Gratitude journal 3rd october 2019

What am I thankful for today? Here goes!

That we didnt have a bad storm!
My dog!
Good friends
My blogging tribe!
My bed
A warm blanket to put over me!
my mom!
A hot shower!
Fresh fruit
That I am in a good mood!
The radio
That I can read


The importance of being thankful

Hi! This morning, I bring you Lauras first post! Today she writes about being thankful!
Read on for a wonderful message from Laura venturini!

The Importance of being Thankful

We get caught up in our own little worlds. With the ups and downs that life can bring. Its so easy to miss the blessings we have in front of us daily. Sometimes we just need to step back and take a look around. What do you see? What are you thankful for?

Let go of the negative for a bit. Forget about what is troubling you. Let the weight thats on your shoulders lighten. For a bit sit back and look at what you have and be thankful.

-LA Vent 2019


gratitude for the small things

I am blessed. I am much to be thankful for. This includes the following:

I woke up, healthy and mostly happy
I my nitro who loves me, no matter what
Its a nice morning outside
I have a supportive family
I have coffee! Yay caffeine!
I have help from my PA. Thanks to her I can have a clean house!
I have running water, so I can shower!
I have clean clothes
I have food to eat
I am able to read and learn!
I have my blog family love you all!
I have all of my friends on and offline!

Love to you all, on this Friday! There is so so much to be thankful for this morning!

Who won the week? 9-01-19

My friend Bea, thats who! Bea Halton of the bea writes!
She made me smile this week by sending me a lovely hand written note in the mail, thank you, bea!
I needed a pick me up, and it came just at the right time!
She is amazing! And I dont care that I already posted about it earlier tonight, this kind gesture deserves another post about it!
So hurrah to bea halton! You won this week girl!

Love, carol anne


gratitude post

I felt like doing a gratitude post this evening. I have a lot to be grateful for. I am so thankful my life is going relatively smoothly. Thank you universe.

In no particular order, here is what I am grateful for today…

my dog, he’s been a tremendous support to me lately. Life would be so much worse without him in it.
a shower…I love hot showers, at my parents I was able to take one each morning, it was bliss.
Body lotion, I love my rose scented lotion, it reminds me of Eileen. My friend ray gave it to me. Thank you ray! Its almost gone now though, time to get some new lotion soon!
Journaling…blogging is something I really enjoy. The support I get from you all means the world to me. I am so grateful every day for all of you. You’ve all become friends, and are like my own family. Blogging has helped me enormously and it helps me cope. I look forward to updating the blog each day.
Sunday dinner that my dad cooked…my dad is a great cook. Today he made us ribs. It was nice to eat with him. I enjoyed our sunday lunch.
cooler weather. It rained here today. It was nice to get cooled off. I was indoors when the rain fell, so I didn’t get wet. I enjoyed listening to it bouncing off the windows.
the fact I get to stay home tomorrow. I am very happy I don’t have to go out tomorrow. Unless I choose to go out to my friends house, which I may do, we’ll see what tomorrow brings, if not, I will just enjoy a relaxing day at home, do things I love and chill out.

what are you grateful for today?

Gratitude and self-care

Hi everyone
Its Sienna! I know I dont post often but, here I am!
I want to start doing a daily gratitude post on my blog again, I used to do it regularly, then I wasnt out in a while, so didnt have a chance to do it
In our system, I look after the self care things that we do. I come out and I make sure we’re getting enough self care activities in, and enough me time, so we can replenish ourselves.
Its tough, because sometimes there isnt much time to do self care things, but each day I try to do something, one thing even, that will benefit our mental and physical wellbeing.
I used to also do up a list of things I’m grateful for at the end of each day, and I want to restart that up again on our blog. So my contribution to our blog from now on is going to be just that, a gratitude list each day, and maybe some posts about self care, too!
So heres our gratitude list for today! In no particular order, I am grateful for…
Mom! She has helped us immensely and without her we wouldnt be able to do half the things we can do now!
Our dog nitro! His waggly tail, and sweet doggy kisses, keep us going on our bad days.
Rain! I love the rain!
Music…I love listening to it, apple music is my favourite thing to listen to.
Reading! Books help us escape!
My health! I am happy we’re healthy!
A therapist who cares so much about us!
Hot food to eat!
Our house!
Being loved!
Finding joy in the small things!
Taxi’s! They help us get around!!
Our PA!
So thats it for now! What are you grateful for today?
Until next time, adios!
Sienna, age 22