The morning after nitro’s surgery

Nitro came home in the afternoon yesterday, his surgery went really well. He’s doing really well now. He has a few stitches in his ear, they have to come out in 10 days. He’s on antibiotics for the next 3 days. He rested for the evening after coming home, and this morning he’s right as rain again. I’ve noticed though that he’s constipated, probably after the anaestesia, but overall, he’s fine. I’m very happy. I knew this morning he was right as rain again, since when I was eating my breakfast he was begging lol. Staring at me hoping I’d give him some of what I was eating. I’m so glad the wart is off of his ear now. They shaved his ear at the vets so his right ear is bald now lol. He looks so cute. I just hope he wont be scratching at it because he’ll tear out his stitches if he does. He didnt even have to wear a cone on his head, because he wasnt at his ear at all, what a good boy! Anyway, thats the update, thanks to all of you for the continued prayers and support. I’m very grateful to all of you for it.

Another blogging milestone reached!

This blog has just hit another milestone!

I have passed 400 thousand views!

Yes! Thats correct. 400 thousand visits!

I cant quite believe it!

It has just blown me away!

Thank you all so, so much for coming back time and time again. I wouldnt have a blog without your continued visits. I am so appreciative of them.

This news has made my day! I feel so blessed.

So heres to another 400 thousand! I’m sure I can get there!

New apple tv upgrade

My tv provider just called. They had an upgrade for me!
I am getting a fourth gen apple tv!
My TV provider are putting their programmes on the apple tv platform now.
They’re upgrading all of their current customers. As it is my tv uses wifi to stream the channels.
This is a great offer, as to buy an apple tv outright is about 150 euro.
I am so pleased! I called my sister and she said she’d help me to set it up once it arrives.
I do already have an apple tv, but its just a 3rd gen one.
I’m really happy this is happening!
The nice thing is that the guy on the phone got my overall monthly bill down from 155 euro to 114.99. So I am saving a lot on my bills from now on!


Weigh in was awesome!

Had a fabulous result at weigh in tonight!

Was down 2 pounds! OMG! I cant believe it!

I need to go away for the weekend more often, if this is the result when I get weighed in!

I am so thrilled! I feel on top of the world!

Now to just keep this going! I can, I can do it!

8 weeks to christmas! 8 more weigh ins! I’d love to lose 14 pounds, or 1 stone in that 8 weeks!

Who thinks I can do it?
If you dont, dont tell me! Hahaha!
No I’m kidding of course lol! Do tell me!
I think, I’m pretty damn sure I can lose at least 10 pounds in 8 weeks!
If I lose 14 I’ll be so excited!
Next week we’re having a taster week, everyone has to cook a dish for it, I’ll make my banana bread!
For tonight though its good news and boy am I so thrilled about it!


I’m gonna tell her!

its me allie. and guess what? im going to tell eileen today about our good news! about our trip to see sarah next year! she doesnt know yet that we’re going!

i bet shell be super excited for us! i know she will!

im so looking forward to telling her the news! i already emailed her and told her i had some exciting news to tell!

i hope we can talk about it a little bit! i like talking about nice things. it dont always have to be sad or scary stuff that we talk about.

so i cant wait to tell her! shes going to probly say how cool it is! she always thinks what we do is cool!

allie 9

Got the results of my smear test back!

The nurse from my gp’s practice just called me. She had good news! My results of my smear test are back and everything is normal! Thank god! I am so relieved!
They are still going to refer me to a clinic to have my cervix looked at, since I bled after the test, and they want to make sure that nothings going on to make that happen.
I’ll be waiting a few weeks for an appointment! I dont really want to go to be looked at, but I’ll go, because its caring for my body, and I’d rather be safe than sorry.
I’m really relieved though that all is good with the smear! Thats a huge relief!


I told my work colleagues my exciting news!

So I told my work colleagues yesterday that I was off to Colorado next summer!

they were really excited for me! And so jealous too!

My colleague trish was telling everyone about it! She made me laugh because her excitement was palpable, you’d sware it was her who was going!

When I told them I’d be traveling alone, they couldnt believe it!

Another volunteer said I am an inspiration! I told her no, I am not! I just like to be independent and not allow my disability to hold me back!

Trish said I should make a blog about my travels! I didnt tell them I already have a blog! They dont know about my struggles with MH issues.

It was lovely though to go in and be able to share my good news! And the more I shared with them the more excited I got! It was so cool and I just love the feeling of excitement that I get when I think of going next year!

I’m saving up money now for my spending money. I’ll be saving hard for the next few months! I want to have a lot so I can do things, enjoy myself, and not have to worry about how much I have or can spend!