Good morning guys

I slept great. I went to bed at 8:30 and fell into a deep sleep. it was bliss. I’d been up since 1 AM so I was exhausted. I let the kids have take out for dinner, which they absolutely loved. Darina was super super happpy about it!
I woke at 5 this morning, but I stayed in bed for another half hour then I got up. Its pouring rain outside, and we’re meant to have another storm this weekend, so not looking forward to that.
I will be going to my parents house this weekend. First though my PA comes this morning, we’ll just do some housework. Then I work on friendly call for a few hours. I am going into work early. I will go in after my PA leaves.
Tonight mom is going to do my hair for me, she’s going to put rollers in it. I am trying out the rollers and will see if my hair is nice curled. I have a family confirmation next week and I’d like to wear my hair in curls for it. So we’ll see how it turns out, if it turns out good I’ll also do this for my niece’s confirmation which is in a few weeks time.
I’ll leave the rollers in overnight and take them out in the morning. I really hope it turns out.
For now though think I’ll go watch a little tv. I am loving my new tv package. Its cool.

OMG what a stresser of a morning

So as you all know, I was having my new tv package installed this morning. That all went ahead, and everything went great. The guy who installed it was lovely. I ended up having him install it in the living room instead of in the bedroom. He installed a brand new satellite dish too for me. So yes, the installation went smoothly, it was me who messed things up and spent the whole morning stressed out trying to put them right again.
The guy showed me how to work the sky remote, and I thought I had it down pat. Then he left, and I was flicking channels, I flicked on to a channel I am not subscribed to, and I couldn’t get back out of it. I tried everything, but there was no sound on my tv. I rang up the customer service department, and I reset my box to the default settings.
Still nothing. I eventually got to talk to someone in the accessibility team, and they emailed the engineer who’d been out to me. He came out again, and what do you know, there is a back button on the remote that I just didn’t know about. And once he showed me that, I was all set. I felt bad that I had brought him all the way back out to my house again, but he said it was fine. He said he’d try to get me a different remote, a more accessible one.
I’m glad its all fixed, but I would have avoided all the stress and the hour I spent trying to fix things, if I just knew about the back button and knew where it was. Lol the joys of being blind!
And after all that, I need me some coffee!
At least my afternoon will be better, I’m going to my friend normas house later on this afternoon. I wont go until around 5 PM. I will watch some stuff on tv until then. I have a lot of channels to choose from!


I feel euphoric this morning! I woke up feeling absolutely fantastic! I am on such a high! I am not sure why I feel this way but man is it a good feeling!

I’m not up to much this morning. I am just going to relax and catch up on blog reading. My mom is very kindly going to go to the bank, to pick up bank statements for me, as if I had to go in and pick them up it would be difficult, so she said she’d oblige me and do it for me, thanks mom!

Did I mention how much I love my mom?

Have art therapy this afternoon, cant wait! Looking forward to it immensely!

I had leftover chicken fajitas for breakfast! I know, not very conventional breakfast food, but oh boy are they good. And I am addicted to them!

Well have a fabulous thursday guys!

Weird night!

I slept for a few hours, maybe 4 5 max. I woke at 4:15. I got up because I wasnt able to go back to sleep. I made some coffee and am listening to spotify. I love music. I find it to be so sootheing.

I’m thinking about going to visit my friend Norma this morning. I am not sure if she’s around, but later on I might call her and see, and if she is I think I’ll go over to her house for a few hours. It will break the day, instead of me staying at home all day just vegging in front of the TV. I do have a good book though, a new read, by Shane Dunphy, who is an irish journalist and social worker, his book, bleak alley comes out today so I will be reading that and I will start it later on this afternoon.

I have leftovers for dinner today, leftover shepherds pie! Yum yum!

I might as well enjoy today as tomorrow will be another super busy day for me! So catching up with my friend Norma will be good!

Have a great Thursday!

Feel amazing!

I had an amazing nights sleep! I feel terrific this morning. I went to bed super early last night, and I fell into a deep uninterrupted sleep, it was so nice!

I woke at 5 AM, did 1 mile on the treadmill, had a shower, and started my day.

I’ve to go in and meet my mentor Aisling this morning, we’re going to be working on my goals, I’m meeting her at 11 AM. I’m looking forward to it.

Then I’ll come home, and my mom is coming over for an hour. I’ll have some free time this afternoon before my PA comes this evening, and she’ll help me cook a shepherds pie.

So I’m going to have a pretty nice day yay!

An update for Friday

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all have a good day ahead! Or if its night or evening for you now, I hope your fridays been awesome!

I didnt get much sleep last night, I slept in the afternoon, woke up around 5 PM, stayed up until 7:30 but then got super tired, went to bed and got up again around 9:30, but couldnt stay up, so just took my meds, and went back to bed until 11:30.

Happy to say taking the meds is working out really well, we havent missed any doses! I am so proud of us! We’re really working so hard on remembering them!

My PA Frances is coming at 9 AM, and I have to go grocery shopping, the plan is to walk the 25 minute walk to the grocery store. I need the exercise, it will help with my weight loss. Plus the weather is dry, and walking will be nice, I need the fresh air.

After we get back and put the food away, she’ll clean the house. hen in the afternoon I have work. Its my first day back after a few weeks off. I am excited to go back and I hope I’ll have a good shift.

I’m not going to my parents house this weekend. I’ve decided to stay home with Nitro. My friend might come over on Saturday, but if she doesnt, thats fine. The nurses from the weekend team will visit me also. I will just chill out and relax with my book and the TV.

I did decide to go to my parents house for dinner on sunday though. I’ll just go for a few hours, and come back home again.

Too early for me!

Omg its freezing this morning!
I woke up far too early lol!
I have work at 10 AM! I tried to book a taxi on credit, as I normally would do, but the firm I wanted to use was all booked up.
So now it means, I have to pay for one to get there!
My supervisor would have picked me up, but she has a dental apt this morning!
I hope I’m only working for a few hours!
I went to my parents house last night, for Christmas! I wont go home until after the 1st of Jan!
Well off to go wash my hair and make myself look presentable for work!