#3Things Challenge #608 – Reaching out

Your three things today are:

Patty waited for the ink to dry. She had hand written the note.
It had been hard asking for help, but she had finally done it.
She wondered why reaching out was so difficult.
Her sister walked in just then.
Patty, are you ok?
Yes, sighed patty. But I need to take this note to my gp.
Her sister looked at her and nodded.
You did good, patty she said softly.
Hopefully the doctor will read it and know what to do next.
I hope so sighed patty. Living like this is becoming unbearable.
Lets take the note up to the office now and drop it off, her sister said.
The two sisters got their coats and walked out in to the morning sun.
It was a short walk up to the GP’s office.
Patty gingerly dropped the note through the letterbox.
that was it, she had done it, now to wait for a call back from her gp with the next steps.

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