

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Happy Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday guys! Good morning, good afternoon or good evening, wherever you are!
Whats on the agenda for today?
Me I have college this morning. For 3 hours. I hope the morning flies by!
I need to drop Nitro to mom and dads on my way to college, as after college I am going back to mom and dads for lunch, and then mom is coming back with me to my house. She’s going to hopefully cut my grass for me if the weather stays fine!
I also go to slimming world this evening! So a busy day is in store for me!
And you? How does your day look?
Whatever you do, have an amazing wednesday!

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3 things challenge!


Welcome to the Three Things Challenge. Every day at 10PM (PST) I will post three seemingly unconnected things that will, hopefully, ignite your muse. You dont have to use all three things if you dont want to. There are no restrictions on length, style, genre, or anything. Simply read the prompt, see where your muse takes you, and bring us along for the ride. Use 3TC as a tag if youd like and link back to this prompt, or post your link in the comments below so others can find you.

Happy Writing!

Todays prompt: trash, animal, debutante


Get your nose out of the trash, Nitro! What a silly animal you are! Always up to something or other. Always trying to keep me on my toes!

Does he listen? Nope!

That dog has a mind of his own!

He loves to see if he can get something out of there!

A juicy scrap or two!

Me? I’m ready to scream! Especially when the trash is all over my kitchen floor!

But then, then he gives me those puppydog eyes, the big, brown soulful ones, and my heart melts.

How can I be mad?


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Frolicking, tumbling
Playing together
Nitro and me
He had an impish way about him
As he caught his ball
He darted along
Wanting more
He’s a playful little rascal
An impish pup
Rogue, rambunshus
Determined to get his way
But I never say no
How can I?
How do you say no to those soulful eyes
that puppy dog face?
How do you stop playing
When that waggly tail
And those big fluffy paws
Slip slide around
As he collides into you
For the fiftieth time?

Love him so, so much!


Anniversary of the guide dog!

Did you know?
That today is the Anniversary of the Seeing Eye Dog? The first seeing eye dog, Buddy, was given to his owner, Morris Frank, on this day in 1928. Buddy helped Mr. Frank fight for the rights of people with special challenges, including the right to bring service animals into restaurants, onto airplanes, and other places where pets are not typically allowed. Buddy met Presidents Hoover and Coolidge, and when she died in 1938, the New York Times ran an obituary honoring her impact on American compassion and civility.