Flu shot

so i got my flu shot. it was not painful at all. i thought it would be. i was pleasantly surprised.

i told the nurse to tell me when she was going to put the needle in my arm. she did that and everything went ok. it was over in a matter of seconds. am very pleased its done and over with now!

I asked her to book me in for bloods. She looked and said I hadnt had a full blood panel done since 2016. So she booked me in. The soonest I could get was for two weeks time. So on the 19th I will go have my blood taken, my liver, kidneys, and cholesterol checked. I will also have an A1C. And other bloods done as well.

I’m glad I dont go to my GP’S surgery very often. The wait is a killer! There was plenty of people lining up to see the nurse! Ah well, its all over now for another year. And hopefully I can avoid the flu or a nasty strain of it at least.

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Home from therapy

Just home from therapy. It was good. Productive. We just had lunch and now are waiting for our sister to pick us up. Must go get our flu shot. Not looking forward to getting a needle in my arm. I am not a fan of needles at the best of times. You’d think I would be used to them since I am on a 3 monthly shot for psych reasons. But I don’t think you ever actually get used to needles. Anyway. I hope its pretty painless. And I hope there is no side effects from it.
Will write more about therapy later this evening if I am able.

Not a lot of sleep

I didn’t sleep too well last night. I was tired, and I went to bed and was watching tv, and was falling asleep watching it, so I turned off the tv, and I did sleep for a few hours, but I woke at 4 AM and couldn’t get back to sleep, so got up.

I have therapy at 10. I am enjoying the peace and quiet of the early morning. I am enjoying a nice cup of tea. I am wondering how therapy will go. I’m sure it will be ok. We are doing a lot of hard work at the moment. There is no anxiety around going today though which is nice.

I have to go to my GP later today and see the nurse, I am getting my flu injection. Mom is going too she’s also getting one. My sister will take us and drop us off on her way to work, I will just have a little time to grab lunch when I get home from therapy before I will have to be ready to leave.

I also have to go get dog food today. I just have enough to feed nitro this morning. I buy a months worth of dog food at once. Luckily my cheque came in so I have the money to go buy it for him. I’ll do it after I see the nurse and then my sister will drop me home afterwords.

So yep I have a busy day ahead!

Oh but I need a nap

I need one right now, but its too warm to nap.
so instead I called a friend, chatted to her for a while, then went to feed nitro, and now am browsing audible for some new books to read.
I bought 3 new books. they are all medical related.
One is called confessions of a gp, one is called emergency admission:confessions of an ambulance driver, and the third is called doctors notes, which Astrid over at blogging astrid reviewed and I decided to see if audible had it and they did!
I am so excited to read all of these books!
I love medical related books, I found a few more I want but dont have money for them right now, and no credits in my account either, so I will have to wait until next month to grab them.
Nevermind though, in the meantime, I have tons of books to read!
I hope your all having a happy friday 😀
carol anne

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i went to my gp. i decided not to wait, to go and see what the pain in my stomach was and what might be causing it.

it turned out I had a raging kidney infection. she made me give her a sample and it turns out there was a lot of protein in my urine and some other elevated things too in it.

she put me on antibiotics for a week. augmentin duo they are called. they have penicillin in them. they are very strong, the strength of the tablets is 625 mg.

I came home after seeing her and took my first tablet and then I went to bed for an hour and a half. And I actually slept.

I think the tablets are going to wipe me and drain me of energy. I’ve been on them in the past for other things and that is what has happened in the past.

I’m glad I got it checked out though. My minds at ease now. I was really starting to wonder if I might have something very serious wrong with me!

Stomach pain

for the past 2 days i’ve had a very sore stomach.

its like muscle pain, but I am not sure that is what it is. I’m pretty worried about it.

My anxiety is very high. I’ll give it a couple more days, if it doesnt go away I’ll see my gp.

If I press on the front of my stomach, above my belly button, it hurts. If I breathe in deeply it hurts. If I move suddenly, it hurts.

Its worrying. I’m trying not to think too much about it. It might be that I pulled a muscle getting in or out of bed. Who knows.

We’ll just see how it goes I guess.
carol anne

Question of the day

Do you have a good relationship with your gp?
I dont see my gp too often. But when I do see him, I have a pretty good relationship with him.
He’s very thorough. He will always thoroughly examine me and he leaves no stones unturned when it comes to diagnosing your illness.
The one down side is its very very hard to get in to see him. If your sick and need an appointment you might be waiting a while to get one. I often have to see his partner In the practice because my gp is totally booked out.
I am glad though that I have a doctor who is good. It really does make all the difference.
How about you? Do you like your gp?