My Tuesday

Is going well so far. My PA came, we did housework, and she helped me make breakfast, I had fried eggs and toast, yummy! She was here from 9 AM until 11:30. I was gonna go to starbux but decided against it as I didnt need anything else. So I decided to wait until Thursday to go, because I’ll be going out to get money out and do a little bit of shopping. I found out the beautician I go to closed down, so I had to find somewhere else. I found somewhere that seems good, so I booked an appointment for the 10th of July to get my nails done and some waxing also. I cant wait to get my nails done and my eyebrows waxed. It makes me feel so good about myself to have them done. My PA took Nitro for a walk for me, I didnt go. He’s really calm now and tired out after his walk. I made some lunch once my PA left. Then I watched two episodes of the show disappeared. Its a true crime sort of show. I went online and put in a grocery order. Its the first time I’ve done it, shopped and had the shopping delivered. So I hope it is going to turn out well. My delivery isnt coming until Monday. That was the soonest slot I could get from them. I only got a few things because I wanted to check out the service before doing a bigger shop. So we’ll see how it goes. The app was accessible, which is important if I am going to do more shopping on there. Now I’m enjoying a coffee and watching an afternoon chat show on tv. I talked to my friend Norma for a few minutes also. And I talked to my mom also.