Update on car accident and settlement

So I thought I’d post an update on where things stand in regards to our offer of a settlement for the car crash we were involved in last october. We’ve had no offer yet. We thought we’d get one this week but now it doesn’t look likely.
My doctor didn’t submit my medical report on time, the solicitor was in court yesterday and she met the guy whose dealing with the injuries claims, but she didn’t have my report yet, so she couldn’t go ahead and ask the guy dealing with it about offers for us, since she needed all of our medical reports in order to do that.
My GP rang me this morning, he apologised for delaying things. He said he’s submitting the report today. He read it out to me, it looks good, he did a thorough job on it. I am happy with it. So now he’ll forward that on, and its a waiting game again I guess.
Hoping to hear something within a few weeks, but we shall see. Time will tell I suppose.

Medical report. Some worries

So you may remember me saying last week that my mom, myself, my sister and niece had medical reports done up for the solicitor.
It was to do with the accident we had in October. We had to have them done, the solicitor required it so that she could send them on to the injury board so that they can make us an offer.
The thing is these reports cost 300 euro each. The doctors fee is 300. That’s all fine and good, but we don’t have that kinda money! Not at the drop of a hat anyway!
Today, my sister received a letter stating that payment is required in full for the gp! So now we all have to obtain 300 euro each from somewhere, even my little nieces one costs that much! Right before Christmas too! Not ideal at all! But what can you do! It has to be payed!
I’m freaking out! I am not sure where I’ll come up with that kinda money! I will have to come up with it though. I will just have to find funds somewhere and pay it.
Its a huge worry for me! This is a huge deal. And money worries are a huge trigger for us. We hate having to worry about money. We were poor growing up, and actually lived for a while on the poverty line, we don’t now, and haven’t for a long time, but its still really triggery for us to think about having no money or not having enough to do what is needed!
So I am wracking my brain wondering where I am going to find 300 euro so close to Christmas time! I will probably have to scrimp and scrape it together to pay it!
Please pray I will find it and can pay it somehow! I will be really glad when its payed off. Prayers, good vibes, kind comments or thoughts are really appreciated right now.

More updates after the car crash

So I had my medical yesterday, the medical that I had to have after the car crash.
The solicitor had requested it. It went well. My physical symptoms are gone now, its just the psychological stuff that is left. The doctor had a form he had to fill up. A standard report.
He put a lot in about my mental health and the psychological after effects of the accident. He said he thought I’d make a full recovery from it which was good to know. He told myself and my mom, she went in with me, he told us that he found the way it happened and the way the driver just rammed in to us twice then drove off, bizarre to say the least.
I’m glad its over now. Very very glad.
Now there is one more thing we need to do and that is make a statement to the police. That is happening on wednesday afternoon. That is for the pending court case that will be coming up in the new year.
I am nervous to talk to the police. But I will do it. Mom and my sister will also be talking to them.
I just hope it will be ok and go well.

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Sleepless night and plans for today!

well I had very little sleep. Went to bed around 1 AM. Couldnt settle. Eventually I did and I got around 4 hours of sleep total. Feel quite tired this morning. But I am up and awake and have had a couple mugs of coffee to get me up and going!
Just getting ready for therapy now. Booked my taxi. Finally got myself dressed too. Have an hour and a half before I have to leave! So plenty of time!
Am going to cancel my after care with nitro tomorrow. My week is just super busy! I can do it after the christmas rush is over! There is no hurry. I’m sure the guide dog school will be fine with me canceling it.
Other than therapy I have to go to my gp today. I have to get a medical done. You know a medical after the car crash, the solicitor is requesting that we all have medicals done so she can get reports on our injuries. So I have to go there at 3 today.
I plan on walking to the surgery, to get my exercise in! Thats if its not raining!
I hope you all have a fab Monday!

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My diabetic review

so i just got back home from my diabetic review. i had to go to my gp and see his nurse in the practice, and then see the doctor as well. all is good. the great thing is, i am no longer diabetic! my blood sugars show I have reversed the diagnosis, because I am losing weight. I am so delighted. All my hard work payed off. My sugar today was 5.2 and the last time I checked it it was 6.5. But my overall A1C is great. I know the numbers are done differently in different countries, but mine went from 48 the last one I had done to 41 now, and it has to be 42 for a diabetes diagnosis. I got an ECG on my heart and all is good there too. My vitamin B 12 was also good and my cholesterol has come down from 6.5 to 5.4. So I dont see the gp again now for another six months. By then I’ll hopefully be down another 30 to 40 pounds in weight. The nurse was thrilled that I was going to the gym and that I’ve lost 15 kg or 35 pounds since feburary. I asked my gp if I can come off my metphormin but he said no to that. He said that even though I am no longer diabetic now, that they use metphormin for other things like prventing polycystic ovary disease and stuff like that so he said I have to stay on it forever. Thats fine with me. Its only 2 pills a day. And it will also ensure that things stay in check with my blood sugars too which will be good. So I’m good with staying on it. So overall a great appointment and I am really pleased with how it went.

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Back to the doctor

this morning we all went back to our gp’s. we had to go in lou of the claims we put in for damages. the gp examined us. he said our muscles were still a little tense, and movement was still restricted. he said our problems were mostly due to muscle damage. and he gave me more antiinflamitory meds, and pain relief. he said that the ptsd symptoms I was experiencing were normal for what happened. but that if they persisted then that is when I would need treatment. he urged me to talk to dr. barry next week about the symptoms. I asked if I should take extra prazocin, he said no. not yet. wait a little while. talk to dr. barry first and see what she says about it. so I will do that. I wont see her until next Wednesday. in the mean time I will take the 3 MG of prazocin at night. And see how I go with that. Last night I did sleep. I didn’t have flashbacks, or anxiety at bed time. I think I was just too tired and fell into a deep sleep right away. The GP said that when the solicitor requests a medical report on us he’d be in touch. We’ll have to go back again and then retell everything over again so he can write up a report. I am not looking forward to that. But it has to be done I guess.

Its all about the bloods

yeah! it sure is! hahaha 😀

tomorrow morning I have to go to my GP. I have to get bloods taken. I am having a full blood count and having my thyroid, cholesterol and kidneys and liver checked, as well as also having an A 1 C done.

I hate needles. I am very nervous about going. I dont want to be stuck with a needle! I hope the nurse is good and will tell me before she actually takes the blood.

More to the point, I hope she can actually get a vein! I have awful veins! I mean they are really bad. Sometimes doctors cant even get a vein to come up thats how bad they are. So heres hoping the nurse can find one.

I am having my last cup of coffee now. I have to fast from midnight. I am hoping I will get good results and that maybe my diabetes is reversed if I am lucky! I wont know the results for about a week though.
carol anne

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