Thursdays here!

6:20 AM. I am up. i woke at around 5:30. I was so tired last night when I came home from slimming world. I ate dinner and then I fell into bed. I had turned on my heating to warm up the house. I fell asleep with the heat on thats how tired I was. Woke up around 2 AM and was roasted, so turned it off. Was then able to go straight back to sleep. My phone dinging didnt even wake me up!
I am going to the basement club this morning. I will spend the day in there. I am hosting lunch from 1-2 with my friend denise. So thats my plan for today. I’ll probably go in around 9:30.
Happy thursday everyone!
carol anne


Good morning

Its 5 AM, just woke up, wasn’t able to go back to sleep so got up.

My cup of coffee is ready to drink now, sitting here with it in the peace and quiet of the early morning.

I’m happy I got around 3 hours of sleep. Maybe 4, think I went to bed around 1 AM, woke once, but was able to go right back to sleep again.

Things are quiet on the inside this morning. Mostly that’s cuz nobodys up yet. For once I am alone with my thoughts, that’s so rare.

It was hard to get the kids to sleep last night. Hard to get them to go to bed. They fought me on it. Eventually they went around 10 Pm though. I had to bribe them lol.

I had to let them write Eileen first, before they actually went off to bed. Write her to say good night. They were happy once I did that.

We didn’t have any nightmares, which is a positive.


I woke up at 3 AM. I couldn’t go back to sleep so I got up.

Now I am up, I am bored. I am thinking about therapy. I have therapy in a few hours.

I think the session will be very productive. We need to allow Emily and her insiders to do some more work. But, we also need to let liz talk about the weekend! The ritual date that just passed!

The darks have a lot on their minds! They need an outlet!

So well, I have no plans other than therapy which is good as I am usually exhausted after our session!

I will probably just come home and relax after the session. I may even get a nap in!

I’ve already had 3 cups of coffee to help me out! Lol!

I usually say pepsi is the elixor of life, but now its coffee!


Morning thoughts

so woke up about half an hour ago. only got about 4 or 5 hours of sleep. feel mostly ok though. not too tired this morning, which is good.

I am going to go eat breakfast soon. Then I want to take a nice hot shower.

I dont have too many plans today. I am going to go home to my own house after dinner today. I think my sister will drop me well I hope she can. I need to go to the store also to get my fruit for the week and also I need some water.

One of my shows I watch x factor, has started up on tv. It started last night. I love it. Its on again tonight. I am so happy I get to watch it again tonight.

Well thats all for now. Catch ya’ll later.
carol anne


Well crap I am still not asleep

i just cant sleep. i tried and tried. nothing. i lay there for a whole hour just trying. still nothing. so here i am up again. its just gone 5 AM. i doubt i will sleep now.
so what to do now that i am up? i dunno.
i guess i can go through my email. and read blogs. im super behind on blogs. so maybe it would be good to get caught up. do any of you follow so many blogs that you fall behind? i dont know how many blogs i follow but i know its a lot. and i always seem to be behind on the reading of them.
im a little bit hungry. i ate some fruit earlier. i have water here, maybe if i drink some i will feel better. it might make me feel full up if i drank some water.
ok, off to read email and blogs! Catch yall later!


Morning thoughts

I’ve been awake all night. But I am not tired. In fact I feel energised. Probably because I got so much sleep over the past day and a half. I slept well on wed night, and then slept most of thursday too. So yeah. It feels good to feel so refreshed.
I feel ready to face the day. I am going volunteering later this afternoon. I am looking forward to it.
Time to go have breakfast now.
carol anne


Good Monday morning

good morning everyone 😀
how is everyone? have you got any plans for today?
its raining here. i noticed it when i let nitro out. its not even 8 AM yet. I woke up at 6:30. couldnt go back to sleep so got up.
I plan on getting out of the house today. Going to the basement club. Even though its raining, I’m still going to go. I’m getting cabin fever from being indoors.
I just remembered something. I emailed my supervisor at the preschool to tell her that I could no longer come in because I was no longer doing the ILS course, and I havent heard back from her which is very strange, as normally she is very prompt about responding to emails. I wonder if I should email her again?
I also got a form in the mail. Its a form to allow me to deposit a monthly cheque I get into my bank account. Since I had trouble with the cheque not arriving on time last month, I figured it’d be better to just have the money depositited into my bank account, easier on everyone.
Mom said she’d fill it out and post it for me.
well I am gonna go drink my coffee and call my mom. Catch you all later…
carol anne