Another mystery blogger award!

Thank you, Dr. tanya from Dr. Tanya at salted caramel for nominating me for an award!
I am very very grateful and I thank you kindly!

Dr. Tanyas blog is amazing! So go check her out!

So what is this award? A mystery blog award!

Now, whats the Mystery Blogger Award?

Its an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts. Their blog not only captivates; it inspires and motivates. They are one of the best out there, and they deserve every recognition they get. This award is also for bloggers who find fun and inspiration in blogging, and they do it with so much love and passion. ~ Okoto Enigma

Five Questions For The Nominees Of This Award

1. How old is your blog now?

This particular blog I started in 2015, but I’d been blogging before then, on another blog, my first blog post on wordpress was in January 2012.

2. What do you enjoy most about blogging?

I enjoy the comradory, the friends I’ve made are all amazing and I love that I am also raising awareness of mental illness, disability and other related issues too!

3. How important do you think Social Media is for the success of a blog?

I dont think its that important. Most of my readers come from wordpress itself, not from facebook or twitter but I do have my blog linked to both places.

4. How would you define a sucessful blog? In other words, what do think a successful blog looks like?

Lots of engagement, comments, likes, but especially comments on posts, engagement, its keye for any blog to do well. If a blogger doesnt respond to comments, they’re blog will flop.

5. Funny/Weird Question: if you were a superhero, what superpower would you like to have and what would you do with it?

I’d love to be able to become invisible! That would be cool as then I could listen in on conversations and stuff without being seen!

Here are 3 things about me!

1. I am an early riser and a night owl!

2. I love windchimes! I have a few pairs in my house!

3. One time when I visited america, I went in a walmart and came out with a bra that I forgot to pay for, oops!

My 5 questions for my nominees are:

1. If you could spend a day doing what you wanted, what would you do with your day?

2. What time do you usually wake up at?

3. Sunny weather or cooler weather?

4. what toppings do you like on icecream?

5. Funny question, whats the silliest dream you ever had?

and now on to my nominees!

I nominate:

nova of novas namaste online

Erika of share your light:

trina of its good to be crazy sometimes

Michie, of only michie

and lorraine fover at

congrats to you all I hope you’ll accept the nomination!


gratitude post

I felt like doing a gratitude post this evening. I have a lot to be grateful for. I am so thankful my life is going relatively smoothly. Thank you universe.

In no particular order, here is what I am grateful for today…

my dog, he’s been a tremendous support to me lately. Life would be so much worse without him in it.
a shower…I love hot showers, at my parents I was able to take one each morning, it was bliss.
Body lotion, I love my rose scented lotion, it reminds me of Eileen. My friend ray gave it to me. Thank you ray! Its almost gone now though, time to get some new lotion soon!
Journaling…blogging is something I really enjoy. The support I get from you all means the world to me. I am so grateful every day for all of you. You’ve all become friends, and are like my own family. Blogging has helped me enormously and it helps me cope. I look forward to updating the blog each day.
Sunday dinner that my dad cooked…my dad is a great cook. Today he made us ribs. It was nice to eat with him. I enjoyed our sunday lunch.
cooler weather. It rained here today. It was nice to get cooled off. I was indoors when the rain fell, so I didn’t get wet. I enjoyed listening to it bouncing off the windows.
the fact I get to stay home tomorrow. I am very happy I don’t have to go out tomorrow. Unless I choose to go out to my friends house, which I may do, we’ll see what tomorrow brings, if not, I will just enjoy a relaxing day at home, do things I love and chill out.

what are you grateful for today?

Gratitude and self-care

Hi everyone
Its Sienna! I know I dont post often but, here I am!
I want to start doing a daily gratitude post on my blog again, I used to do it regularly, then I wasnt out in a while, so didnt have a chance to do it
In our system, I look after the self care things that we do. I come out and I make sure we’re getting enough self care activities in, and enough me time, so we can replenish ourselves.
Its tough, because sometimes there isnt much time to do self care things, but each day I try to do something, one thing even, that will benefit our mental and physical wellbeing.
I used to also do up a list of things I’m grateful for at the end of each day, and I want to restart that up again on our blog. So my contribution to our blog from now on is going to be just that, a gratitude list each day, and maybe some posts about self care, too!
So heres our gratitude list for today! In no particular order, I am grateful for…
Mom! She has helped us immensely and without her we wouldnt be able to do half the things we can do now!
Our dog nitro! His waggly tail, and sweet doggy kisses, keep us going on our bad days.
Rain! I love the rain!
Music…I love listening to it, apple music is my favourite thing to listen to.
Reading! Books help us escape!
My health! I am happy we’re healthy!
A therapist who cares so much about us!
Hot food to eat!
Our house!
Being loved!
Finding joy in the small things!
Taxi’s! They help us get around!!
Our PA!
So thats it for now! What are you grateful for today?
Until next time, adios!
Sienna, age 22

Thought of the day!

It’s a new day! Let go of old issues, relationships, or apprehensions that are holding you back. Decide to move forward using the knowledge you’ve gained, from your failures and triumphs, while making room for new accomplishments. Cleaning isn’t just good for your house, it’s healthy for your mind. Adopt the attitude that you can and will achieve your dreams, because it’s true. You have greatness within you!
Les Brown


I am a moments hunter

I am a moments hunter. I’m always searching for those “extraordinary” moments… The ones where time seems to stand still. In my mind I have a collection of them, like a living scrap book that I use when I need motivation, or inspiration, or my faith in humanity restored. And what I’ve learned while hunting these moments is that they’re always happening… In fact they look a hell of a lot like ordinary life.
Jim Willett


Sunday gratitude post, things I am thankful for on this sunday

Hi all

Well I thought I’d do a little sunday gratitude post! Things I am thankful for today! ❤

Here goes!

My sister, who very kindly took me to iceland to get some slimming world meals!

My dad, and not just because its fathers day! But because he cooked an awesome dinner today!

My dog, who always brings me joy!

My technology, for allowing me to connect with like minded people.

My friends, for all of the wonderful support.

My blog buddies, for whom I am eternally grateful.

My writing, which allows me to release feelings and emotions.

My books, reading is a passion of mine!

A hot shower!

The nice weather!

What are you thankful for on this sunday?

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Mental wellness challenge, day four

Day Four.

What are your top three intentions for each day and how can you meet them?

Intention 1:

Eat healthy and exercise on most days!

Intention 2:

Do some self care every day!

Intention 3:

Journal! Writing is sootheing to me!

What are yours?

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