Good Monday morning

good morning everyone 😀
how is everyone? have you got any plans for today?
its raining here. i noticed it when i let nitro out. its not even 8 AM yet. I woke up at 6:30. couldnt go back to sleep so got up.
I plan on getting out of the house today. Going to the basement club. Even though its raining, I’m still going to go. I’m getting cabin fever from being indoors.
I just remembered something. I emailed my supervisor at the preschool to tell her that I could no longer come in because I was no longer doing the ILS course, and I havent heard back from her which is very strange, as normally she is very prompt about responding to emails. I wonder if I should email her again?
I also got a form in the mail. Its a form to allow me to deposit a monthly cheque I get into my bank account. Since I had trouble with the cheque not arriving on time last month, I figured it’d be better to just have the money depositited into my bank account, easier on everyone.
Mom said she’d fill it out and post it for me.
well I am gonna go drink my coffee and call my mom. Catch you all later…
carol anne