The more we express thanks

The more we express thanks, the more gratitude we feel. The more gratitude we feel, the more we express thanks. It’s circular, and it leads to a happier life.
Steve Goodier


Gratitude at christmas time!

Today I am grateful for:

Yummy food, including my dinner, and chocolate
A warm house
My family
A bubble bath
New life, two babies were born in our family today
The dogs
My happiness and stability
Coffee and tea
Sleeping in this morning
Christmas movies on tv
Presents from family
That I have love in my heart

Merry christmas to everyone!


My daily gratitude list!

Today I am grateful for the following!

My supervisor at my volunteer job for a ride to work
My furbaby, nitro!
My mom!
My friends!
My nice warm house!
Distractions like tv and books
A hot cup of tea or coffee!
A hot shower!
Fresh fruit
That I am feeling relatively happy!


Monday giving thanks!

Thankful to be alive!
Thankful for kind work colleagues
Thankful for my dog
Thankful for good food
A nice warm house!
A hot shower
Clean clothes!
Music and books
My friends!
My family!
Having hope!
Dr. barry!
My therapist eileen!
My health!

So much to be thankful for…


I’m so grateful!

I’m so, so grateful for my mom. She’s such a great help to me. Thanks mom, for everything that you do for me! I appreciate you so, so much!
I’m also grateful I made very healthy choices today with my food. I had a gorgeous chicken curry for dinner. Since I am losing weight, I eat tons more fruit and vegetables. I made an extra side of broccoli to go with my chicken curry, just to give me extra speed! Then I made a lovely fruit salad for afters, and while mom and dad ate chocolate cake, I ate my fruit salad!
I’m grateful for the dogs. They are making life a little happier today. Their cuteness, their excitement, their soft fur, all adorable! I love that we have four dogs in our house today. My nitro, mom and dads dog biggie he’s a bullstaff, and my sisters two pugs Junie and Starlet! My sister is gone on a road trip this weekend with her family, and my parents are looking after her dogs.
I’m also so grateful for my technology. My phone, laptop, Bluetooth keyboard, etc. I use them so much every day, but I know some people aren’t lucky enough to own a smart phone, or a laptop. So each day I thank god for allowing me to be able to learn how to use them and also for allowing me to afford them.
I’m grateful that I’ve been able to start my Christmas shopping. I’ve been able to buy some peoples presents. That makes me very happy. Plus I wont be doing it all at the last minute which I love. There’s nothing worse than pressure at Christmas time. I rather do it over a few weeks, do it slowly, and pay attention to what I am doing, what I am buying for people. This year I have quite a few gifts to buy so its good I can get them slowly over a few weeks.
What are you grateful for today?