Good Monday morning

good morning everyone 😀
how is everyone? have you got any plans for today?
its raining here. i noticed it when i let nitro out. its not even 8 AM yet. I woke up at 6:30. couldnt go back to sleep so got up.
I plan on getting out of the house today. Going to the basement club. Even though its raining, I’m still going to go. I’m getting cabin fever from being indoors.
I just remembered something. I emailed my supervisor at the preschool to tell her that I could no longer come in because I was no longer doing the ILS course, and I havent heard back from her which is very strange, as normally she is very prompt about responding to emails. I wonder if I should email her again?
I also got a form in the mail. Its a form to allow me to deposit a monthly cheque I get into my bank account. Since I had trouble with the cheque not arriving on time last month, I figured it’d be better to just have the money depositited into my bank account, easier on everyone.
Mom said she’d fill it out and post it for me.
well I am gonna go drink my coffee and call my mom. Catch you all later…
carol anne

sunday morning, good morning guys

good morning everyone 🙂
so i had a pretty good nights sleep.
i went to bed around 2 AM. and slept well, only waking up once at around 5 AM to go to the bathroom.
i got up again around 7 AM.
no plans for today. mom said she has to go get groceries later this afternoon. its my aunts birthday and so we may go visit her this evening. not sure yet though because she has work tomorrow and so she may go to bed early tonight.
i have a card and a voucher for her. i didnt know what else to get her. im not good at buying for people sometimes. this particular aunt has pretty much got everything so its hard to buy for her.
the sun is shining this morning. its so nice to see it.
i plan on trying to finish my book today. i’ve been reading this one book for weeks. i read the first 9 chapters, then stopped for a while, forgot what happened, and so had to restart the whole book over.
its only six hours in length in total so you’d think i’d have finished it by now. so far i’m 2 and a half hours in.
well time to go eat…now the trick will be to figure out what I want to have for breakfast…

A fantastic start to my day!

I’m having a very good start to my day.

I woke up at 6:15. Hopped in the shower, got dressed, fed nitro and let him out. Now I’m chilling with a steaming hot mug of tea. I had asked one of the staff to call me at 7, just because I didnt think I’d get a good nights sleep and I was afraid I wouldnt wake up on my own.

But miracle of miracles, I got a fab nights sleep! I didnt go to bed until close to 1 AM, but once I did go, I fell asleep pretty quickly. I did have weird dreams though.

Cant quite remember them now but I know they were just weird. Not scary weird, just strange kinda weird.

anyway. just feeling refreshed and pretty good this morning. and I like it.

Up and ready to rock and roll and face this day!

not even 7 am and I am up.
dressed, washed, cuppa in hand, ready to face this day full on.
so come on bring it! i’m ready for whatever will happen!
i’m seeing dr. barry at 9:30. cant wait. well actually thats sarcasm because i can wait. i dont want to go. i’m nervous, anxious.
but it will be ok. i trust her. i trust her to keep me safe.
i will trust the process.
okay, time to see to nitro, who slept like a log!
except when i was eating my apple, he was over to me like a shot for the core of the apple which he happily munched!
lol silly pup 🙂