Update on nitro

Well nitro is back to himself you’ll be glad to know.

He ate both of his meals yesterday and there was no vomiting. Yay.

I’m very relieved. Whatever it was, its gone now, thanks god.

He’s his normal bouncy self again today. Waiting now to be fed. Hungry for his morning meal.

❤ 😀

Virus-free. www.avg.com


mom just got a call from the cancer nurse, the nurse said the results of her biopsy are back, and, wait for it, she doesnt have cancer!
Woohoo I am thrilled!
The nurse said the doctor would bring her back every couple of months to check her lung function and x ray her lungs and make sure she is ok health wise.
You dont know how relieved I am. I am beyond happy.
Mom is very happy too as you can imagine. This is awesome news.

The results of my ultrasound scan

So I just got the results of my ultrasound scan. They were normal. The nurse said I had fatty liver though. She asked me if I was carrying some extra weight of course the answer is yes I am. She told me it would be wise to lose some weight. So I guess my goal over the next few weeks is to lose some weight. She said if I didn’t my blood test’s might not be normal the next time I have bloods taken. It’s such a relief to know that the results were normal though. I’m so happy. One less thing to worry about.