Goodbye again, karen

Your leaving today. I’ll miss you. If I could tell you one thing now it would be I am forever grateful that you came into my life and were a part of it for four years. Thank you for being you. I will love you forever. You taught me how to trust. You made me feel safe. You showed me there really are professionals out there who lov their job, who care about their patients, who do all they can to connect and engage with their patients. You showed me how it feels to be cared about and you showed me what its like to feel love for someone. I will always love you. And I will never forget you ever. I hope your new job brings you much happiness. You deserved that promotion. You earned it. Today is a sad day for me. I’m happy for you that you got this job but sad because your leaving my life. Your memory will live on in my heart forever. Good luck in everything you do going forward.

carol anne

An emotional goodbye to karen

so we did it, we said goodbye to karen today, it was intense, and very very emotional.
Dr. Barry was with us when we said goodbye to her.
It went like this.

Dr. barry to me towards the end of our session, ok I’ll text karen and let her know we’re ready for her to come join us.
About 2 minutes later, Karen walks in.

Karen: “all bubbly” hey hey hey! How are you!
I think she knew I was a mess and feeling so anxious and sad.
me: Um, ok I guess? You?
Karen: Oh look you brought nitro too so he can say goodbye too! Thank you! Did you tell him I’m going? He’s being so adorable!
Me laughing, he loves you Karen.
She sat down then and we chit chatted for a few minutes, us, dr. barry and karen. Chit chatted about dogs, and her mothers dog, then she said is this carol anne?
I was like yeah it is!
Hey kid, hows it going! She always calls me kid its her pet name for me!
Oh karen, I wish you werent going! I really really wish it.
I know change is hard. But you can do this. I have faith in you. Wow, she has faith in me. So now I cant let her down! She is pulling for me to get through this.
we talked about us having sarah the cpn and Karen was like, well she’s not as nice as me but she’s still fab! We all laughed then. Karen to me tell her I said that it will give her a laugh!
I pulled out the card then and the letter and handed them to her. She read them and was all emotional. Thank you guys! These are beautiful. I will proudly display with pride the card on my desk, I still have the last one you made me on my desk.
Have you got plans for the rest of this week? Me, noooo. No plans. Only my pa will be coming over tomorrow, but other than that, nothing. Might go to the basement club on Friday if I feel up to it.
You should! I know you love it there!
Me starting to cry, oh karen, I’ll miss you! Its ok Carol anne, its ok to miss people isnt it? Dont be hard on yourself. Your having a normal reaction.
Its going to be hard for me too. A new job, new people. I dont know any of them and they dont know me. I am so nervous. I’d love to think I might come back here some day. I’ve been with this team for 9 years. me 9 years? Wow has it been that long? Yep, she said. I am the longest serving member of the team.
Then it was time to finish up. Karen to me? Will I walk you out? me, ok, but can I give you a hug first? Of course you can, she came over and spread her arms wide, and I hugged her hard. Her long hair trailing down her back, its as long as mine.
I love you karen and no other social worker will ever replace you nobody will ever be as good as you.
karen, well as long as the new girl isnt boring…
Me: she’s gonna be inexperienced I’m sure.
Karen laughing: You’d get over the inexperience if she’s trying, but if she’s boring, there is nothing worse than boring.
me giggling, your a hoot karen, you really are.
We walked to the desk together and dr barry walked behind us. I made an appointment for two weeks time to see dr. barry. She’s on holiday next week.
I said goodbye again to karen with tears in my eyes, and then I said goodbye to dr. barry who gently patted my arm, and told me to take care of myself and she’d see me in two weeks. I told her to have a nice holiday and quickly walked outside.
I did it. I said goodbye, and managed somehow. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but I did it. I’m proud.
carol anne

its happening

well its really happening. this goodbye. i leave in 5 minutes to go see dr. barry and to also say goodbye to karen.

i am petrified. and so nervous.

can i do it?

i think so, but please, wish me luck! This is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do!

so, so many emotions running rampant.

i just have to stay strong. i can do this. i can and i must!

Dear karen

dear karen
you’ve been a very important part of our team for the past four years. I hope you realise just how special you are to all of us. You walked into our life when we were at a particularly bad place mental health wise. Back then to us you were just another social worker, we didnt think much of you. But over the months your kindness melted our heart. Your genuine warmth, caring, kind, compassionate way was just wonderful. You were the kind of social worker who loved their job, and who cared for their patients. Everything you did you did 150 percent. You were always on top of your game. If you said you were going to do something, you always delivered. We loved you for that. We also loved you for your sense of humour, your total acceptance of our did diagnosis, your ability to engage us even when we wanted to run, even when we wanted to just shut you out, and shut down completely. Dr. barry said we did the engaging, we chose to engage, but I really think you made it so easy, and we couldnt help loving you and wanting to have an attachment to you. Oh how I will miss you when your gone. We all will. I think when wednesday comes around I am going to cry my eyes out. When we hug, I dont think I’ll be able to pull away. I dont want you to see me being a snotty mess, but I think its inevitable. I think it will happen, will you judge me for it? No, I dont think you will. I think you might even shed a little tear yourself. Your a big softy really lol. I hope you’ll always remember us as much as we will remember you. You will always have a special place in our hearts. We will never forget you Karen, ever. When I think of you and when I am facing hard things or hard times, I will be saying “what would Karen r say”.
Your one in a million,
love always
all of us