A new beginning?

Every day is a new beginning, a day for a new plan and new action. If today, in conscious awareness, you choose the same plan as yesterday, you are wise. If you choose a different plan, you are equally wise. Whatever you choose, choose with intention.
Jonathan Lockwood Huie

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What do you see?

Some people could be given an entire field of roses and only see the thorns in it. Others could be given a single weed and only see the wildflower in it. Perception is a key component to gratitude. And gratitude is a key component to joy.
Amy Weatherly

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Be grateful for…

Each day brings in bits of hope, desires, aims, goals, resolutions, aspirations, inspirations, happiness, sorrow, laughter, tears and a lot more than we can think of. The important part is to be grateful for all that we get.
Nikita Jaggi

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Mom visited

So mom came over. She just rang me and said she’d come over. She wanted to cut my grass. The weathers been so mild the past couple of months that the grass is still growing a lot. So right now she’s outside cutting it. So sweet of her to do it for me since she has COPD and her breathing gets bad. I am so grateful to her, otherwise I’d have to pay someone to come in and cut my grass for me.
I’ll be going to my friend Normas house today in the afternoon, so I said I’d drop her back home, I can get the taxi to drop her off. She also cleaned my yard, cleaned nitros poop for me.
We also sat and had a cup of tea and chatted a little. That was nice. The kids are wishing that she’d recognise them though, but she doesnt, well she sorta does, but she doesnt call them by name, but she occasionally does something out of character that tells us she knows its kids and not an adult whose present.
Our relationship has gotten so much better though. Its way better now than it was 3 or four years ago. So many improvements in it. I am so grateful for that.

Sunday gratitude…

I thought I’d do a gratitude post today…just because…

So in no particular order, the things I am grateful for are:

A warm bed, which I am still tucked up in.
My dog, always grateful for my puppy.
Cool water to drink.
That my dad will cook us a nice sunday lunch today…corned beef and cabbage…yum…
Food to eat, and lots of it too…
Books, because where would we be without them…
Music, because music always makes me feel good…
A hot shower…
Journalling and writing…
That I woke up happy today…
My good mood…
That I am alive….
That another day is here and the weather isnt too bad outside…

What are you grateful for?

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#JusJoJan prompt january 20th 2019

Your prompt for JusJoJan 2019, January 20th is brought to you by Jill!
Jills word for our prompt today is serendipity

Well I think I had some very good serendipity last night! As Alexa just told me, serendipity means good fortune, or good luck.
Well I slept well last night as I said in another post, that in itself is a pure miracle!
I have a warm house, in this freezing cold weather, I have good food to eat, I have my puppy, I have home comforts, if all that isnt good serendipity then I really dont know what is!
I am so so grateful to have all that in my life! So many people dont!
I really Feel for the many people who are homeless, or have less good fortune, and a lot of bad luck, life seems to hand them disaster after disaster!
Today I will say a prayer for all of the people in the world who have less good fortune and who are struggling!
And I will be happy and grateful that I am having serendipity and am not one of them!


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