Heading home!

well i’ll be heading home to my own house today.

i’ll head home after we’ve had dinner, my sisters coming over to have dinner with us, all of the family usually have dinner together on sundays.

My sister will drop me and Nitro home.

My mom said she’d come over for a while, to help me clean the house. where would I be without her?

I am looking forward to going home. And nitro likes his own space, too.

No other plans today. Just gonna relax.
carol anne

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That darn dog…

nitro is not doing that great tonight. i think he ate something when he was outside.

his stomach is growling, and he is farting and stinking up my whole room. ewwww. darn dog!

i hope this wont last too long. hoping he’ll be ok by the morning.

nothing worse than a dog with a tummy upset, I just hope he starts perking up soon.

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Update on nitro

Well nitro is back to himself you’ll be glad to know.

He ate both of his meals yesterday and there was no vomiting. Yay.

I’m very relieved. Whatever it was, its gone now, thanks god.

He’s his normal bouncy self again today. Waiting now to be fed. Hungry for his morning meal.

❤ 😀

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A sick dog

Nitro has been really ill. he was vomiting in the middle of the night. i didnt even hear him getting sick. but when i woke up this morning there it was, all over the mat in the hall and in the living room.

i tried to clean it up as best as i could. but there was just too much of it and it was hard so i had to ring my mom and ask her to get a taxi to my house and help me sort it out.

thankfully i had some time because I wasnt going to see dr. barry until 11:30. by then we were done. i was nervous to leave nitro alone in the house but when i got back a few minutes ago everything was fine, and he hadnt vomited again.

i boiled some rice and will give him that this afternoon. i didnt feed him this morning. i decided not to just in case he got sick again. hopefully the rice will settle his tummy.

its awful when he’s ill. i feel for him. i dont know how i didnt hear him in the night. im usually a light sleeper and wake easily on hearing noise.

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nitro is so happy in the sun

nitro is just loving the sunshine, well thats when he’s not exhausted from it, but yesterday, I gave him an empty water bottle, and he proudly pranced around the garden with it in his mouth, teasing our dads dog biggie as if to say, look what I got lol. Biggie tried to then chase him, but nitros way too fast and can easily run rings around him. Well biggie is 12, and a little bit on the chubby side so…no wonder nitro can run faster than he can lol.
but he really enjoyed playing in the garden, he loves going to my parents house, as there is another dog to play with, and he enjoys that, and today my parents will be taking on my sisters two pugs, while she’s off to spain for two weeks.

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Nitros vet visit

just got back from taking nitro to the vet. vets are not cheap! that was a quick 125 euro spent let me tell ya.
but he’s worth it, so worth it.
he got his yearly kennel cough vaccination and he also got his yearly booster shots for other diseases.
that alone was 60 euro. then she cleaned out his ears, his left ear is giving him trouble, he only had it cleaned a few weeks ago, and now its full of wax again, he has ear issues though, he’s always had them since he was young. so she gave me drops to put in for 10 days. the drops were 15 euro, dog medication isnt cheap at all!
I also had to get his food for the month, another fifty euro on that.
Thank god I had enough money to cover all that. I have to take him back in 3 weeks time for a top up booster shot, but she said that would be free of charge.
The vet absolutely adores nitro. I love the vet, I think she is such a kind caring person and she really knows her job. And you can tell she loves animals.
Now we are home and of course as soon as we got in I ran the fan, its 26 degrees c here right now and I’m baking.
carol anne

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Nitro is on strike

Nitros gone on strike. He wont get out of bed and go out. He is refusing point blank to go outside to do his buisness.

Silly puppy. He’s hot but wont go out. Whoever heard of that.

I tried getting him up and catching his lead and tugging on it. He walked maybe 3 steps and then flopped down on the hard wood floor again, and then when I decided not to push it he got up and went back to bed.

Its a dogs life isnt it?

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