Sunday gratitude post, things I am thankful for on this sunday

Hi all

Well I thought I’d do a little sunday gratitude post! Things I am thankful for today! ❤

Here goes!

My sister, who very kindly took me to iceland to get some slimming world meals!

My dad, and not just because its fathers day! But because he cooked an awesome dinner today!

My dog, who always brings me joy!

My technology, for allowing me to connect with like minded people.

My friends, for all of the wonderful support.

My blog buddies, for whom I am eternally grateful.

My writing, which allows me to release feelings and emotions.

My books, reading is a passion of mine!

A hot shower!

The nice weather!

What are you thankful for on this sunday?

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Mental wellness challenge, day four

Day Four.

What are your top three intentions for each day and how can you meet them?

Intention 1:

Eat healthy and exercise on most days!

Intention 2:

Do some self care every day!

Intention 3:

Journal! Writing is sootheing to me!

What are yours?

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I have a working shower, yay!

Well…my shower is all done! And it works! Yay!
I am so thrilled! So nice to have a brand spanking new shower!
I’ve already taken 2 showers since yesterday, lol!
I wasnt meant to actually use it yesterday, until the tiles dried, but I did use it anyway, there was no way I was going out last night to slimming world with unwashed hair and feeling icky!
So once the electrician connected it up, I was in there right away!
Its brilliant! There is great power in it! The water feels so nice. Its nice to actually be able to wash with warm water, water thats hot and not just lukewarm!
Well, I am just so grateful that I was able to get this shower, and I didnt have to buy one myself, and spend a lot of money, as it would have easily cost me the bones of 1000 euros to get a shower, and have it connected!
I am so thankful to cork city council who I rent my house from for coming through for me and providing me with one!
Gratitude of the day!


Daily gratitude

I have so many things to be thankful for! I am so blessed. I need to remember that whenI feel down or sad.

Here are just a few of my things I am thankful for today!

Nice weather

Being able to relax and rest

Good friends

A hot shower

Food on the table

My dog

Technology like my phone and laptop

Good sleep last night

My health

Writing and being able to connect with so many likeminded bloggers


My independence

What are you grateful for today?


Finally, my wasp problem is going to be fixed!

I just had a call from a local pest control place. The housing authority is going to pay to have my wasp issue sorted, and my neighbours also. Thank god! I am beyond happy about this. The guy from the pest control place said he will come out this afternoon. I am not home right now, and so I asked him if that matters, he said no. He said he’s going to spray the area and hopefully get at the nest. I told him my neighbour had been spraying with powder, as he said that is what he will use, but that she wasnt able to see th e nest. He said its probably in a vent, or behind the wood paneling on our windows. He asked me if the sun beats down on that area, and yes, it does. So he said thats why they’re there, heat draws them. Plus, I also have a big tree in my garden, with lots of flowers on it. After this is done, I think its time to cut it down! Anyway, thankfully he’ll be out this afternoon and he’ll sort it. And hopefully they’ll all be dead soon. He said within a matter of hours, they’d all be dead. I am happy the local city council is paying. I’m glad they did that. We thought they might not. But we’re renting from them, so its up to them to fix the problem. And I’m glad they will now. What a relief!