A fantastic start to my day!

I’m having a very good start to my day.

I woke up at 6:15. Hopped in the shower, got dressed, fed nitro and let him out. Now I’m chilling with a steaming hot mug of tea. I had asked one of the staff to call me at 7, just because I didnt think I’d get a good nights sleep and I was afraid I wouldnt wake up on my own.

But miracle of miracles, I got a fab nights sleep! I didnt go to bed until close to 1 AM, but once I did go, I fell asleep pretty quickly. I did have weird dreams though.

Cant quite remember them now but I know they were just weird. Not scary weird, just strange kinda weird.

anyway. just feeling refreshed and pretty good this morning. and I like it.


Up and ready to rock and roll and face this day!

not even 7 am and I am up.
dressed, washed, cuppa in hand, ready to face this day full on.
so come on bring it! i’m ready for whatever will happen!
i’m seeing dr. barry at 9:30. cant wait. well actually thats sarcasm because i can wait. i dont want to go. i’m nervous, anxious.
but it will be ok. i trust her. i trust her to keep me safe.
i will trust the process.
okay, time to see to nitro, who slept like a log!
except when i was eating my apple, he was over to me like a shot for the core of the apple which he happily munched!
lol silly pup 🙂