Moms health is worsening, prayers are needed

so my mom went back to her doctor today so that her doctor could give her a letter of support for her appeal to go on disability.
The doctor checked her blood pressure and said it was very high. She did give her the letter, but she wants her to come back in two weeks. When she goes back to the doctor, she wants to do some more breathing tests, since mom could walk about 250 metres before she was caught for breath last year, and now thats significantly reduced this year. So she wants to do further testing to see where she’s at now.
For the high BP she said she may put a 24 hour blood pressure monitor on her, she hasnt made up her mind on that yet though.
She hasnt changed any of moms meds for now, but in two weeks time, if her breathing tests come back saying that her COPD has gotten worse, then she may look at changing her meds a little.
I am so worried for my mom. Its a big worry for me. I want her to be ok but I know she isnt. I know her COPD is getting worse. Mom said she’s glad the doctor is going to do further testing. She said she knows since Jan. things have gotten a lot worse.
If you could, please send good vibes, healing energy or prayers up for my mom. I’d really be very grateful if you could.

Results of my bllod tests!

I called my GP’s surgery for my results of my blood tests this afternoon. I didnt get very far.
The nurse gave me a few of the results, but she said I needed to come in for a diabetic review.
I will be going in on December 9th!
She did tell me that my sugars are up a little and my cholesterol is a little high.
Thats all she told me though.
I really dont know how this is possible since I am losing weight. I know the A1C is for the last 3 months.
Its a bit frustrating. My mom said she’d take me in there on the 9th.
Until then, its a waiting game!

Irritation at the doctors

So I had an apt this morning at my gp’s surgery to get my bloods taken. A nurse I didnt know was doing the bloods. She’s new to the practice. She said I had to have a diabetic review. I was like what? But I am not a diabetic, I reversed that diagnosis, and I was told last year that I am no longer a diabetic. She wouldnt believe me. I was so frustrated. She said I’d have to come back in 2 weeks for a full diabetic review, she told me to make an appointment, but I didnt do it. I’m not going in for a review, when I told her my sugars are normal, she looked on the computer at my history, and low and behold yes they are normal, and in the normal range. That to me says you arent a diabetic. So why do I have to go for a diabetic review? It makes no sense. I will just ring up next week for my results, and that will be that. I’m not going to waste my time going in to be told well actually your A1C is normal, and your not actually a diabetic, she said something about me being in the prediabetic range, and that they were just keeping a close eye on things. I call bs. Its just so irritating. Either I am a diabetic or I’m not. You cant be both ways. Its one or the other. I didnt say anything to her after she started giving me the speech about keeping an eye on things. I just let her think I was going to make another appointment. I was glad to get it over with though. My PA came in with me and when the nurse was putting the needle into my arm my PA couldnt look. She almost fainted. The blood was coming out of my arm so slowly, I thought she’d never finish, I hope the results of the bloods are all good. I guess we’ll see next week how they turn out.

Its almost the weekend!

And I am so thrilled!
I love my weekends! I work today in the afternoon. Then I will go to my parents until Sunday.
I have college work to do this weekend, I have my learner log to write up, its only 800 words though so I shouldnt be too long writing it.
Other than that I am going to cook with mom on saturday, we’re making a slimming world friendly chicken curry, yum!
Right now I am preparing to go to my GP’s to have bloods taken! My pa frances will be here at 9 to take me.
Happy Friday everyone!


I’ll just have to get my ear looked at

Well, remember the ear troubles I had?
They’re back, this time with avengence! I woke up with my ear full and hardly able to hear a thing. Its so uncomfortable.
I had put oil in my ear last night, before I went to bed. But no joy. It did nothing.
I should have went in to have my ears siringued!
Why didn’t I do it early in the week! I was too lazy that’s why!
Now it is going to impact my weekend!
I will definitely be ringing my gp on Tuesday morning, I cant do it on Monday as Monday is a bank holiday here.
I hope that when I go to have bloods taken next Friday, the nurse can do my ears then as well.
In the meantime I will just have to put up with the discomfort, and the disorientation of not being able to hear, its very disorientating.

I think I need my ear sirenged

My ear is all clogged up. I woke up feeling awful. It is painful and sore and hurts a lot. I think I will have to make an appointment to go see the doctor, he’ll probably have a look at it, and then tell me to see the nurse who will siringue it for me. Its been coming on me since Friday but I bought this over the counter oil to soften the wax and ease pain, but this morning it is quite bad, and I just dont feel too good. The thing is, its very hard to get an appointment at my gp’s surgery. Sometimes your waiting a week or more to get one. I am going to ring tomorrow morning, very early, and hope they’ll fit me in tomorrow afternoon. I was going to cancel therapy to go, but that didnt make a lot of sense, since I know when I ring up I probably will have a hard job getting an apt. If I cant get one tomorrow I’ll try for tuesday afternoon, and just not go in to work. Something needs to be done though. I am going to Killarney on Friday and I cant go with my ear like this. I can barely hear out of my left ear now. It is throbbing and hard to hear out of it.


getting some blood tests

On November 1st, I have to get fasting bloods done at my GP’s surgery, the nurse will do them for me. They are routine bloods, usually I get them done once a year.
When I was diabetic I got them done every six months. They will check things like my thyroid, cholesterol, A1C for the past 3 months, etc.
I’m not too worried, I think I’m healthy, and they’ll all come out ok. At least that is what I am hoping.
I dont really like blood tests, mainly because they always have trouble with my veins, my veins have a horrible habit of collapsing when they try to find them.
So I hope this wont be the case this time!
I’ll be sure to post an update once I have results of the tests!