Change of plan…probably wont be going to england for my cousins funeral

Looks like I might not be going to the UK for my cousins funeral after all. Mom and me had a long talk, and we’ve decided that we may just not go. The reason is this. My aunt, thats our cousins mom, she called us yesterday, asked us to bring her over a bottle of vodka, she’s an alcoholic, but she has been off of the vodka for a while now. She knows we’re coming, and now she’s asked us to buy it for her, saying she is going to find the funeral hard to cope with. The thing is her husband doesnt know she’s asked us. She waited until he was out to ring us. Thats because she knows he wouldnt be at all pleased. If he knew she’d done this there would be trouble. Mom and me dont want to go over there and end up looking disrespectful, or look bad because we’ve brought it to her. Her daughters and son would be so angry, and rightly so. We dont want to do this at all. Mom doesnt want to tell her that we dont want to do it though. She is scared I think. Scared of what she’ll say to us. So mom has decided that if we dont go, she’ll just tell her that she’s ill and we cant come. I know its hiding the truth, and it would be better if we could tell the truth, and say she’s put us under pressure, but we just dont feel able to do it. We havent fully decided yet, but by tomorrow we will decide one way or the other. We’ve already booked our flights, so we’re going to lose that money if we dont go. We really cant go with this hanging over us though. What if she had it and drinks it on the day of the funeral like she’s planning to do. She’ll be drunk, and when she’s drunk she’s not very nice. The fact that she hasnt had any vodka in a while, means it will go to her head quicker. We dont want her husband to be mad at us. Or say we’re disrespecting his dead daughter, by bringing alcohol to his wife. So its best we just dont go. Sad to have to do it but its necessary. Definitely now its looking likely that we wont be going. But if we do decide to go, we’ll just not take any alcohol to her, I am pretty sure though mom doesnt want to have that confrontation with my aunt. Mom hates conflict of any kind. She’d rather avoid it if possible. If we dont end up going, I’ll just think of my cousin alison on Monday morning, at the time her funeral is on. Maybe I can light a candle for her or something to show her I’m thinking of her and I can also say prayers for her.